Officer Transfer and Status - Balan Kasdeya

TO: Command, Task Force Argo
FROM: Admiral Zho'Chal, Starfleet Intelligence , Starfleet Intelligence Actual, Earth
SUBJECT: Newly Assigned Officer Status and Orders (COMMAND STAFF EYES ONLY)

Task Force Argo Command,
As of Stardate 89608.4, The U.S.S. Banshee has been assigned to report to, and berth at Outpost Argo until further notice. Be advised that her Commanding Officer has been re-assigned to another billet. Regarding one Chief Engineer Balan Kasdeya, U.S.S. Banshee; he is to be assigned command of the U.S.S. Banshee at your discretion, and will be made available to you as not only acting Captain of the Banshee, but as a unique Intelligence asset. Commander Kasdeya can advise you of all pertinent information upon arrival. As a result of his unique "condition", his personnel and medical records are officially regarded as "Command Staff Access" only.

Thaal Zho'Chal
Starfleet Intelligence

DOC AUTH: SIA-89608.4-S31 Approved

TO: Admiral Zho'Chal, Admiral Thackett
FROM: Command, Task Force Argo
SUBJECT: RE: Newly Assigned Officer Status and Orders (COMMAND STAFF EYES ONLY)

Admiral Thaal Zho'Chal,

The Task Force Argo Command team acknowledges these orders and the restrictions placed on certain documents. Any questions can be directed to the Starbase Admin Office.

Lieutenant Jal'Shan
Task Force Argo