Night at the Opera: Charity Auction and Gala

You are cordially invited:
Night at the Opera: Charity Auction and Gala
The Addyson and Tuvya Foundation for the Arts partners with selected Starfleet agencies to fundraise for Iconian War Orphans Charity. Deep Space 13 expected to host extravagant gala for the culmination.

Prominent Federation Arts Foundation, Addyson and Tuvya, released the details of their newest fundraising event series today and the reveals have caught the notice of even those who'd never consider stepping into an art museum. As part of their most recent campaign to raise and deliver free art education and work opportunities for Iconian War orphan youth, Addyson and Tuvya managed to secure facilities and funding support from numerous notable organizations, including the Daystrom Institute, Memory Alpha, and selected Starfleet agencies.

Rather than utilize a more traditional ticket purchasing scenario, however, Addyson and Tuvya have come up with a scheme to foster an interest in the arts for its participants, in keeping with their theme. Starfleet has promised a value of 10,000 credits for each of their personnel who accept an invitation to the proceedings, which includes participation in a silent auction preceeding in the weeks before the final Gala event. Invitees will be allotted a symbolic 10,000 credits which they may use to bid to determine the final seating arrangements for the Gala itself.

But rather than bid directly on their colleagues, all participants will be asked to create a neural art painting, which will be displayed in a temporary gallery on DS13 and at the gala itself. Paintings will be displayed without names, so personnel will need to use their imaginations to determine whose painting belongs to whom, or simply bid on the painting with no regard of who it might belong to. Winners will be able to keep their paintings at the finale and influence their seating arrangements at the Gala.

While Starfleet has promised to cover and sponsor all costs for any Starfleet or Republic Exchange personnel who want to attend, civilian attendees are not being excluded. They will, however, need to purchase their buy-in fee (10,000 credits). Individuals who are interested in attending, but not participating in the auction process, must also provide their own entry fee of 200 credits.

Spoiler: Flyers are being distributed everywhereShow
art credit: "Queen of the Night", Erte



Hi, guys. This is the much hyped 'date auction' idea, turned into art date auction and gala. Here is a breakdown of how this is all going to work.

From now until February 8th, I will be accepting sign-ups to participate in the auction and gala. You do not NEED to attend the gala to participate, although it will be a lot more fun if you are able to go! Sign-up will involve communicating with me OOCly (about 10-15m of time) or RPing with Katriel ICly (about 20-30m of time).

Feb 9th - 15th will be the silent auction bidding week. The paintings will be posted on the forums and will be open for bidding; might use a google spreadsheet for this, we'll see. At the close, bids will be tallied and paintings awarded and I'll do my best to arrange tables in a fair and logical manner.

If you do not know what a neural art painting is, talk to Katriel! (Most people don't at this point. Oops.)

The gala event, scheduling to be determined by doodle poll and announced hopefully by Feb 8th, will include some RPed mini-events appropriate for the setting. All are welcome to attend, even if you did not participate in the auction part. (Your character will ICly pay 200 credits.)

Doodle poll for scheduling the gala event is here:

Event has been scheduled:
The silent auction has begun.
The following memorandum has been distributed to all bidding participants.


Thank you for your participation in the Addyson and Tuvya Charity Silent Auction! Congratulations to the winners!

#120LCDR Katriel Sedai8,000
#121LT James A. Thurston2,600
#122LT Victor Castillo12,000
#123CMDR Tala Akaela81,000
#124RADM Dmitri Konieczko264,899
#125LT Valore184,000
#126LCDR H'ajah90,000
#127CAPT Ragka Kooro15,000
#128LCDR Vera Nim10,000
#129CAPT Alyx Derenzis15,000
#130LT Victor Castillo18,000
#131CAPT Zizla Vehl45,000

All paintings will remain on exhibit in their current locations, to be moved to the gala venue on the day before the event. At the gala, each painting's artist will be revealed and the paintings will be delivered to each winner's address of choice the day after.

For artists who are interested in procuring a replica of their painting: these will be available to you the day after the gala. Please note that these will be simple replicated copies, as opposed to the versions currently being exhibited, which were handpainted by our chosen professionals for this event, to make them true originals! All artists are also entitled to a digital copy of their work, which includes the relevant replicator pattern at 50% size for your own personal use.

We look forward to seeing you on gala night! Friendly reminder that the dress code for the evening is semi-formal and formal or appropriate costume (please stay on theme: Night at the Opera). Dress uniforms are acceptable alternatives.


