Parallax (01 - 04 April)

On another dimensional plane, exists a parallel universe often described as being a mirror of our own. In this Mirror Universe, alternate versions of many of us may exist, leading radically different lives. When every choice we make is a potential fork in the road, there’s no telling how each of our lives may have turned out under a different set of circumstances. A harsh dictator might exist as a freedom fighter. An vocal pacifist might exist as a sociopathic murderer. It’s also possible that some of us were never even born.

In the Mirror Universe, Earth is the center of the Terran Empire. The Imperial Starfleet is a ruthless organization, which condones torture and murder, that rules over a large portion of the galaxy with an iron fist. Non-Terrans are generally considered second-class citizens, at best. While some may be allowed to join Starfleet, very few ever manage any significant advancement.

The Terran Empire remains in a persistent state of war with the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance. Despite offering far more opportunities and freedoms to its ‘alien’ member races, the Alliance’s treatment of Terrans (and those loyal to them) is little better than the Terrans themselves would show any other ‘aliens’. While still a major power in the galaxy, the Alliance has lost a significant portion of its territory to the resurgence of the Terran Empire in recent years.

Little is known about the status of the Romulans, except that they control a sizeable portion of space, and remain fairly isolated from the rest of the galaxy. Their technology is rumored to be at least on par with the Terrans and the Alliance, but direct confrontations have been few and far between. Some believe the Romulans are a myth, long since died out. On the other hand, the more informed (and possibly, the more paranoid), seem convinced that the Romulans are still out there… just waiting for the right time to strike.

When: April 1 - April 4
Where: The Mirror Universe
What: A slight break from reality. (even if it is a fictional reality)
OOC point of contact: Any Staff

Beginning at the start of alpha shift on Thursday, April 1st, the fleet holdings will be reserved for Mirror Universe RP. The event is not limited to the Terran Empire. Everyone is free to determine which faction, if any, their character is affiliated with (and it doesn’t have to be the same as the prime universe!). The overall event will wrap up at the start of delta shift on Sun, April 4th.

The fleet starbase will be Battle Station Argo, headquarters of the Imperial 38th Battle Fleet. The embassy will be reserved for use by members of the Mirror Romulan faction. The ZP/KDF starbase will be available to Alliance characters, though members should feel free to set up Alliance-based RP in any other location accessible by their OOC faction (KDF starship bridge, anyone?!).

Please note: This entire event takes place in the Mirror Universe and is entirely separate from Argo’s normal RP. There will be no crossovers, and our regular prime universe characters will remain completely unaware of anything that happens during this event. If you have any questions about this, please contact staff for clarification.


Mirror Universe Characters

To help make the most of this event, this thread is being left open for anyone who wants to make a brief post of who their characters are in the mirror universe! Ideally, this’ll be info that we can all use ICly, so we can dive right into the event with shortened introductions. I’ll post my own characters below as an example to help get things started. Feel free to post about your characters, if you’re interested, even if you/they won’t be able to make the event!

Available Info:

[i][color=#239edd]Name: [/color][/i]
[i][color=#239edd]Affiliation: [/color][/i]
[i][color=#239edd]Rank: [/color][/i]
[i][color=#239edd]Available Info: [/color][/i]

For those of you who were present last year, this is the perfect opportunity to tell us what your character’s been up to since then.

Please note: Argo’s usual Character and Story Policy is suspended for the duration of this event. The only restrictions are as follows:

  • You may not RP as your prime universe character in our mirror universe setting.

  • Be considerate of others. (ie. if more than one person wants the same position, talk it out and find a compromise).

  • Resolve conflicts OOCly; avoid godmoding. (In a setting where things like assassinations and torture are commonplace, it’s doubly important to make sure you’re not forcing someone else’s character in a direction that player doesn’t want to go.)

  • Don’t be a jerk.

Have fun!


Name: Aev i’Rhynne
Affiliation: Tal’Shiar
Rank: Operative
Available Info: Aev’s parents and several of his older siblings were highly active in the underground Artaleirhin Independence Movement. In 2406 elements of the Imperial Garrison on Artaleirh attempted a coup. The attempt was nearly successful, but was ultimately defeated when Imperial reinforcements arrived before the orbital facilities could be secured. Aev’s father and older brother, mid level officers, were arrested and executed by the Tal’Shiar in the aftermath. Aev, then 10, was taken into Tal’Shiar custody.

