Mercury Squadron Tactical Overview

From: CPT Gideon Greywarden, Mercury Squadron Command
To: All active Mercury Squadron units

*report recorded as dictated*

Ah wanted ta brief ya all on tha current state o things for Mercury at tha time bei'n. Ah attached ah current patrol area map fer yer observation ta make mah summary easier for ya all."


Above ya see ah have broken down our primary patrol zones by color fer ease of identification 'n separation 'o assignments.

Beta Ursae:

We have been constantly harried by separatist n raider is this sector. Commander Dae has been tha point command fer this sector fer awhile now. He has posted multiple reports detail'n various threats n encounters over tha past few months. It appears tha aggressors in tha area have been steppin up their efforts, 'n as such we are deployin more ships ta this area. Currently Tha Azorious 'n Challenger have been dispatched ta the area ta assist tha Atlas in their efforts ta keep tha region stable. Ah don't expect this area ta calm down anytime soon. This 's surely ah hot area 'n needs ah constant vigil fer tha time bei'n.

Tau Dewa / Psi Velorium Block:

Tau Dewa 'n it's surroundin areas continue ta be harassed by tha Elachi 'n Tal Shiar. Tha Hermes, Cerberus 'n most recently the Sentinel have been patroli'n this area 'o space ta try 'n lessen tha impact 'o these forces on tha Romulan n Federation presence there as much 's possible. There have been losses on both sides 'n it's ah constant struggle even with tha help of our Romulan allies ta keep tha area somewhat secure. Tha reactivation of tha Iconian gateways sprinkled across Federation space has lead tha Elachi ta become even more bold in their raids on colonies 'n ships in tha sector. We are giving 's much fight 's we can but it's an uphill battle.

Homefront / Federation core systems:

For tha most part tha core systems have been somewhat quiet with tha current focus on tha newly discovered Dyson sphere. However pirates and raiders still flourish much more than previous years due ta tha lessened presence 'o federation ships in tha area ta keep tha peace. Most of our fleet 's deployed ta fringe systems or warzones on tha borders. We must keep vigil here as our most staunch supporters 'n most industrial vital population centers dwell here.

Etai Eridani / Argo Space

We continue ta keep watch with ourselves 'n K-7 on tha Klingon activities in tha sector. Tha Klingon Defense force has officially been honoring ah cease Fire as they work with Romulan 'n Federation forces on the Dyson Sphere defense 'n research resist'n tha Voth forces there. Tha bei'n said, many smaller enguagements in tha area have been reported. These encounters are currently bein treated as actions bein taken by individual houses who have sumthun ta prove or gain. Ah 'm not so ignorant as ta think tha KDF have forgotten blood spilled so easily in tha past 'n believe it's only ah matter o time before we see ah resurgence in hostilities in tha area. We must be wary ta protect our home of operations in Outpost Argo 's well as the colonies 'n other stations in this area. When.. tha Klingons decide they have had enough peace, they will strike fast 'n hard 'n with little warning. All ships in this area are ta stay off tha border 'n report any activity out o tha norm they should observe.

Ah should note, on many fronts we have seen ah resurgence 'o Breen activity rangi'n from defectors ta outright aggression in multiple areas 'o Federation space. Keep an eye out 's their energy dampening weaponry can be fatal if we are caught unaware.

In closing ah want ta thank all of ya. Every man n woman who serve in Mercury fer yer continued support of our citizens 'n comrades at home 'n abroad.

Please feel free ta contact mahself or Argo Command if any of ya need anything.

Captain Greywarden signing off

<end transmission>