Paladin After Action Report, Terix incident

StarFleet Serious Incident Report

Stardate: 93900.5

Ship: USS Paladin

Commanding Officer: Emery Quint Rank: Captain

What Occurred:
On Stardate 93900.5 I, Captain Emery Quint, was in Command of the USS Paladin, assigned to the 38th Fleet, participating in the blockade of the Terix system. At 1710 hours ship time, 132 hours, 10 minutes into the operation, it was reported that a subspace relay in the tachyon grid had gone off line. We reported to its location and found the relay wo be damaged by cosmic debris. I ordered the device transported aboard to be repaired while we deployed a probe, modified to cover the gap. At 1720 hours ship time a T'Varro class bird of Prey decloaked, sitting directly on the Terix border, the line dissecting the ship, mid beam. It made no further forward movement. I ordered the Paladin to Emergency stations and took up position ahead of the T'Varro. At this time no communication had occurred. As we attempted to raise them we only received static. Then as we attempted to contact the blockade, we discovered our COMs were jammed, at this point due to an unknown source though it was soon proven to be a large solar storm moving to our location. Repeated attempts to raise the ship were ignored. At 1800 hours ship time the T'varro backed off from the line, then later form 10 kilometers out, moved towards the line at full speed. Stopping again at the same location. This situation continued, as the T'Varro raised its shields, and even armed weapons. At 1830 hours I gave the go ahead for a tractor beam to be used, pushing them back inside the border. It was at this point they made contact, declaring it an act of war but still not firing. This occurred three times. On the fourth the T'Varro opened fire. We sustained damage to our warp nacelles and coms array. I ordered return fire, and the T'Varro made a second pass before departing the area. Once Coms were back online I was made aware of the current incidents on Terix and in the blockade.

Upon observing hostile action against civilian areas, and against standing orders, I elected to follow General Order Thirty-two, " General Order 32: Free Interpretation of the Prime Directive " In this case, or mission was to prevent outside influence, and by my understanding, loss of civilian life. As such when the attacks on civilian cities occurred, and noncombatants had been killed without regard, I ordered Paladin to intercept the attacking craft. Upon our engagement, several Ha'nom class ships decloaked and opened fire. Once the bombing craft had been cleared we moved to engage, at this point the Mystic had been destroyed and Sagan had taken serious damage. We moved to provide cover. At that point Atlantis arrived and started to tow the Sagan out of the engagement range. Paladin, still being operational provided covering fire. Once other ships engaged, the pursuit stopped. After our withdrawal, the attack on the civilian locations continued.

Damage Report: Paladin sustained damage to its port warp nacelle as well as it com replay at the first engagement, later damaged form the Ha'nom attack is hull breaches to the aft hull sections, the shuttle bay is exposed to open space. Shield emitters on sections 8 through 15 are offline.

Casualties: Ten officers killed in Action. Twelve wounded, five of which are reported as in critical but stable condition.

Commendations: To all crew and command staff for calm under fire. For Lieutenant Commander Zaldo, and Commander Ramsay for voicing their positions and following orders, remaining calm under pressure.

Final Comments: I accept full responsibility, and absolve my officers and crew of any responsibility, or disciplinary actions that may follow.