Further records are not widely available, but what little there is suggests Aev underwent training at an unspecified Tal’Shiar facility. Those with proper access would be aware the boy was trained to infiltrate similar movements on other Romulan colonies. His efforts have led to the arrest of several high level traitors over the past decade. Rumors within the Tal’Shiar says he’s fiercely loyal to the Tal’Shiar officer that trained him.

Aev was on assignment when he was alerted to Captain Konieczko’s upcoming purge in 2417. After a period of hasty preparation with several other assets and his own command a plan to rescue as many of the purge victims as possible was implemented, and his original mission was delayed. After a successful extraction Aev moved onto an assignment deep in Imperial Space while the status of his cover identity was assessed. A second chance at his original mission is forthcoming.

The young operative is currently posing as a member of a privateer crew that frequents Battle Station Argo, having proven himself several times over the last year. It is unclear if his original mission is still underway, or if new objectives have been passed down from command.

Name: Ulrich Stern
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Lieutenant (Junior Grade)
Available Info: Ulrich, following his older brother’s path, entered the Imperial Academy as soon as he was able. His time at the Academy has been largely uneventful, and he’s known as a rather quiet person who’s motivations are difficult to pin down. He social circle is entirely human, and he’s been known to have an outright hostile attitude towards any aliens. Stern is a member of the battlestation’s communications staff. The young officer has yet to make any kind of name for himself.

Name: Esca Aloran
Affiliation: Alliance
Rank: Commander
Available Info: Following the orbital bombardment of Tesr by Imperial Forces Esca joined the Alliance. Serving a role in the Alliance similar to that of a Terran Inquisitor, Esca is known for his utter ruthlessness and complete lack of mercy with anyone even remotely associated with the Terran Empire. Rumors are the man is on a quest for the Terran Commander responsible for the bombardment that killed his spouse.


Name: Sera Valore
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Lieutenant
Available Info:
Lieutenant Valore, one of the Empire’s devoted political commissars. Hailing from the colonial fringe, the Lieutenant spent much of her career assisting in the prevention of slave revolts.

Dubbing her strategy ‘Divide and Conquer’, Valore’s strategies involve eliminating slave cohesion and unity. Dividing the slave population into subgroups or ‘tribes’, the Lieutenant would subtly encourage them to fight amongst each other in an effort to force the different slave populations to be too weak to challenge the Terran Empire. In some cases, the divided populations would even warm up to their overlord in return for any advantage over their artificially created rivals.

Valore’s career itself is one show of loyalty after another. During her tenure as an Ensign, Valore received a promotion after discovering and turning over the names and corresponding evidence of fellow Vulcan officers who were in possession of banned books.

At the awards ceremony in which she and other fellow officers were promoted to the rank of Lieutenant, Valore removed the tips of her ears with a pair of scissors - taking on a Terran personal name in the process. To this day, she can be physically identified as a Vulcan with a lack of points to her ears.

In the last year, Valore has found herself suddenly assigned to Governor Nimitz’s staff. Whatever the reasons behind it may be, Valore has just finished drafting her proposal for the colony. Where she goes now, or remains in Nimitz’s retinue, remains to be seen.

Name: Operative 723 ‘The Spector of Trebinzan’
Affiliation: Tal’Shiar, Romulan Star Empire
Rank: Captain, Field Agent
Available Info:
A deadly assassin of the Star Empire’s secret police, 723’s efficacy is matched only by their anonymity. Their true identity unknown to anyone outside the inner echelons of the security service, 723 has been tied in the Tal’Shiar’s files to a series of frame jobs, intelligence acquisitions, espionage operations, and yes - assassinations.

A near-perfect record, 723 has a reputation for coming in, achieving the objective, and departing. Whether with nobody noticing anything amiss, or any chaos caused never tying back to their goal, Tal’Shiar involvement arises only later from suspicions and rumors.

