Duchess Lauren Varley is leading a task force to assault the Confederacy of Azed’s primary shipyard facility in the Kacam system. Heavy starship resistance is expected, but the Duchess hopes to study the facility if it survives the battle.

Shift Time: gamma

Audience: OPEN for Terran Empire characters. If you’d like to participate but your character doesn’t control a ship, you can take control of an NPC vessel with the assumption that your character is a bridge officer.

Event Type: Structured

Starting Point: Discord lobby will open at the time of event, followed by in-game location TBD.

The main part of this event will be space combat via discord using Kermit’s SHIP system. If you go AFK extendedly I will take control of your ship <3. I’ll host an optional debriefing in-game, plus an opportunity to study the shipyard if we meet the secondary objective.