Murphy – Ensign Sovum, Experimental Treatment on Inhaled Chemical Dependency

“Computer, begin recording.”

The camera moves to the smiling Ensign as she sat at her desk within her quarters holding a hypo

"Begin medical log entry stardate 98057.4,

Over the course of the last few months, it has come to my attention that several humans within my immediate care are addicted to one stimuli or the next. Be it a chemical addiction like the drug nicotine common on earth called cigarettes or an entertainment addiction prevalent among holosuite programs. Though the latter can be addressed by other suitable departments, I began researching what I could do to assist a few other junior officers ween off the dangerous drug that at one point was quite common to be purchased almost anywhere on Earth.


Assist Junior officers in the short term in slowing their nicotine intake
Develop a sustainable long term plan custom fit to the needs of individuals to eradicate the use of nicotine entirely
Guidance on the nature of acceptable contributions can be found in Previous works going back to the 2370’s

Subject: Ensign Murphy, Adelaide (@Adelaide )
Vitals: Subject shows decreased lung capacity when attempting to inhale for longer than three seconds

Review of Physiological Systems
Section Status Comment
HEENT NAD Responses normal.
Respiration AD Responses below normal.
Cardiovascular NAD Pulse and pressure within normal limits.
Abdominal NAD NBS, all scans clear.
Extremities NAD Responses normal.
Neurological NAD Patient was coherent, coordinated and responsive WNL.

Section II: Treatment:
Together with Lt. Jameson, Sarah, we researched and synthesized an ancient antidote from Earth to help combat the Ensigns addiction. The original method of delivery came in the form of patches. We were able to replicate the formula into its base variant and create something suitable for use of hypospray deliverability.

Given the Ensign all of the information that this was experimental I received permission to begin tests on stardate 98057.4 and injected Ensign Murphy with 21mg of Nicotine to be released over the period of twenty-three hours.

Further data is required before objective findings can be published, but the initial outlook of the patient was hopeful and optimistic.

“Computer end medical log.”

Ven lets out a sigh and sits back in her chair. Now all she had to do was wait for Murphy to give her the data she desperately needed. Inhaling and letting it out slowly the young Romulan rises to her feet and begins to remove her civilian attire to head into sickbay to start her day.

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“Computer, begin recording.”

The screen begins with Ensign Murphy sitting at a desk in her quarters.

“Begin log, Stardate 98062.2, ‘Murphy – Ensign Sovum, Experimental Treatment on Inhaled Chemical Dependency. Day 1”

“At approximately 2000 hrs, 98057, Ensign Sovum (@vsovum) advised myself that she had synthesized a formula, deliverable by hypospray, to combat the addictive effects of smoking, a habit that this ensign regrets to inform began in her late teens and early twenties. While both my time on Memory Alpha and here on Deepspace 13 does not afford the opportunity to use actual tobacco products, I had procured a small ‘vaping’ device purchased from the bosun of a civilian trader shortly after my transfer here.”

Adelaide waves a small alien device in front of the camera.

“After my initial medical evaluation onstation conducted by Ensign Sovum, I was advised that while my lungs presently show no sign of abnormal growths or infections, there is observable damage. Similar results were taken last night when Ensign Sovum proposed her experimental treatment. While this ensign does not mind admitting she has no intention to cease the use of inhaled products, prudence dictates that the habit can’t continue. Ensign Sovum has further explained that the objective of this treatment only addresses the impulse to smoke by retarding the body’s chemical dependency. This experiment is not intended to address pre-existing damage. I have agreed to the experiment and was administered the first dosage, good for one day, 98057.4. This is to be the first entry of a continued log of my own personal observations of the serum’s efficacy.”

Addie erects her posture spritely and folds her hands in front of her on the desk.

“I am pleased to report that the effects of the treatment have already rendered a noticeable improvement. After waking up this morning to report for my first shift, I customarily will get a coffee from the Deck 50 day-room. Without fail, my morning coffee is always accompanied by use of the alien vaping device. But this morning,…”

Addie smiles proudly at the camera.

“…I had no such impulse. I can’t begin to tell you how much additional time I had to prepare for shift without having to run all the way to Deck //INFORMATION REDACTED// to the //INFORMATION REDACTED// for my morning smoke; the only place where environmental sensors are muted enough where I can smoke without systems’ detection. I also noted at the beginning of shift I had a noticeable increase in energy. I think it’s because I was better rested from clearer breathing than I’m used to. And it was a good day for it too!”

Addie raises her eyes briefly to exaggerate.

“First of all, as soon as I got to ops I had to address a civilian vessel the SS Beykoz who had been venting their plasma in the DS13 perimeter in the absence of a functioning treatment system as required by Starfleet CFR:13-02. The master insisted he had an extension letter provided by his classification society to allow for the deficiency but when the record was finally located, he had longed lapsed his extension period.”

