Notice of Reprimand | To: CMDR Jackson

Stardate 94087.6

TO CMDR Jackson
CC VADM Krvhn; RDML Konieczko; CMDR Caspius; CMDR Wilson
FROM CAPT Thiessen

SUBJ Notice of Reprimand

Commander Jackson,

You have been witnessed in public areas addressing a superior officer improperly and with disrespect. This behavior was also observed over official communications channels in a manner that may have a serious impact on departmental morale. It is the decision of this command that your actions constitute two counts of Insubordination.

The following disciplinary actions will be taken:

  1. Effective Stardate 94087.3(01 February, 2417), you are placed on temporary suspension of duty to end Stardate 94091(03 February, 2417).

  2. There will be no further reported insubordination permitted - in private or in public areas. Ensure all rules and regulations are followed if disagreements occur.

  3. You will attend a scheduled meeting with myself and Commander Wilson no later than stardate 94099.2. (06 February, 2417) ((so long as OOCly feasible))

  4. This notice will be permanently attached to your Starfleet personnel file and made available for review by any future promotions boards, awards committees, or superior officers to whom an understanding of your service record is relevant.

Your actions have jeopardized your standing and reputation within the Federation and potentially the standing and reputation of the Federation within the galactic community. You are strongly advised to consider the implications of your actions, and to understand that further violations may endanger your career in Starfleet.

You have 48 hours to acknowledge receipt and understanding, or to dispute the claims by filing a request for trial by court martial. If you request court martial, limits on the severity of punishment are waived, and if found guilty, you may be subject to severe disciplinary actions such as demotion, discharge from Starfleet service, or incarceration.

Captain Tau Thiessen
Commanding Officer, Deep Space Thirteen