Their meticulous nature and extreme dedication to the mission objective augments their training and specialized skills. From proficiency with a sniper rifle to close quarters combat to an affinity with disguises and playing different roles, nobody is untouchable to 723. Whether from a shot from a different building or a stab in the back from a seemingly inconspicuous aide, anyone can be gotten to.

Rumor has it, Operative 723 has been assigned to a new and highly sensitive operation. More details are sparse, but it is unlikely that they are the only one involved.

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Name: Alistair Nimitz
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Preator (Military Governor)
Available Info: The Governor Nimitz is a long time loyalist to the Terran Empire, joining the fledging rebellion shortly after the taking of Terok Nor. He initially rose in fame in service of Smiley with the Terran Resistance Forces. Following the reestablishment of the Terran Empire, Nimitz quickly fell out of favor among the Terran High Command following the death of Emperor Miles O’Brien at the hands of his son, Emperor James O’Brien.

Nimitz slunk away from the spotlight and joined a group of shipbuilders to constuct a prototype vessel under the supervision of the Vulcan Admiral Sakkhet, a formerly well known resistance leader ageist the Alliance Occupation of Vulcan who was rewarded with exile to the wrong side of Cardassian space. After years of research and construction, the first superdreadnought was nearly ready for commissioning, Captain Nimitz then relocated to Battlestation Argo in 2416.

Unfortunately for Captain Nimitz, the political atmosphere was on the verge of an upheaval upon his arrival, Nimitz was imprisoned on false charges of treason and removed from command soon after his arrival. In order to secure his continued survival, Nimitz lied regarding the progress of the prototype vessel to buy time for him to plan his escape.

After making his escape, Nimitz ambushed and killed the entire crew of the Akagi, including her captain, one Saul Williams. After altering himself into Saul William’s life by changing his DNA and his body, Nimitz reached out to the Terran Inquisitors and arranged a bargain, in exchange for his return as Williams at the helm of the newly renamed ISS Akagi, he would not be investigated as long as he remained loyal to the Emperor.

Nimitz remained as Williams for two years until Admiral Quint’s successful take over of the Alliance planet Tzenketh, Quint placed Nimitz in command of the occupation forces. Following the successful repealing of the Alliance forces attempting to retake Tzenketh, Nimitz was granted a full pardon for all of his crimes, both real and false. He was promoted to Preator, or Military Governor, overseeing the largest frontline fleet yard in Terran history, as well as granted legal status as a Terran.

Having unaltered his body back to it’s previous state, minus the Romulan parts, Nimitz now oversees the Tzenketh fleet yards as they construct the next generation of Terran warships to spread Terran Supremacy throughout the Galaxy. Although Nimitz is rarely seen these days outside the Imperial Palace where he rules the Tzenketh system…

Name: Lady Lauren Varley
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Captain
Available Info: The spoiled heir to the noble Varley dynasty, Lady Lauren Varley, Duchess of Montreal, has reigned captain of the I.S.S. Saratoga for several years. Having been born into the upper echelons of Terran society, she was fast tracked through the academy and into a command position to plunder wealth for her family and secure relations with the Imperial Starfleet. Nonetheless she has a mostly poor reputation among the admiralty, often wielding her influence to weasel her way out of cumbersome orders and inconvenient assignments.

The popular saying “You don’t need friends if you’re friends with a Varley” rings true for anyone who serves on her crew; they tend to find themselves well paid, well fed, and well protected. She has a reputation for unorthodox flexibility in how she solves her problems- breaches of ethics such as a willingness to work with non-Terrans means she often achieves what she sets out to do, but rarely fits the archetype the Empire prefers its captains to have. Particularily for one of her standing this is unseemly, and some wonder just how far the Duchess can press her influence before it snaps.


Name: ‘Nasty’ Nick Loxton
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Lieutenant
Available Info:

Lieutenant Loxton gained his nickname of ‘nasty’ rather ironically as he has yet to show any ruthlessness or killer instinct towards inferior species. He has been the target of several assassination attempts and smears but has avoided being eliminated thus far due to cunning and deception. His quick action to depose Morand the Mangler raised a few eyebrows in the Empire.

