[MU] 'So Much More Than That'

I.S.S. Starway

“Good evening, Mister Loxton.”

The velvet voice erupted from the chair, it spun round to reveal the Starway’s Vulcan XO, Velaris. She eyed Loxton as he stood there, a perpetual unreadable aspect to his features. Deep down, past all the barriers, nothing would give her greater pleasure than to read it. To know all this man’s secrets.

“Am I to assume our Captain has been encouraged to retire early?”

Velaris shook her head. “Captain Morand has other matters to attend to. You are to be transferred to Battle Station Argo as soon as we dock.”

Loxton sighed, looking at the ceiling. “We have been through all this already. You’re eager to get me off the ship and you’ve finally convinced the Captain that I must go. You win. Why have you wasted my time with this pointless meeting?”

Loxton turned to go as Velaris produced a phaser from under the desk.

“Don’t make me use this. We’re alone. I’ve disconnected all listening and recording devices.”

Loxton turned to her, smirking. “Velaris, you don’t need the weapon to get me into bed.”

“You can drop that act too.”

Loxton raised a brow. “Act? What act?”

“The Empire’s Loyal Terran. You’re a rebel, Loxton.”

Loxton laughed, shaking his head. “If you believe that, then why am I not being interrogated right now?”

“I’m asking questions with a weapon pointed at you, I believe this classifies as an interrogation”

Loxton laughed again, then quickly lashed out, slapping the phaser out of Velaris’ hand. She sprang up, pulling her knife, sending the chair she was sitting in sliding back and into the shelf behind with a crash.

They both circled the desk slowly. Loxton looked calm, as did Velaris.

“I suggest you co-operate, but if you truly wish death, then I shall oblige.” Velaris stated calmly as she moved to close the gap between them. Loxton anticipated this and stopped moving. He grabbed her wrist and yanked her shortly and sharply, using her momentum to send her sailing past him and collide with the bulkhead. He then brought home the attack on her, giving her a jawbreaker as she turned to defend herself. Velaris bounced back and brought her leg up for a classic head kick, which Loxton dodged but Velaris caught him a glancing blow. Reeling, Loxton reached for the phaser on the floor. Velaris leaped upon him and got him in a choke hold. Her head told her that a nerve pinch would have been easier but she needed him conscious, she didn’t have time for this.

“I don’t have time for this.” Velaris said out loud, disarming Loxton. “I need to know who you truly work for!”

Loxton gasped out a laugh before throwing her over him onto the floor. She landed hard and the wind was knocked out of her.

“We have people everywhere, Velaris. I think you’d be a good fit.”

“So you are a rebel?” Velaris countered as Loxton held her down.

“Oh, I’m so much more than that! Let’s have a drink and I’ll tell you more…”

Velaris released her grip on him, giving him a look, letting Loxton guide her gently up.

“That seems logical. We have much to discuss, I think…”

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