MU Aenar Study

To: CMDR Kermit, James
From: LTJG Thyzee
Subj: Plan for study of mirror universe prisoner.


Within contains both my plan for the study of the currently unnamed Aenar prisoner from the mirror universe, and the resources and personnel I deem necessary to do so.


Foremost is the location. I request the derelict miranda class U.S.S. Stingray be recovered from the salvage yard. Only life support, and the sickbay need to be operational- I would in fact prefer it if the vast majority of systems, such as propulsion, communication, weapons, transporters, and escape pods be removed, for the purpose of making the possibility of escape as minimal as possible. The ship would then need to be towed to a safe distance from the station. One hundred thousand kilometers should do. No other unauthorized vessels should come within ten thousand kilometers due to extreme cognitohazard. A shuttle will be needed for transportation to and from the vessel.

I also require the means to safely house the prisoner, whether that be the restoration of the brig or the renovation of a room within or near the sickbay.

Lastly, I would like to ask security if they have a certain item in their evidence locker- a telepathic inhibitor collar. They are extremely rare, valuable, and illegal for civilians to own, due to their potential use in slavery. Having one might be beneficial for emergency situations.


As for personnel, it is my thought that the fewer people in contact with the prisoner, the better. This will make it easier to observe the mental state of all involved. Given the nature of the prisoner, this should be our highest priority.

With such in mind, I have two people in mid:

  1. Ensign Lanat, security officer. She is ferengi, which assures that there is one member of the team that is completely immune to the prisoner’s abilities. Such immunity while being the security for the experiments decreases the chances of escape, or worse.
  2. Cadet Gha’Kahrr, medical student. An individual proficient in the operation of medical scanning hardware will be necessary for many tests. Cadet Gha’Kahrr has shown through test scores that he is quite proficient, and I believe that these experiments will be good field experience for his education.


The prisoner will be transported to the new installation and placed into confinement. Containment systems will be double checked. If a telepathic inhibitor collar is available, it will be placed upon the prisoner and then he will be awoken for initial evaluation. If one is not available, the subject will undergo a brain scan to attempt to determine the primary location of the prisoner’s abilities, and attempt to formulate a drug that can safely disable the subjects abilities temporarily. If this is possible, he will be woken for initial evaluation. If neither option is possible, the subject will be awoken with only Ensign Lanat physically present (and armed), with Cadet Gha’Kahrr and I appearing via remote holographic projection from the starbase. The subject will then undergo initial evaluation.

Initial evaluation consists of a simple physical to determine his health. Then a brain scan will be performed to determine whether the subject has any neurological discrepancies- this is highly likely to be the case, given no other recorded instances of Aenar with his abilities. If it was determined it would be safe for me to be physically present, I would then perform a series of tests to determine the prisoner’s Extrasensory perception rating. Further tests will be determined by the results of both of these.

Lieutenant Junior Grade psionics specialist,
Deep Space 13


To: LTJG Thyzee
CC: CAPT Varley; ENS Lanat; ENS Gha’Kahrr;
From: CMDR Kermit
Subj: Re: Plan for study of mirror universe prisoner.


Your proposal is approved and you may proceed at your discretion. Ensigns Lanat and Gha’Kahrr, please report to Lieutenant Thyzee for further instructions.

I do have some points of clarification to raise.

As I mentioned in-person when we first discussed the situation, the Aenar’s counterpart in our universe has been identified: Shrath Ch’Kyl. 34 years old. Currently employed by a secondary school on Andoria. Apparently he teaches pre-Federation Andorian history. His dossier is attached.

To my knowledge, we do not stock such an inhibitor device. Instead, the prisoner is currently being kept sedated at a level where his abilities are unable to function, inside a holding cell equipped with resonance transmitters, which are theoretically capable of disrupting psionic fields when activated.

Ops and Engineering will be directed to prepare the decommissioned Stingray to your specifications, and Security has been authorized to release the prisoner for transfer.

Commander James Kermit
Executive Officer, Deep Space 13


//ATTACHMENT// Dossier: Ch’Kyl, Shrath


To: LTJG Thyzee
CC: CAPT Varley; ENS Lanat
From: ENS Gha’Kahrr
Subj: Re: Plan for study of mirror universe prisoner.


I have read up on the dossier five times. I am ready and able. Standing by for time and location.

ENS Gha’Kahrr
Medical Student