Medical Report - Patient: CPT Jack Buchanan

BH1Pd8X.pngTO:CPT Perim;
CC: CPT Morton, CDR zh'Lindresko, CPT Desimone
BCC: DS13 Medical;
FROM: LT sh'Zarath
STARDATE: 92714.6
SUBJECT: Medical Report - Patient: CPT Jack Buchanan

This afternoon, at the request of medical staff, I removed the parasite from Captain Jack Buchanan. What follows is my report.\

On departure from my station on USS Axiom, I arrived in the DS13 Medical Bay and spoke to Captain Buchanan. He was lucid and very well-behaved, if understandably of a dark humor. After discussion we agreed that I would attempt destruction of the creature.

Captain Buchanan moved to a face-down position and after examination I determined the most prudent course of action to ensure his safety would be destruction of the organism inside his body, followed by full removal. When proceeding with this course of action it became clear to me that the 'parasite' on the Captain's brain stem was more sentient than I was first informed.

It began to communicate telepathically with me after attempting to have Captain Buchanan physically intervene. The creature indicated a need to go to the source, and that it must do so inside Captain Buchanan. It insisted it could not survive outside of his body. On realization of its degree of reasoning ability, I procured a living non-sentient creature (a lizard from the laboratory aboard station) and transferred the creature from Captain Buchanan to the lizard.

Unfortunately, it did not survive.

Captain Buchanan will make a full recovery and with proper counseling should be available for a duty fitness test at your discretion. The specimen has been rendered to DS13 Science labs for further testing.

If we encounter another of these creatures I feel we must work harder to communicate with them. There was a great deal of grief and anguish in this being's expressions. We may be missing something it is unable to communicate to us. I feel it is very possible their intent is not inherently as hostile as we may think.


Doctor Jhitel sh'Zarath
CMO, U.S.S. Axiom