His recent transfer to Battle Station Argo has seen him quickly make some enemies but also some fragile alliances, but how long will he last on the battle station? Will Nasty Nick be the nastiest security officer Battle Station Argo has ever seen?

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Name: Serris Zital
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Commander
Available Info: Upon emerging from the Bajoran Wormhole in 2382, the H’Tarran refugee convoy was immediately seized and subjugated by the Imperial Navy, forcibly re-settled on Toron V for labor and blood sport. Due to their immense physical strength, they were conditioned and pit against each other in combat for the entertainment of Terrans. Those too old or too injured to fight were used to mine dilithium and precious metals from otherwise inhospitable environments. Some who demonstrate exceptional combat skill are conscripted into the Imperial Navy for service.

Serris Zital is a product of this ruthless system, forced to kill his own brother at a young age for sport while his parents toiled away mining duritanium. His acrobatic fighting prowess and consistent winning record made him a fan favorite by his 18th birthday, eventually earning him a spot as a foot soldier aboard the prestigious warship I.S.S. Mariner, deployed in an operation to seize Empok Nor from the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance.

His service aboard Mariner and continued excellence in combat eventually earned him a battlefield commission with the rank of Commander. Over the years, Zital has developed a fearsome reputation as both an asset and an immense threat, using his dexterity and strength to cast aside those who challenged him and currying favor with intense empathic seduction.

Despite his contributions to the Imperial Navy and its conquest of the Alliance, his commitment to the Empire and loyalty are something of a wild card.

Pictured: I.S.S. Mariner NCC-74671

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Name: Laro Nazair
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Sergeant First Class
Available Info: Hailing from a colony world of hardy settlers, the Bajoran noncommissioned officer Laro Nazair is a tough and dependable member of Battlestation Argo’s tactical response team. He has a long service record with just one remarkable feature: he has never once bitten the hand that feeds him.

Name: Mossic Khet
Affiliation: Klingon-Cardassian Alliance
Rank: Lieutenant
Available Info: This young Alliance officer continues a long and valorous tradition of military service within his family. Thus far, however, his service record is undistinguished, and some superiors have noted a troubling reluctance to draw Imperial blood when the opportunity presents itself. It remains to be seen whether Khet can grow into the image of his heroic ancestors, or if he will instead stagnate as a junior officer and disappoint all those who ever saw promise in him.

Name: KLIN_ZHA_MASTER (alias)
Affiliation: Klingon-Cardassian Alliance
Rank: Unknown
Available Info: The identity of the Alliance propagandist who publishes under the pseudonym “KLIN_ZHA_MASTER” is a secret highly sought-after by Terran intelligence. While it has been proposed that the prolific output of this persona might be the work of a distributed network of writers, authorship analysis software continues to indicate that the body of work published under this name is, in fact, the work of a single individual. Often cited as inspiration by captured Alliance soldiers and agents, the Master is considered a threat to the security of the Terran Empire and a priority target for identification and elimination.

Name: Sivath
Affiliation: Unknown
Rank: Slave
Available Info: DECEASED. This Vulcan engineer murdered an Imperial Admiral with a plasma torch. He was arrested, but did not survive the ensuing interrogation. His true allegiance and motives for this shocking and cowardly assassination remain a mystery.


Name: Eunha
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Commander, Intelligence Officer/Spy, Assassin
Available Info: Eunha was the former head of the intelligence service for the imperium empire, before betraying her princesses and joining the Terrans. To keep her job secret most on the station know her as a simple merchant. Only senior officers know her true rank. She is smart, beautiful and deadly. She is trained in multiple forms of combat and a very powerful telepath - it’s thought that she has even been able to use this too take out unsuspecting targets.

Name: Rose Hanson
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Commander
Available Info: Rose is the current chief of Operations of the battlestation 13 as she has been for several years. She is a ‘loyal’ servant of the empire even after the empire killed her trill lover and took her half human/half trill children away from her.

Name: Charlotte Jarnefelt
Affiliation: Rebellion
Rank: Unknown
Available Info: Charlotte has been presumed dead for years after sparking a rebellion many years ago. Though there are some rumours she is alive and well fighting against the empire.

