Need HALP! (With a mission patch.)

So, I managed to cobble together a mission patch for the USS Dragon last year that I was actually pretty pleased with, given my very basic photoshop skills. I used the same template as in this thread, I think.

I had an idea for the new Dragon -A patch, but I’m finding it’s a bit beyond my skills. I was really just going to add another layer with a head-on view of the new ship in the center of the existing patch (and update the registry number), but I’m finding that trying to make that ship look good is beyond me.

I was hoping to reduce it to few colors, to make it look like an illustration, but starting from a screen-cap in STO, it is not going well. I was hoping I could change the image properties to handle that, or use the paint-bucket tool, but not so much. It just turns into a dithered, pixelated, mess when I reduce the colors.

So… I was wondering if anyone here with a bit more talent with these things would be willing to help me on this little project, either with completing it as described above, or even a new take on it?

I realize this might be asking a lot, but you’re all free to ignore this, and nobody is going to say yes if I don’t ask. In any case, this is the current one in .png. (I have .psd files for the playing-with.)

It's kind of an ugly white blob from the front, so a 1- or 2- color version is gonna look like garbage, imo. Here's an "illustration" made from vectors with shading, in case it's the sort of thing you're looking for. (2061x835)


That may just work, thank you! I’ll play with it a bit later. I have a different paint scheme and yellow deflector on it (by virtue of the “material”, Sovereign, incidentally), but this may be fine for a mission patch even having said that. But yeah, this is just about what I had in mind.

So again, thank you!

What is the new registry number?

NCC 93887-A.

Also, Thank you for taking a crack at it. :slight_smile: