Notice of Support

To: CAPT Varley, L.
From: LCDR Valore
Subj: Notice of Support

Captain Varley,

At this time, I suspect you are presently being barraged by a flurry of devastated emotional individuals suffering from artistic withdrawal. Approaching the pressing issue in the most logical manner, I noticed an issue stemming from the composition of paint and have been in regular contact over the course of the last few hours with an expert on artistic forgeries I first met as a precautionary measure during the first auction. Though the tricorder implies a forgery, I will be able to present a more detailed expert opinion in the near future.

In the meantime, however, a new pressing matter presents itself. The paintings are just that - paintings. The fallout is diplomatic, either in attempting to paint the Federation as incompetent or to send a message. This poses a question that goes beyond a matter for Operations and Security to one that I am concerned of, as the adjutant to the 38th fleet in its entirety.

Whatever resources or expertise I have to offer as the Admiralty Office, I can contribute. This is a concerning development that requires both answers and those responsible.

Lieutenant Commander Valore
Office of the Admiralty