Name: Shinwa Rumiho
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Lieutenant
Available Info: The daughter of noted battle master Admiral Kawamori and a rather cunning young woman. Her age is normally one for new ensigns of the Imperial Starfleet but she has used every resource, whether it is her father’s success, her mother’s notorious weapon designs, or her own insatiable knowledge to skip levels and commission faster than usual. Though some of her rank and position is classically derived by removing weaker officers formally holding those roles, advancing her own position, she also come by a lot of it naturally due to intelligence, skill, and cunning. In fact she has a rather atypically small amount of blood lust and is more well known for gaining favor without directly killing people (though some have certainly died by consequence of her actions later). Though it can be hard to determine at times which are the things to be more wary about. She constantly analyzes a situation and is a favorite of her superiors whom often expect ideas from her. She is a highly sought after officer for Captains to have on their crews as a Captain that can utilize such a rising star well could get good recognition themselves… maybe even advantage over her own father…

Rumiho in the past year teamed up with an Imperial soldier who commanded a group of Terran Marines (equiv. to Prime MACOs) to gain the advantages of someone commanding highly trained soldiers. The two were married and serve together now. As much as Rumiho plays games with her influence, it seems the two of them really do act as a team in their machinations.

It seems she is looking to add another rank to her shoulders soon too… which could be dangerous for others.

Name: Shinwa Tsurugi
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Major
Available Info: Terran marine unit commander. He leads of team of roughly 10 soldiers in a strike unit that has had a good record against Alliance held targets… in space or on the ground. Encountered then Lt. Kawamori Rumiho after a recent command transfer and the two realized how beneficial a mutual relationship would go and teamed up to help steadily advance each other’s goals. Ultimately they became more than just partners and were married. This also serves as an excuse to keep them in the same assignments. While officially Rumiho has no power of Tsurugi’s soldiers… many aware of her assume she has significant pull with her husband’s troops. He likewise benefits from her prestige and her connections to her family even though his wife uses his family name now.

His accomplishments in combat are owed more for his rank than removing weaker leaders… but unlike his wife who prefers a subtler touch, Tsurugi won’t hesitate to find new sheathes for his knife if the situation calls for it. There is a reason his family holds a significant domain on Mars.

Name: Lothos & Alina Mandra
Affiliation: Ex-Terran Empire
Rank: Civilian Prisoner
Available Info: It used to be mad scientists were useful until they take things too far. When Alina took a psychotic Trill symbiont and uploaded its mind into a computer, she created a deadly being that enslaved her over time. Lothos and his puppet eventually were found operating an illegal lab out of an abandoned Imperial Battle Fortress, seemingly with the idea to find away to hijack the minds of imperial leaders and take control. This plan was stopped by a new battle master assigned to the region. The fortress was reclaimed. Officially Lothos is dead and Alina is now a prisoner, but it’s hard to say what really happened there.

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Name: Emery Quint
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Rear Admiral
Available Info: Quint is a well and widely known ‘Zealot’ of the Empire, having a talent for raising the masses into a fanatic frenzy, even non humans. Conquest was the order of his early career, often eradicating millions if a world failed to yield to the expanding Terran Empire. After a point he became bored at the fact that the arrival of the ISS Templar in orbit, along with its battle group, was often enough to secure a target.

As a Rear Admiral Quint has become a more widely spoken of officer. His views on the Empire and discipline are spoken of often, while strange no one can argue the results. Any officer in the Templar’s battle group can be seen in very pristine looking uniforms and each seems to wear a personal agonizer. There are even non humans in the ranks of these officers, all fanatically loyal, at least in appearance.

Sometime past the Emperor himself ordered Quint to destroy a would be rival plotting their own ascension to the Throne. The battle was rumored to be short lived, and ended with Quint and this would be Emperor fighting in a duel on the bridge of the Templar. The fools head was gifted to the Emperor personally, and Quint now possess all the ships that had rallied to the fool’s cause. Curiously none of them were damaged, but none of their crews survived.

