Message Decryption

Security Level 3 - Restricted

TO CDR-GEN t’Lhaihtrha

SUBJ Decyrption

Commander General,

I've broken through one of the layers of encryption, which I've been able to determine is Tal'Shiar influenced. While I was able to gather a significant amount of data I also came across a second, deeper level that is going to take a larger investment of resources to break; if it's possible at all. The message metadata is hidden behind this second, tougher layer and as a result I wasn't able to determine a point of origin or reliable information on the sender.

Of note, the original message was far larger than a simple text file should of been. Breaking the encryption revealed three high resolution image files, each containing a set of ornate glyphs. They appeared Vulcan in origin, but I wasn't able to translate them without computer assistance. It appears the glyphs were an older form of the language, or perhaps a regional dialect. Translation reveled three sets of stellar coordinates.

All of these coordinates correspond to systems in the Hobus sector: the Havra system, the Desideri system, and the HS-221 system to be exact. These systems form an equilateral triangle with segments roughly four light years in length.


Extensive research on these systems turned up little of note. I can't speculate as to their significance with the amount of info I currently have. These systems will need further exploration by JSI assets. Also of note, there is center of the triangle that should be included in any reconnaissance missions. If I uncover any more information from the message I'll update you immediately.

Sublieutenant Aev
R.R.W. D'Ishae