Operation Dove Update

To: RADM Quint, E. (@Quint)
From: LT Valore
Subj: Update: Operation Dove


The team has been finalized and assembled. Intelligence is working on cover identities and the support staff is getting familiar with our custom transport.

The team is composed of the following:

  • Myself
  • Lieutenant Commander Noah Sideris
  • Lieutenant Aev
  • Lieutenant Mossic Khet
  • Captain Gabriella Valencia
  • Petty Officer Chell Brohm

As of right now, the last preparations are being put into effect and I believe that we will deploy before two months from now. If you could inform their commanding officers of their absence due to special operations (with how much detail being disclosed being entirely your purview), that would ease the administrative burden on the current team.

Everyone has been briefed on the mission. We will be attempting to make commercial contacts with Ralin traders on Itrin Station and follow the source home. The Ralin are the most anti-war, the commercial hub of the Azedi, and the source of the majority of the food supply. It would seem to be the ideal target, and one that is likely ripe for maneuvers. Peace and reconciliation is not as far away as originally anticipated.

Lieutenant Valore
Administrative Yeoman,
Office of the Admiralty


To: LT Valore
From: RADM Quint
Subj: Re: Update: Operation Dove


First off, well done. Seems you have assembled a capable team. You also have assets in place and a starting point for the operation. A fine bit of planning on your part.

I will set up an appropriate communication to the relevant Commanding Officers. Though in the interest of security this will still be a need to know. Given the time frame you are looking at I feel that slowly reallocating them in the midst of other large re-assignments will be best.

I know I don’t have to warn someone as pragmatic as yourself about undue optimism, but I do share it. Lets not slip on the ice while we cross the river though.

Emery Quint
Rear Admiral, Fleet Commanding Officer
38’th Fleet ‘Argo’