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A warning about two potentially dangerous anomalies in the greater region

DS-13, Aldebaran: The 38th Fleet has recently encountered two potentially dangerous anomalies in the region that could impact travel and put lives at risk, and as such we release the following advisories to help ensure the safety of Federation citizens, allies and the general public traveling in the Kelterre sector and the area beyond it currently called Alpha-7190. It should be noted that the two anomalies are unrelated to one another, with potential hazards that are unique from each other.


The Great Black Hole

The first of these is in an area of the Alpha-7190 sector, in a region referred to as the Great Black Hole. A mission was carried out by assets of the 38th fleet to test a prototype deflector modification, with the intention of safely traversing the area, which is rich with hazardous quantum filaments. While the tested modifications showed promise in eliminating the threat posed by the difficult to detect phenomena, the area within the Great Black Hole region is inhabited by a yet unknown culture, seemingly with the ability to create and use quantum filaments as both an offensive and defensive measure against intruders. Our assets were briefly engaged in conflict with this unknown culture, our entry to the area likely seen as an unintentional provocation. Attempts at communication went unanswered, and we were forced into defending ourselves. Afterward, communications were finally established, we were asked to leave, a request that was fulfilled.

We advise all travelers to refrain from making any attempts to enter this Great Black Hole area, the quantum filaments alone would be reason enough to make such an advisory, but we feel the discovery of this unknown culture, and the lengths to which they have gone to be left alone offer another. While we may attempt a more diplomatic first contact with this culture at some point, we advise all to give them the space and time they clearly want currently.

The Potter's Field Anomaly

The second advisory is for an area of traffic, heavily used in the Kelterra sector, called the Potter's Field anomaly. Previously encountered by 38th Fleet assets, the full size and scope of this anomaly was unknown until a recent follow-up mission to fully chart it. Much is still unknown about the nature of the Potter's Field, but what is known is that it is far greater in size than previously thought, encompassing an area which lies between the Waydis, Echomet and Legia systems. The area within the Potter's field is classified as an extreme danger, as any vessel that is caught within it will find its power systems drained, leaving them quickly unable to escape. We've been able to establish that there are dozens of lost vessels and ship fragments stuck within the Potter's Field, all drained of power, their crews lost to the phenomenon.

We are advising that all who need to travel in the area avoid the charted boundaries of the Potter's Field anomaly, as our findings suggest that vessels traveling at speeds lower than Warp three and ships with inadequate shielding systems are especially at risk of becoming ensnared within. We don't believe it is worth risking lives to potentially cut travel times. We intend to continue to study the anomaly, and share our findings with the cultures impacted by its dangers.

All media inquiries into this release should be sent through the Fleet PAO.

About the 38th Fleet: 38th Fleet ARGO's mission is to support Starfleet with forward deployed forces that are ready to support scientific and exploration missions as well as act to maintain the security of Federation space. We are Starfleet's primary security assurance in this sector. We will provide ready forces to secure our region as well as deploy forces throughout Federation space and areas of interest to support Starfleet missions. We are on the scientific and exploration frontier for the Federation. It is the desire of this command to make science and exploration the pinnacle of all of our operations, with the understanding that security may sometimes override this desire. We are ambassadors of the Federation. Our efforts in this area will be foremost considered in all decisions made with both new encounters and previously established relationships. We will be an organization exemplified by decisive action, innovative thinking, and a culture of professionalism and integrity.