Ongoing - The Khitomer Project

At last, the war that has ravaged the quadrant has come to a close. But a war always leaves scars, and each scar has a story. Maria Santiago wants to hear those stories, and there isn't a better place in the galaxy to hear those stories than Deep Space 13. A reporter from the Federation News Network, Miss Santiago will be travelling to DS13 in the coming weeks so that she might interview its inhabitants and share their stories with the world. Collectively, these interviews will air on FNN as a weekly miniseries called the 'Khitomer Project'.

Maria Santiago is an accomplished reporter; she reported from the frontlines for much of the Khitomer Conflict. Her other works include 'Those Who Survive'- a Betar Prize-winning examination of the reign of 21st century tyrant Khan, and the Brooks Prize-winning miniseries 'Romulus: Asunder'- a similar series of interviews about the aftermath of the Hobus Supernova.

OOC Info: So.. that? Basically, what I want to do here is create a sort of narrative for the Fed-Klink war. The interviews will happen in-game and be collected in the forums. They'll each be about a specific event (with exceptions). It can be a fleet event, or, well, any event of interest, as long as its relevant and that Maria would have been able to know about it beforehand. There are a couple of people I want to interview on specific events already; If you want to be interviewed, shoot me a message. If it isn't something that was public knowledge but you still want to be interviewed, have your character contact Maria in-character. Also, this is more or less my way of introducing an alt for use while Jack's off in the Delta Quadrant pew-pewing cobra-men, so she'll also just chill on the station. Is this is successful, she'll continue the interviews with Strike Force Kargas.

Note: When I post the interviews, I'm not just going to be posting a transcript; there's probably going to be editing and revision. So, what I'm saying, is, I guess, I reserve the right to correct any spelling, grammar and whatever else issues made by you or me or anyone else because I'm pedantic. I don't really need to say that, I'm just covering my bases.
List of interviewees and the topic on which they will be interviewed:

  • Commodore Ashworth; Overview of the Conflict - Posted
  • Captain Cross; Federation Tactics
  • Captain Tanis; Battle of the Kelton Nebula
  • Captain Trellani; Klingon Ambush in near Vega Colony
  • Captain Harker; Death of Captain Varas Tarsez

Seriously, folks. Volunteer, or I'll have to hunt through your dossiers for things that look like interesting stories and then corner you on the Promenade.
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I'm never on when these folks are on, so, new way for these interviews to take place- ON STEAM. People who I've already asked/have asked me, please shoot me a message with your steam info.
..have you tried asking for schedules and arranging appointments?
..No. But I've got this figured out, though, because Steam. Maybe? It's not so much they're never on as much as I have consistency issues as to when I'm able to get on and as an art student things just kind of pop up out of nowhere.
Not that you aren't a delightful person, Jack, but some people are a little too paranoid to give out such stalkerable info, so you might not have too much luck with Steam names.
Some of us might want to lurk as well! :)
True. But then how would I stalk them?

Anyway, I meant to word that in a way that got across that steam was just an option as opposed to the only place for it.
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I should be on late afternoon today. (PST)
Unfortunately, however, I will not.
Boo. What times will you be on? I'll try to adjust to meet up with you.
Tomorrow will probably be taken up by Dead Man Walking, but most evenings (EST) aside from Tuesday and Wednesday should be open.
Update on timing: If all goes well, I should be on from around 7 PM EST to whenever, which means that would be an excellent time to get interviews done. Regardless of whatever else is going on, I swear interviews will take priority. Hopefully some of you folks will be on.

Also, a little update on the interviews themselves; regardless of which order I interview you folks in, Commodore Ashworth's interview will be posted first, because it also serves as the introduction. Sorry; it's just a structure thing. But also that means worf get your ass on
Captain Atherton Francisco Cross, of Task Force Delta fame (or infamy), retired to Bajor some years back. While his doppelganger is on the Front, he'd be happy to discuss his thoughts on the Klingon mind-set and Federation tactics.

Be warned I'm on my OOC holidays between 14 November to 1 December.

PM me a questionnaire please?
ACK. Something came up and I won't be able to get on tonight. But tomorrow, definitely, 7 PM to whenever. Ack.