More recently Quint has been sending operatives to collect relics of the Old Empire. The Zealot truly showing his zeal by sending many of these to the Emperor. Agents of his have been seen moving about all corners of the Empire and beyond. This has lead to a very strange state of ‘holy quest’ being affiliated with his followers.

Some secret, in the dark void of space calls to him. Something that has even given Inquisitors pause when interacting with him.


Name: Fiona Skye
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Commodore
Available Info: Commodore Skye is surrounded by rumours with varying levels of credibility to each of them.

Despite the rumours that surround her, the one fact that almost all know is her level of no tolerance of prisoners, witnesses or survivors of missions that she has led. Reports have the numbers of deaths she is responsible for in the billions, with entire planets destroyed in her duty to the Empire.

She has reigned as the commander of the I.S.S. MacAlpine for a few years now, where it serves as the flagship of the Helios Squadron, on tasking to hunt down rebels and traitors to the Empire along the frontier, ensuring Imperial Control. Though not directly part of the 38th Battlefleet, the Squadron operates in parallel to the Battlefleet and its command structure at its command level while based from the Battle Station.

Despite her ruthlessness, she does not execute people without cause. This is part of the reason why she has risen to high, with a small core group of fiercely loyal senior officers, some of which she spared from execution when she knew that they would be of use to her. Along with this, her ship (and squadron) has a higher than average percentage of non-Terran crew and officers.

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Name: Jodi Izly
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Lieutenant Handmaiden
Available Info: Like many Non-Terrans; Jodi was part of a life of poverty and shame for most of her existence until she decided she’d had enough and would prove to her Terran Rulers that she would be worth their time as more than just another statistic of failure. Taking to her closest ‘Terran Embassy’ and attempting to give them what for…only to be turned away repeatedly and basically at the door; leaving her annoyed, and desperate. But with not much else to do she occasionally continued to try to get in with no luck as expected.

However, after enough persistence and beatdowns; Izly’s efforts managed to have her catch the eye of one Lauren Varley. The Terran Elite saw promise in such a headstrong yet ignored individual and recruited the Trill into service on-board the I.S.S. Saratoga; running Izly through the required steps to be technically ranked as a Lieutenant; while moreso essentially being Lauren’s Handmaiden and Attendant. Izly herself wasting no time in taking that fire and willingness to support her higher-ups and transferring it towards proving her loyalty to Lauren, the Varley Family, and the Terran Empire overall.


Name: Red Hornet
Affiliation: Pirate working for the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance
Rank: Captain
Available Info: Little is known of Red Hornet's history before she took command of Raven's Claw, a ship that was part of the pirate fleet operating in the no-man land between the Terran Empire and Klingon-Cardassian Alliance in the Donatu Sector. After the fleet was finally crushed by the Terran Empire forces from their base in the Aldebaran Sector, Red Hornet has gathered the survivors and pledged her services to the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance. From her hidden base in the Briar Patch, Red Hornet has started launching raids on Terran shipping and outposts in the Orion, Risa and Aldebaran sectors.

Name: Sadia Cynis
Affiliation: Merchant for Cynis Caju
Rank: Magren
Available Info: While not operating as a certain pirate, Sadia uses her official cover as a businesswoman for the orion Caju (family business/corporation) to gather information and undermine Terran influence in whatever subtle ways are available. Professional and unassuming, Sadia plies her merchant trade wherever she's allowed within Terran space and beyond, building her network of business partners, acquaintances and spies.

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Name: Mi’shune sh’Sonora
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Lieutenant
Available Info: A former cross-dimensional bounty hunter, Mi’shune has spent the last two years in the service of the Terran Empire. Or more specifically, as one of Admiral Quint’s agents, and one of the first responsible for hunting the artifacts he’s been so keen to collect. Her experience in hunting and tracking has made her one of his best and most successful gatherers.

But as usual, when her fortunes soar, they eventually crash.

A clash with Alliance forces, and V’lol in particular, left her severely injured several months ago, and only now she has recovered. The situation has changed, and she once again has to find her way through the station’s Byzantine politics.

