Operation Talon

Official Memorandum

Operation Talon

For Immediate Release from Romulan Republican Forces Command

With facilities M4-564, M4-565, and M4-566 reporting all hands lost, and two of the three damaged beyond repair, follow up is prudent. Information on the responsible parties indicates they are a group of extremists vehemently opposed to the alliance between the ROMULAN REPUBLIC and the UNITED FEDERATION OF PLANETS.

While reports would indicate the actors are specifically Rihannsu, there is reason to believe outside parties are responsible. A wealthy Ferengi factory towner, Vrot, on the planet Tuldol has expressed desire to provide us information. Further, he has requested a desire to be removed from the planet. Unfortunately, citing clear and present danger, he is laying low on the planet. His last position is somewhere in the planet’s main capital city.

Tuldol, a planet bordering the ROMULAN REPUBLIC and KLINGON EMPIRE, is under no particular jurisdiction. As such, back up will be limited. Only cloaked vessels are authorized for transport to the world. Per the Joint Squadron Initiative, Federation officers will be authorized to travel aboard RRW VIRIN. Substantial materials and equipment will be provided for operational success.

I. Primary Objectives

  1. Location and collaboration with Vrot.
  2. Successful extraction of Vrot from the planet.

II. Secondary Objectives

  1. Any information pertaining to the extremists responsible for Outposts M4-564, M4-565, and M4-566 destruction.

Militia Intelligence indicates that, due to the ongoing civil war, the planet is being flooded with refugees from the KLINGON EMPIRE. Additionally, we have reason to believe agents of Klingon Intelligence are operating on the planet. Additionally, you are ordered not to render harm to the local civilian populace or the infrastructure of the planet. The planet will be voting for membership into the Republic soon. As such, the Senate has requested nothing be done that harms that upcoming ballot.

Questions and reports may be forward to CDR Nathes.

Long live the Republic.