Morale Meetings: Round A, Session 5

As notated in I'shari S'rrel's personal work files.

Coby, special guest
Sedai, observer

Attendee Notes:

  • Coby, as expected of a man in his position, has a well rounded outward representation of self- casual without losing grip of his commanding air. Attentive to the needs of the setting; inventive interpretation of the game. Without poor influences as company, quite excellent indeed! Isha is happy to see the improvement from her last evaluation!

  • Dawsons is a very social person with an inclination for attention-garnering; associated behavior included, such as going first, behaving/dressing flashily, volunteering information. Not entirely self oriented though, as such traits often implicate, and seems more than happy to investigate lives of others. Botanist by hobby, loves Telluvian roses.

  • Ellia appears to be a well rounded individual in social situations, as her responses and behavior were completely within non-notable bounds...but her choice in maintaining visible injury- the scars beneath the eyebatch and the mutation on her hand, indicate a deep seated emotional discontinuity as she behaves normally but 'shows off' her damage. Plays the harmonica.

  • Sevi, reserved, but not inattentive. She's opinionated when she's inclined to give it. Not a volunteer, but not one to cause fuss by refusing, either. Business oriented, perhaps on the verge of workaholicism. Quirky sense of humor. Born on Earth.
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