MISSION REPORT: Response to Distress Call in Beta Ursae

<<< Mission Report >>>

FROM: Commander Dae, USS Atlas
TO: Command, Task Force Argo; Captain Greywarden, Mercury Squadron Commmander
SUBJECT: Response to Distress Call in Beta Ursae


The USS Atlas was conducting routine patrols in the BetaUrase sector when we received a distress call from a Federation colony in the Toron system. They reported that Jem'Hadar ships had arrived in orbit and shortly after receiving the transmission, communications ceased. At the time we assumed, and later found out were correct, that the Jem'Hadar was jamming the comms from the colony.

Intel suspected that they were the vanguard for an imminent Cardassian separatist invasion of the colony. I made the decision to move against them before the main separatist forces could arrive.

We hailed other Starfleet vessels in the area and received additional support from the USS Magnesia, commanded by Captain Quaid, and the USS Bucephalus, commanded by Commander Vallik of Task Force Argo.

All three ships warped into the Toron system and immediately started engaging Jem-Hadar and Cardassian separatist vessels. We encountered no less than twenty vessels, predominantly Jem'Hadar, although there were some Cardassian ships as well. It appears they were not suspecting us to arrive as we took them by surprise. Disorganized, they were of little match for our combined fire power. All their ships were destroyed. Only a few Jem'Hadar vessels attempted to abandon ship. The few life-pods that were found had vented to space. We suspect that the Jem'Hadar preferred suicide over capture.

After the battle, I sent Commander Vallik and the USS Bucephalus to a suspected system where the Jem'Hadar may have been staging from. That patrol turned up nothing. Its likely the remainder of the Jem'Hadar forces fled after the loss of their main units. The Cardassian separatist main fleet was briefly detected on sensors, but they turned back after seeing the devastation of the Jem'Hadar vanguard.

The USS Atlas stayed in system until reinforcements from Deep Space Nine, the USS Hermosa and the USS Vandenburg, arrived in system.

The Atlas is en route to Bajor. We will be here for the next 36 hours before we start our return patrol back to Outpost Argo.

The Atlas will be returning to Task Force Argo in three days.

Commander Dae
USS Atlas
Mercury Squadron
Task Force Argo