Fun additional metrics

  • 745,499 EC spent on purchasing paintings.
  • Most expensive painting was #124 for 264,899.
  • Most bid upon painting was #125 (28 bids).
  • Most unique bidders was on lot #131 (five).
  • Most paintings won by LT Victor Castillo (two).
  • Most prolific bidders: TKA (23), DRK/VC/JAT tied for second (19), HDSHCE (16).
  • DRK was gifted the most EC: DRK with 234,900.
  • ((Total participating bidding characters: 18))
  • ((Total participating characters, including gifting: 31))

Spoiler: AtmosphericsShow
At each entrance to the venue, a table has been set up with a smiling concierge manning it. They check off each attendee as they arrive and offer a cardstock nameplate with their name on it. On the inside of the folded nameplate is the table to which the guest has been assigned.

As guests pass into the room, the concierge states that they're welcome to wander around the venue and inspect all the decorations, as well as the art exhibition. Welcoming remarks will be at 0:15 and dinner service begins at 0:30.

The venue’s lighting is especially dramatic for tonight’s event. A warm candlelight gold is heaviest on the floors, furniture and ceiling, keeping everyone well lit, but not overexposed. It’s offset by a deep midnight blue that casts an eerie and somber mystery upon the whole scene, as if to firmly remind the partygoers that the narratives depicted in opera are very rarely joyful ones.


Each dinner table at the gala is covered in a unique tablecloth, with a wide variety of decorative charms, each one no bigger than a fingertip, haphazardly scattered across their surfaces like confetti. On each sits a folded card labelled with the calligraphed title of a famous opera, with a short synopsis of the opera’s story printed inside.

Spoiler: Venue FloorplanShow

Spoiler: Table AShow
The tablecloth for this table is a riotous and stormy ocean, a pattern of dark blue waves and their crests. The centerpiece for this table is an actual water-filled fishbowl, rather sizable, in which a small school of eight to ten sardines go tirelessly round and round in an endless circle. (They... might be holographic?) The tokens scattered across this table are small enamel sailboats, as well as enamel yellow sweaters.

Spoiler: The placard reads, “Skavrin Zoak”Show
Tellar’s most famous opera tells the story of Skavrin Zoak, a socially outcast fisherman whose fortunes go from terrible to worse and ultimately end in tragedy. Skavrin’s first apprentice dies under mysterious circumstances and though Skavrin is cleared of wrongdoing, the townsfolk distrust him so completely that Skavrin’s reputation never recovers. Angered by their unfounded accusations, Skavrin heedlessly takes on a new apprentice, but when this one also meets an unfortunate and accidental end, Skavrin’s sanity is shattered and the townsfolk form a mob to end him.
((OOCly, Peter Grimes.))

Spoiler: Table BShow
The tablecloth for this table is a deep green, so dark to almost be black. A single tablecloth runner in an equally dark shade of blue, patterned with ripples, is draped down its center. A centerpiece sits squarely to hold everything down: a heavy, pewter statuette of a long and narrow rowboat, with a cloaked figure standing at its stern, wielding a long oar. The tokens present at this table are little S-shaped snakes made of vivid green ceramic, and small lyres made of gold.

Spoiler: The placard reads, “L’Orfeo”Show
Considered the first truly distinguished opera in Terran history, L’Orfeo retells the ancient Greecian myth of the sorrowful Orpheus and his tragic quest to retrieve his bride Euridice from the Underworld. Orpheus travels to the underworld where he persuades King Plutone with his beautiful lyre music to let go of Euridice’s soul. The reluctant King grants the request, but only under condition.
((L'Orfeo on wiki.))

Spoiler: Table CShow
The tablecloth for this table is a solid and bold crimson. A round bowl of flowers makes up the vividly colored centerpiece, filled with roses of red, orange and purple, as well as yellow hyacinths. Bronze token pieces shaped like little bulls and golden gypsy bangles are scattered on the table’s surface. Also present are three tarot cards, spread equidistant from each other around the table: the Knight of Cups, the Seven of Swords, and the Death.

Spoiler: The placard reads, “Lyizana”Show
Betazed’s most popular opera due to its infectious musical score, the opera tells the story of Lyizana, a gypsy who enchants one lover after another. Demid, a naive soldier, abandons his childhood sweetheart and deserts from his military responsibilities due to Lyizana’s wiles, but eventually murders Lyizana in a jealous rage when she leaves him.
((OOCly, Carmen.))

Spoiler: Table DShow
The tablecloth for this table is a dark gray, with snow-covered mountain peaks. The centerpiece is a small statuette mostly carved of wood, of a craggly dead tree with a bat’leth piercing its trunk. Little miniature gold helmets, ebony spears, and small round bottles filled with a green-dyed liquid confetti the table’s surface.

