Meet the famous Korpur!


You've seen the face, now meet the man! Coming soon to a home planet near you!

DaiMon Korpur of the Ferengi Alliance Ship, the Prexnak!

Q: What's so special about War Bonds?

A: It keeps the war effort going of course! The quadrant is facing it's greatest threat yet and the Ferengi Alliance has is doing it's part by helping other goverments fund their armaments and ship building programs. Like Rule of Acquisition # 54 says, Good customers are almost as rare as latinum...treasure them!

Q: Why is the Treasury Guard involved in promoting War Bonds and not the merchants of Feringinar?

A: Our merchants are working behind the scenes to make sure that the war effort doesn't slow down because someone fell behind in their payments or has gone and bought one to many phaser banks. It's the Treasury Guard that ensures that trade routes are protected, convoys are escorted and war bonds are delivered to their respective buyers. Like Rule of Acquisition # 125 says, You can't make a deal if you're dead.

Q: One last question, when are you coming to my planet?

A: Soon! War Bonds are being sold across the quadrant so save up those credits or (any other foreign currency) and support the war effort! Because starships don't build themselves!

* The following statements were vetted and approved by the Ferengi Commerce Authority.