[MU] 'Two Puppets Find Common Ground'

OOC; This is a transcript from some of the last hours of the ‘Parallax’ Event.

[7:11]Valore:“Be back later,” she spoke as she slid her glass away, departing

[7:12]Goxdon Ramsax takes his meat slab and walks of

[7:12]Loxton swigs his flask, looking at Izly. “Alone at last.” He grins

[7:13]Loxton looks around furtively and then changes his demeanour. “How are you doing?” He seems genuinely concerned

[7:14]Izly gives a sigh and looks at her glass as she swirls it, pursing her lips for a moment and taking a sip “You seem to have…quite the interest in me, Sir. Slightly moreso than any of the other women who have tolerated your presense within this bar. Do tell me, what exactly are you attempting to get at here?”

[7:14]Loxton:“Let’s just say I think we are kindred spirits.”

[7:15]Izly arches a brow, setting her glass to the side and leaning against the bar at her back “Do tell, Sir”

[7:17]Loxton leans in closer and speaks lowly. “The way I spoke to the Duchess on the first day I met her tells me she is merciful. In Terrans, that’s a trait that’s abhorred.”

[7:18]Loxton:“If that were anyone else? I’d be in pieces like this poor Kelpien.”

[7:18]Izly reaching up to feel over her brand that has healed nicely since yesterday, she finally sighs and shaking her head “She can be, yes. She is very generous to me as her servant within reason. But that is not to say she is not still a very formidable force within the Empire and a true Soldier for their cause”

[7:19]Loxton:“I can tell that she is. I can tell that she plays the game. Sometimes it’s hard to. Sometimes I forget who I truly am…”

[7:20]Izly straightens up slightly, approaching him with a hand placed on his chest “Sir…you don’t mean…?”

[7:21]Loxton puts his hand over hers gently and nods once. “I’m here to help.”

[7:22]Izly looks down from his face, seeming to be thinking before shaking her head “N-No…you can’t, Sir. Despite the pain and hardship, I /am/ loyal to Her Lady…even above the Empire itself…”

[7:23]Loxton:“I can tell.” He whispers. “You love her, don’t you?”

[7:23]Izly simply nods, seemingly unable to look him in the eye

[7:25]Loxton:“She’s a noble woman. If I were in your position, I’d no doubt love her too. But I’m out here, doing my best.”

[7:25]Izly:“…Yes Sir, I understand…what if you are found?”

[7:26]Loxton picks up the sushimi and looks at it. “Then I hope someone enjoys me fresh!” He laughs

[7:27]Izly allows a small smile to move onto her face in the moment, shaking her head after “…The Lieutenant almost got to me last night, I fear she is aware that my loyalty is more to My Lady than to them”

[7:28]Loxton:“Valore? I can handle her. I’ll divert her attention off you.”

[7:28]Loxton:“She loves me.” He says, voice dripping with sarcasm

[7:29]Izly chuckles a bit, looking up to him “I thank you, but do not worry too much, my words seemed to calm her for now. So your help will not need to be too heavy”

[7:30]Loxton:“I understand. I do enjoy playing this part sometimes though. Needling the right people.” He smirks

[7:31]Izly nods “Of course, it definitely helps for keeping your skills sharp, Sir”

[7:33]Loxton:“But it’s important you must remain dismissive of me. It’ll help you. I’m the idiot whom everyone loves to hate, remember?”

[7:33]Izly gives a small grin with her nod “Yes Sir, how could I forget?”

[7:35]Loxton grins at her. “Though, you aren’t half bad to look at, if I’m being honest.” He looks around again

[7:35]Izly does the same for a moment, allowing the slightest reddening of her face to show “I…thank you, Sir. I am aware my beauty is half the reason I am where I am and do what I do”

[7:37]Loxton:“Maybe, but your intelligence definitely keeps you where you are and doing what you do.”

[7:38]Izly:“…This is true, yes Sir. Though the Lieutenant is somewhat correct in her words from yesterday I heard. I am trained for service, not for much else”

[7:39]Izly looks around for a moment

[7:41]Loxton:“Well, your service is appreciated, Lieutenant.” He whispers. “And if anyone sees us, it’s not unusual for a Terran to be interfering with the xenos. My Captain liked Betazoid women.”

[7:42]Izly nods “Of course, I am more than aware for how these situations are to be seen by outsiders”

[7:43]Loxton:“That fellow Quinn, I think he might be sympathetic to our cause.”

[7:44]Loxton:“Though he seems to do better than I in the obnoxious stakes. I thought I had a monopoly on it.”

[7:45]Izly ponders slightly, furrowing her brow “…Perhaps, but I’m unsure of him. I am not one to know much of him”

[7:45]Loxton smiles. “Let’s just say he seems to have taken a fancy to me. Don’t look so shocked at that!” He chuckles

[7:47]Izly gives a small chortle as she looks to the rest of him “I am intrigued then, perhaps good will come of such a thing, Sir?”

[7:48]Loxton:“If I have to sleep with him to know his secrets, then I shall. The things I do for the cause, hmm?” He whispers

[7:50]Izly covers her mouth as a chuckle comes out, shaking her head “I still fail to see how you continue to act so charming for everything, such silly behavior yet it seems to work for all”

[7:52]Loxton:“Charming? My act is to shake the talons of the terran empire. I’m just a cog in an ever expanding machine, Lieutenant. If I die, at least I will go to my grave knowing I did right by my conscience.”

[7:53]Izly nods “Of course, forgive me then, Sir”

[7:55]Loxton:“Nothing to forgive, Lieutenant. I don’t want to die just yet anyway.” He smirks

[7:56]Izly looks Loxton over, smiling in return “Many wouldn’t until they’re ready, of course Sir”

[7:58]Loxton looks around again. “I think someone’s coming…” He whispers

[7:58]Izly nods, quickly turning back to the bar and taking a sip of her drink

[7:59]Loxton reverts to his unnatural state