Ael'Riov (TR: Wing Commander)

Regional Commander,
Joint Squadron Initiative - Aldebaran


35450.4 (2358 // AGE: 60)
Sentaire, Artaleirh
1.86 M
71 kg


2376 | Began Serona

2381 | Admitted: Imperial War College

2385 | Graduated Imperial War College
Commissioned: Erein (Ensign)

2387 | Promoted to erei'Arrain (Sublieutenant)

2391 | Promoted to Arrain (Lieutenant)

2398 | Promoted to Enarrain (Centurion)

2406 | Promoted to erei'Riov (Subcommander)

2410 | Defected to the Romulan Republic

2411 | Promoted to Riov (Commander)

2415 | Promoted to Ael'Riov (Wing Commander)

2418 | Appointed Regional Commander of the Joint Squadron Initiative for the Aldebaran Sector


Miral was born in Artaleirh’s capital city of Sentaire. Details of his boyhood are surprisingly sparse. Miral himself is equally elusive about this period of his life, only stating that he attended several preparatory academies in expectation of joining the Imperial Navy upon reaching his majority. Artaleirh’s independent status makes research on this topic by interested parties difficult, so most of this information remains unknown.

Spoiler: BoyhoodShow
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His upbringing would be considered non-traditional by even the more accepting in Romulan society. Miral was raised in a communal setting of about 20 non-noble families. None of the children know who their real parents are. Instead, all the adults cared for all of the children. The backgrounds of some of the inhabitants are dubious at best, suggesting at least a few pairs of adults are laying low. This group didn't spurn technology, but its use was limited and no networked access was ever available.

The compound of houses Miral grew up in were a nondescript combination of several large houses featuring an inner courtyard in one of the quieter parts of the capital. Mental acuity and physical fitness were equally prized, and all the children received schooling from competent teachers. While non-traditional in design, this community instilled a firm sense of traditional Romulan values in Miral. Duty, honor, and tenacity to one’s government and family form the foundation of Miral’s worldview.

Upon coming of age Miral spent five years with the Imperial fleet for his Serona. He gained a reputation as a quick learner; spending a large portion of his free time asking questions and working on independent study. Although his postings and the tasks assigned to him were predominately menial in nature, Miral made every effort to understand the inner workings of his environment. After his period of mandatory military service Miral attended the Imperial War College. These years pushed the young man to his limits while vastly expanding his tactical and political knowledge. Upon graduation he was assigned to one of the many T’Varo class light warbirds in service.

Miral’s reputation as a junior officer was often mixed. Quick to anger and with a cutting grasp of language, the young Romulan was often forced to go above and beyond to dispel prejudice against his colonial upbringing and lack of noble house affiliation. He espoused traditional tactics and advocated advances being proposed by an on the rise flag officer by the name of Ihuienius tr'Keras. These tactics and strategies relied heavily on the maneuverability and firepower of modified light warbirds over the imposing yet static nature of heavier warbirds.

In a lucky twist of fate Miral’s warbird was far from Romulus when Hobus went supernova. The freshly promoted junior lieutenant was quick to criticize, under pseudonyms, the blatant power grabs that were taking place in the power vacuum. Much to his regret, Miral’s warbird remained on the fringes of Imperial Space during those fights for control. Miral’s CO was hesitant to back any one side and kept the ship with a neutral flotilla that focused on keeping the peace in the border regions.

Due to his tumultuous nature, Miral’s career was often on the knife’s edge. The Romulan was always able to retain his rank and position, albeit at the cost of time in grade. He grew ever more vocal in the time after Hobus. As he slowly climbed in rank, he became more open in his criticisms. This culminated in his decision to defect to the Republic in 2410. A combination of watching the government he fought for grow ever more corrupt and the danger to himself and his family prompted him to flee the Empire and seek out Republic service. He escaped with his spouse and two small children.

A military life was all Miral was accustomed to; the idea of remaining a civilian was unthinkable. Quickly pressed into frontline Republic service, Miral served as executive officer for just under a year before being promoted and given his own command. Whereas his time in Imperial service was often an uphill battle, Miral saw greater success with the Republic. His service is not without its troubles, though. Miral's wife lost her life in the Iconian attack on New Romulus. Initially welcome to Federation assistance, the now flag officer believes they are too closely tied to their allies and advocates for a modified version of the alliance with greater Romulan autonomy and less Federation dependence.

  • SPOUSE Ihho. Deceased
  • SON Tal. Student, Secondary School
  • SON Vrih. Student, Primary School