Notice of Deposition - Captain Mirazuni

To: CAPT Mirazuni, A. (( @Sam ))
CC: LT Stray, M. (( @kermit ))
From: LTJG Eno, K.
Subj: Gartan II Investigation - Notice of Deposition

Captain Mirazuni,

You are required to attend a deposition regarding a recent mission to Gartan II. This is pursuant to a formal inquiry by the JAG Corps initiated by Rear Admiral Emery Quint on Stardate 97594.9. You are entitled to representation for this deposition. Records show you have already requested counsel. Lieutenant Stray has been CC’d and will be present, unless you wish to waive that right.

I have attached a primary and alternate timeslot. If neither of the times work please notify me immediately and we will arrange another time. Direct any other questions to Lieutenant Stray.

Lieutenant (JG) Kai Eno
Judge Advocate,
38th Fleet

//ATTACHMENT// Scheduling