My next project...


I built this some five years ago, and now I think its time for a do over. I'm playing with the idea of ditching the "Enterprise" markings and making it the Challenger, but I'm not sure where in can get custom decals made for it.

Any ideas?
When I built homemade designed rockets, I had to invent the decals. Airbrushing worked pretty good but for the small ones I'd print them out on real fine paper, use a light amount of glue stick to tack them down, and then lightly brush over them with some clear fingernail polish or sanding sealer. Most of the time I used the sanding sealer because I'd put a light coating on the entire hull of the rocket and carefully sand it down. Usually putting two coats on to protect the paint. Im not sure how well it'd work on a plastic model but...You never know.