“Then the master of the MT Habari waste disposal vessel for the DS13 offstation drydock and layberth started throwing Letters of Protest around left and right…”

Addie begins imitating an enraged captain:

“…because no one informed me that I would have to receive 10,000 cubic meters of pre-wash into separate tanks before receiving the acid waste in my orders to then only discharge the wash back into the layberth storage tanks.”

Addie rolls her eyes.

“Then an OS on the SS Echo tested positive for Anatid Flu during transport to 13. Once detected, the Echo no longer would allow the crewman’s return to their vessel and after a formidable back and forth, Sickbay admitted him for treatment and security has placed a guard outside his assigned quarters to ensure he remains under quarantine until a negative test result can be furnished.”

“This ensign is proud to report during this particularly hectic day, not once did I have the urge to slip out to //INFORMATION REDACTED// for a smoke break. Ven, I’d say your on to something with this treatment. Then finally, when punching out off -duty I ran into Captain Mirazuni….”

Addie holds up a PADD with a static image of an oil painting. The PADD has had someone crudely write on it with lipstick on the bottom right corner: ‘Dearest Adelaide, One day I hope to be just like you,’ above the artist’s signature ‘Mirazuni A.’.

“…at Horizon who offered me a ride-along on the Endeavour for a routine patrol of the Kelterre Sector.”

Addie beams proudly.

“I got assigned the ops station on the bridge and without having to recap the entire voyage, let’s just say that this ensign kicked ass! Well, I’m about to head back up to the lounge for a celebratory cocktail. Before which I will stop down in Sickbay to receive tomorrow’s dose from Ensign Sovum.”

“Computer, end log.”


“Computer, begin Medical Log.”

Ven sits down with a PADD in her hand looking like she had slept very little if at all the previous night. Beside her is a small glass of tea as she scratches the side of her head.

“Erm, today is stardate 98075.2, last night I conducted an end-of-week review with my patient Ensign Adelaide Murphy,” Ven states rubbing her eyes before picking up her PADD.

“Ensign Murphy informed me the first twenty-four hours she had no cravings to smoke at all that and that she felt quote ‘amazing’ that alone is a promising start to this study and something that gives, as an officer, the confidence that I’m on the right track moving forward. The patient then went on to state on the second day she was conscious of the urge to use her device, but nothing like the times she has tried to quit before. Once again. A promising start.” Ven states

“Ensign Murphy states Day three something was off. When I questioned her about it, she stated she was distracted and had small mistakes during the duty hours she worked. Mistakes include dropping a stack of ISO Chips down a fifty-foot maintenance shaft, spilling coffee on herself, and wearing two entirely different boots. She also stated she has noticed an increase in appetite and weight gain. That at least I can diagnose as the typical mouth-to-hand urge mentioned in my research on the matter that most afflicted with this addiction experience in some form or another. I recommended she do a few holodeck programs with her partner Ensign Thyzee and that will counteract her increased food consumption, and to maybe consider chewing gum in between meals.”

Ven stops for a moment to take a small sip of her tea before leaning forward and pressing a button to bring up Murphy’s scan results.

Review of Physiological Systems

Section Status Comment
HEENT NAD Responses normal. (or add your own comment)
Respiration AD Respiration slightly elevated.
Cardiovascular NAD Pulse and pressure within normal limits.
Abdominal NAD NBS, all scans clear.
Extremities NAD Responses normal.
Neurological NAD Patient was coherent, coordinated and responsive WNL.

“As it can be seen from my initial scans, the Ensign still suffers from slight difficulties breathing over a prolonged period of time, but the scans also suggest that fluid in the patients’ lungs is indeed dropping. This with Ensign Murphy expressing that she feels like she can breathe a bit better suggests to me that lung tissue is not permanently damaged and repair may be possible. A hypothesis I will be taking to my Chief Medical Officer for her to review.”

Ven takes another sip of her tea before deactivating the scan results to show her tired features once more.

“Biobed scans showed leftover BAC but nothing that could be defined as intoxication, and lots of caffeine corresponding to the Ensign stating she has been drinking lots of coffee recently.”

Ven pauses as a finger traces a figure eight on the desk.

“The one failure I objectively point out is that Ensign Murphy ‘cheated’ on day four, and returned to her normal ways of nicotine intake. Though not necessarily a surprise, given this first dose was a trial, I do in part feel bad that the patient felt the need to return to her device, even if just once. To counteract that, I upped the dosage from twenty-one milligrams released over twenty-four hours to twenty-five milligrams over the same period. I hope this dose will exceed four or even five days. If it does we can move on to phase two of the trial.”

Ven smiles warmly at the notion and leans forward.

