Operation Forthright

Official Memorandum

Operation Forthright

For Immediate Release from Romulan Republican Forces Command

Mol’Rihan has just erupted into open protests, the likes of which have not been seen since the Revolution of 2409. The local communes have authorized the deployment of militia forces to protect major government holdings. The RRF has further been authorized to protect the locals as they engage in their protests. These protests come in retaliation to a controversial order by Romulan Intelligence to audit the RRF. The move is seen as mimicking the activities of the Ancient Regime. The protests have effectively given us opportunity to maneuver. With the people on our side, we must move carefully and cautiously.

Our assets have discovered a number of cuplrits responsible for the attacks on our three listening outposts some months ago. We have it under good authority that inside agents within the UNITED FEDERATION OF PLANETS and ROMULAN REPUBLIC are responsible for orchestrating these attacks. The goals, plainly, are to undermine the alliance.

One such culprit, a Subcommander Bumul, has gone AWOL. Bumul is a possible party responsible for the attacks on our listening stations. Further, he was reported as fleeing Mol’Rihan shortly before the protests again. We believe he is hiding out on a large installation located in former Imperial space, dubbed ‘Haven’. This installation, which houses about 10,000 people, has long been suspected of fostering in slavery still perpetuated by the Ancient Regime. The time has come to stop this installation’s illicit activities and locate Subcommander Bumul.

The people of Haven have provided us with a formal request for aid, citing the RRF’s mission statement in rooting out slavery perpetuated by the Romulan Star Empire. While we are responding to their request, understand that locating and apprehending Bumul is a critical misison objective.

Primary Objectives

  • Location and, if possible, apprehension of Subcommander Bumul
  • Location and elimination of elements perpetuating slave trade on space facility ‘Haven’.

Secondary Objectives

  • Support of civilian populace on Haven.
  • Housing and protection of any Ancient Regime (ROmulan Star Empire) slaves.

We expect resistance on the part of Subcommander Bumul, the immediate forces loyal to him, and possible reactionary forces serving the ancient regime. Small arms are permitted, but be advised that the welfare/protection of Haven’s population is of top priority.

Questions are to be directed to Commander Nathes.

Long live the Republic.