Moranog going Rom

For various reasons--thoughprimarily my lack of appreciation for Imperial aesthetics--I'm rerolling Moranog as a RR character. Along with this, I will be making some changes to his personality and the Mehiri species as a whole to make them more fun for me.

Despite all this, please consider everything that has happened with him completely IC and canonical. The physical look of the species will be retconned, but the changes shouldn't be super-noticeable.

ICly, Moranog has taken the Nebulous and his crew on an extended mission of aid to the Romulan Republic in support of Kul's diplomatic initiative on New Romulus. In his mission, the Mehiri captain will be working closely with the Republic and actively recruiting romulans into his crew while spreading the goodwill.

Obviously, New Romulus is in known space, so feel free to RP with me if you like. When I am able, I will have him rejoin SFK, at which point his "extended mission" will end, although he will (of course) continue working closely with the Roms "on Kargas' behalf."

You may notice a change in his personality. Please consider this IC, but not a retcon. His behavior before was as-seen, and his behavior in the future will be as-seen. I have an IC justification for the shift, although it is one of those things that's for me to know and you to find out.
If anyone questions this; see Kul! It comes with his seal of approval!

(( It also comes for a flashback RP section of Morag getting permission when Gretch flags me down for it. ))