Operation Focal Point

Official Memorandum

Operation Focal Point

For Immediate Release from Romulan Republican Forces Command

Loss of contact from listening facilities M4-564, M4-565, and M4-566 is resulting in critical issues for logistics within this sector. The ROMULAN REPUBLICAN FORCES and STARFLEET are both suffering from inadequate sensor data within the region. Restoration of these vital facilities will restore vital sensor information within the region.

I. Primary Objectives

  1. Investigation of the fate of these three facilities.
  2. Restoration of critical facilities M4-564, M4-565, and M4-566.

II. Secondary Objectives

  1. Apprehension of responsible parties for these facilities’ loss of contact.
  2. Should facilities be rendered completely null, recovery/salvage of all useful tech from these facilities.

Caution should be exercised during this operation. These facilities have not sent out standard reports in approximately three months. Adequate preparation, including the potential for hostile contact with responsible parties, should be accounted for.

Questions and reports may be forwarded to CDR Nathes.

Long live the Republic.