Spoiler: The placard reads, “The Ring of Qui’Tu”Show
An operatic epic that is actually four operas spanning fifteen hours of performance time, the plot revolves around a magic golden ring that grants the power to rule the world and the grand combat between gods and mortals to possess it. Kortar, the first Klingon warrior, is nearly on the verge of winning the ring when the gods trick him into drinking a potion to forget his quest, as well as his beloved Shelkar. In vengeance, Shelkar takes up the sacred bat’leth Nothung and destroys Qui’Tu with her warrior army. The gods are killed in the felling of the sacred land, though the heroes are likewise deprived of a happy ending.
((OOCly, The Ring of Nibelung.))

Spoiler: Table EShow
The tablecloth for this table is the solid turquoise color of a warm, summer paradise ocean. The centerpiece is a painted ceramic scene of a green island with a harbor, and a modest mansion at the top of a hill. The tokens here are small glass butterflies in multiple colors, as well as tiny geisha masks. There are also little wooden tokens depicting a small boy with a blindfold over his eyes.

Spoiler: The placard reads, “Lady Butterfly”Show
This Risian opera tells the tragedy of Lady Butterfly, a young courtesan who falls in love with a soldier from a foreign land who courts her, all the while knowing he would eventually return home and pursue another. Though her family tries to persuade Butterfly to consider marrying a wealthy local, she refuses to believe her beloved has abandoned her until he returns by ship with his new wife, to claim the son that Butterfly had borne in his absence. Stricken with grief, Butterfly agrees to let the boy go, but kills herself in her grief.
((OOCly, Madama Butterfly.))

Spoiler: Table FShow
The tablecloth for this table is pitch black, but patterned with glittering silver stars and spider webbing, in a style very reminiscent of the Gala’s flyer art. The centerpiece of the table is the skeleton of a giant serpent and in the center, within the cage of its ribs, lies a ceramic figure of a sleeping male youth in fine clothing. Littering the table’s surface are miniature silver flutes, pairs of bells in gold, and small enamel feathers of all colors.

Spoiler: The placard reads, “The Magic Flute”Show
A story of the young prince Tamino who is sent on a quest to rescue the Queen of the Night’s daughter, Princess Pamina, with the help of a magic flute. He makes friends with a birdcatcher named Papageno and the two go on many trials and tribulations, only to discover that Pamina’s imprisonment by the Sorcerer Sarastro is not what it seems.
((The Magic Flute on wiki.))

Spoiler: Seating ChartShow

  • Cyrene
  • Konieczko
  • Tala Akaela
  • T'Shair
  • Serris


  • Eunha
  • Nimitz, T.
  • Vaebn
  • Sh'Tal
  • Tylen


  • Katriel
  • Derenzis
  • Castillo
  • Quint
  • Tanaka


  • Valore
  • Ragka
  • Sadia
  • Zizla
  • Zaliel



  • H'ajah
  • Mercer
  • Nimitz, A.
  • Nim
  • Tycho
  • Traise

Spoiler: Neural Art ExhibitionShow
In the center of the venue, the neural art paintings have been moved to be displayed here instead. Along with each painting is the lot number and the name of the lot's winner, as well as a small blank screen where the artist's name will be displayed when the reveal occurs.

#120LCDR Katriel Sedai8,000CAPT Alyx Derenzis
#121LT James A. Thurston2,600CMDR Tala Akaela
#122LT Victor Castillo12,000CAPT Emery Quint
#123CMDR Tala Akaela81,000RADM Dmitri Konieczko
#124RADM Dmitri Konieczko264,899LTJG Cyrene Ori
#125LT Valore184,000CAPT Zaliel Sel
#126LCDR H'ajah90,000LT Olivia Mercer
#127CAPT Ragka Kooro15,000LT Valore
#128LCDR Vera Nim10,000CAPT Alistair Nimitz
#129CAPT Alyx Derenzis15,000CMDR Tarm Wallunga
#130LT Victor Castillo18,000LCDR Katriel Sedai
#131CAPT Zizla Vehl45,000CAPT (KDF) Sadia Cynis

Spoiler: Menu PADDShow
A menu PADD sits on the table, displaying the night’s options, of which each person at the table is entitled to one main entree, one dessert, and unlimited sharing plates. Each person at the table is welcome to submit their preference for entrees, which will be served 1h after the evening’s beginning. Sharing plates will be delivered as soon as they’re ordered.


  • Scarpia’s “Lamb Cutlets with Feta and Prosciutto” (Tosca)
  • Cafe Momus “Lobster Tails Thermidor” (La Boheme)
  • Mariandel’s “Vegan Cassoulet” (Der Rosenkavalier)

  • Cream Puff Sampler (Hansel and Gretel)
  • Fruit and Nut and Ice Cream Fantasy (La Boheme)
  • Figaro’s Orange Cake (The Marriage of Figaro)