“All in all, while the trial is not without some setbacks, I feel like so far the setbacks are easy to overcome and everything is proceeding apace.”

Ven pauses lightly dropping her fingers on the table in evident thought.

“Computer, end Medical log.”


“Computer, begin recording.”

The recording begins with Ensign Murphy seated at her desk in her quarters.

“Begin log, Startdate 980-“

The Screen cuts-off abruptly.

“-tha’ heck? Computer, begin recording.”

The screens opens with a perplexed Ensign Murphy seated at her desk in her quarters. After a few taps against the screen, Addie sits back and folds her hands.

“Begin log, Stardate 9806-“

The screen cuts off abruptly.

“Oh bloody hell!”

The screen re-opens with a frustrated Ensign Murphy poking repeatedly at the screen.

“Stay. Staaay!” She coaxes sitting back in her chair slowly with a suspicious look on her face. “Computer, confirm recording.”

“<<Confirmed.>>” the computer responds.

Addie takes a deep, recomposing breath and folds her hands together again. “Begin log, Stardate 98067.8.”

The screen cuts off again abruptly.

“Goddamn son-uv-ah-Sucre Sang du San Per!”

“By the Prophets, Murphy!” Ensign Valu exclaims.

The screen opens with a Bjoran ensign leaning over Addie’s shoulder tapping the screen. “There. You’re good.” Ensign Valu affirms standing upright and walking out of view.

Thank you, Annethi.” Addie huffs. “Begin log,” she pauses before continuing, “Stardate 98067.8. ‘Ensign Murphy and Ensign Murphy, Experimental Treatment…”

“-Ensign Sovum.” Annethi corrects from off-camera.

Addie pauses and looks away from the screen. “That’s what I said.”

“No you didn’t. You said Murphy twi- you know what, forget it. Finish up so we can go eat something.”

Addie furrows her brow looking back at the screen. “‘Ensign Murphy and Ensign Sovum,” she emphasizes irritably, “Experimental Treatment on Inhaled Chemical Dependency. Day 3”

Addie takes a breath.

“This ensign regrets to inform that this will not be a particularly detailed account of the efficacy of Veneela’s treatment due to circumstances beyond my control. It seems like all day the stars have had it out for me; anything that could go wrong has.”

Addie picks up a mug from the desk to take a sip. “The day began with me oversleeping. I didn’t get to ops until almost 40 minutes after my shift began. That’s totally unlike me. And of course, while normally my shift is supervised by Lieutenant Rollins, today Commander Sakkhet was there to call a surprise morning meeting.”

Addie shakes her head. “-so after my dress-down by the commander, I was sent to assist the engineering crew that was increasing the efficiency of the station’s perimeter sensors for the ops console readouts. Normally this is the type of assignment I’d enjoy but I dropped an entire stack of iso-chips -oh I don’t know, about a hundred of ‘em- straight down a fifteen meter maintenance shaft. So we wasted two hours down there trying to find them all. -which we couldn’t.”

Addie rolls her eyes as she raises her mug to her lips. “Hot!” She cries jumping up from her seat causing her to drop the mug splashing her entire chest with coffee. “Oh, for the love of-“

The screen cuts out.

The log opens again with a menacing Addie violently tapping on the screen, her uniform top covered in stains, her top lip reddened from the scorching coffee.

“Okay. Here we are.” She apprehensively determines. Behind her, impatiently leaning against the open door to their quarters, stands the silhouette of her roommate.

“Chow time, ‘Never-laide’. Wrap it up.” The Bjoran instructs.

“Right.” Addie continues, “So all that notwithstanding, I get back to quarters and I realize I’ve just performed an entire shift wearing two different boots! All this considered, I apologize, Ven. My next log will be more focused on the experiment at hand.” Addie shrugs almost comically. “Mama said there’d be days like this.”

Addie stands up from the desk and begins walking towards her roommate.

“Addie. You’re probably going to want to change your shirt.”

Addie looks down. “Oh, right.” She begins to squirm the uniform top up her body, struggling to pull it upward as she had absentmindedly failed to unzip it. With great struggle, she finally raises it off her torso inverting the garment so that is covers from her face to the tips of her fingers of her vertically up-stretched arms over her head indecently exposing her daintily non-regulation lacey brassiered chest. Her effort is then further halted as she writhes, hops, and tugs endeavoring to get the collar above her chin.

“Uh, Addie,” Annethi submits sympathetically while pointing towards the screen, “You may want to shut that off.”

Addie wheels around to face the monitor, one eye revealed below the shirt collar entangled around her face.

“Oh fuck me!”

Rapidly pedaling back to the desk Addie stumbles and trips falling beneath the view of the desk’s edge. Annethi’s silhouette executes a facepalm in the cabin doorway shortly before a quivering hand appears from below the desk’s edge and slaps the monitor.

The screen goes black.