OCR: Incident At Tevalak's

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After Action Report

LOCATION Tevalak’s Ice Cream Parlour, DS13

OUTCOME Tevalak T’Ren taken into custody. No civilians harmed.

Tevalak T’Ren
Ensign Stobbart
Kevin Miggins

NARRATIVE I was called by Ensign Stobbart to Tevalak’s Ice Cream Parlour this evening to deal with an incident involving the proprietor of the store, and one Mister Kevin Miggins. They appeared to be fighting outside of the store when I arrived and as Stobbart and I attempted to pull them apart, they both resisted violently. Tevalak dragged Miggins into the store, loudly proclaiming “You have interfered with my plans for the last time, Miggins!” to which Miggins replied “I thought we had a deal!”. Tevalak knocked Miggins out with a nerve pinch, then promptly locked the doors so Stobbart and I couldn’t enter.

By now, a crowd of onlookers was gathered and the situation was escalating. I ordered Stobbart to disperse the onlookers while I tried to calm Tevalak down. He appeared to produce his PADD and may have sent a message out. He then screamed “HUMANS CANNOT BE TRUSTED!” and then went into the back of the store, seemingly intent on getting something. I decided to forcefully enter the property with my command override code. Just as I got inside, Tevalak appeared from the back room brandishing what looked like a hastily cobbled together energy weapon. He pointed it at me and fired and promptly began an overload. With no time to spare, I grabbed the disruptor and dumped it into a vat of strawberry ice cream, I isolated the area with a containment field just before the disruptor exploded. I called into Ops and reported the incident and to send a clean up crew.

After this, Tevalak loudly began blaming me for everything. I arrested him on charges of assault against another citizen, disturbing the peace, owning an illegal weapon and discharging it at a security officer. He then proceeded to enter messages on the subnet relay about his arrest. One of which was about my becoming a janitor on a Klingon garbage scow.

Tevalak agreed to come quietly after this and is now in a holding cell waiting for his lawyer to arrive. His personal effects have been confiscated.

RECOMMENDATION Tevalak needs to be questioned about his holographic personal assistant. I am also recommending we question Kevin Miggins once he has been treated for his injuries.

OOC Tevalak’s downfall begins!

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