Rumor also has it she is Rear Admiral Quint’s lover, but that’s a salacious rumor spread by people wanting to ruin both their careers, is it? After all, he might still be displeased that she gained her injuries during V’lol’s escape…

Name: V’lol
Affiliation: Rebel Faction
Rank: Civilian
Available Info: A former fugitive and rebel, V’lol was part of a failed assassination attempt on Admiral Quint, resulting in her capture. She was interrogated and kept on Admiral Quint’s ship as a prisoner for months, constantly tortured in the agony booth and healed just enough to keep her alive for more torment.

But it wasn’t enough to break her. She found the means to escape, and rumor has it she’s joined dissident rebel forces to fight back against the Terran Empire. Experienced as an underground dissident, she is a master of disguise and infiltration. But this time she’s dropped the pacifist attitude.

Name: Dmitri 'Strong-arm' Konieczko

Affiliation: Terran Empire

Rank: Captain

Available Info: Captain of Battlestation Argo. Having assumed control on the orders of then Commodore Desimone after Captain Nimitz was removed from power, Captain Konieczko has been ruling commanding with an iron-fist. Literally so. Following an incident on the front-lines while he was in command of the I.S.S. Bloodletting the Captain was unfortunate enough to lose an arm and had a metallic prosthetic grafted on. It has since been up(?)graded to include an array of explosives and a deadman's switch to ward off any would be assassins.

Acting in a manner that would be cause for concern, Captain Konieczko has come to take up writing what he calls a ‘blood opera’. A form of production that only ever has a one night production. They are never particularly good or even have a storyline that can be followed, but he has found it to be a more fitting corrective action than the agony booth can provide.


Name: Elizabeth Callahan
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Inquisition
Available Info: As with any Inquisitor, little is known about the one they call Callahan. Her figure a ghastly mix of alien features and technological infection, and if any have harbored doubts as to Elizabeth’s loyalty they have not lived long enough to voice them. More a looming presence than fleet personnel, Inquisitor Callahan is frequently sighted roaming the station as she pleases, often with her TR-116b transporter rifle within arms reach.

Name: “Daegnus”
Affiliation: Romulan Empire
Rank: Unknown
Available Info: The only known crew member of the vessel Daegnus, a destroyer-sized vessel of unknown design. The man appears outwardly Romulan pledges his loyalty to the Romulan Empire, but no records of the man or his ship seem to exist in any Imperial database.

Name: Xenomorph V774 Tau Δ
Affiliation: Unknown
Rank: Unknown
Available Info: “Whatever it is, it only pings sensors when it’s in the Jeffries’ Tubes.”

Name: D’Kera Mandukar
Affiliation: Romulan Empire
Rank: Civilian
Available Info: D’Kera Mandukar has taken a break from her flower shop to vacation to scenic Virinat with her husband, Siras.


Name: Bahieh Keexa
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Captain
Additional information: Orphaned in an orion raid on a ship transporting her family from Bajor to Earth, Keexa was left with a blazing desire for revenge. The young Bajoran’s fury drew her into the Imperial Starfleet, where she quickly displayed all of the talents required of an imperial officer: Ruthlessness, flexibility of thought, and the ability to make a crew both fear and respect her at the same time.
Since gaining control of a freighter, which she commissioned into the Imperial Starfleet as the ISS Retaliator, she has made numerous changes to it. The hull has been reinforced, compartments strengthened, and the shield generator upgraded. The cargo bays have been transformed into weapon bays, mounting phaser installations of a size and power normally associated with the Imperial Starfleet’s largest warships. Instead of a skeleton crew, the Retaliator carries a large force of terran marines, along with a large complement of Imperial Starfleet crewmembers.
The main prey of the Retaliator is Orion pirates, as well as Alliance commerce raiders. With an entire department in charge of regularly adjusting her sensor profile, as well as frequent changes of paint and registration, the Retaliator has claimed many raiders. Once they get within striking distance, they are never allowed to escape. Alliance crews are typically enslaved. Orions, however, are marched into an airlock, one by one, and ejected into space. When time allows, the females are often disposed of in more spectacular ways. Forcing them to fight to the death is a favourite, along with a dozen other brutal methods of slow execution.
Currently hunting in the vicinity of Battle Station Argo, the Retaliator has claimed a number of raiders and pirates in recent weeks.