Parallax (April 1st - 3rd)


On another dimensional plane, exists a parallel universe often described as being a mirror of our own. In this Mirror Universe, alternate versions of many of us may exist, leading radically different lives. When every choice we make is a potential fork in the road, there's no telling how our lives may have turned out under a different set of circumstances. A harsh dictator might exist as a freedom fighter. An vocal pacifist might exist as a sociopathic murderer. It's also possible that some of us were never even born.

In the Mirror Universe, Earth is the center of the Terran Empire. The Imperial Starfleet is a ruthless organization, which condones torture and murder, that rules over a sizeable portion of the galaxy with an iron fist. Non-Terrans are generally considered second-class citizens, at best. While some may be allowed to join Starfleet, very few ever manage any significant advancement.

The Terran Empire remains in a persistent state of war with the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance. Despite offering far more opportunities and freedoms to its 'alien' member races, the Alliance's treatment of Terrans (and those loyal to them) is little better than the Terrans themselves would show any other 'aliens'. While still a major power in the galaxy, the Alliance has lost a significant portion of its territory to the resurgence of the Terran Empire in recent years.

Little is known about the status of the Romulans, except that they control a sizeable portion of space, and remain fairly isolated from the rest of the galaxy. Their technology is rumored to be at least on par with the Terrans and the Alliance, but direct confrontations have been few and far between. Some believe the Romulans are a myth, long since died out. On the other hand, the more informed (and possibly, the more paranoid), seem convinced that the Romulans are still out there... just waiting for the right time to strike.

When: April 1st - 3rd:
Friday, 1 April @ alpha
Saturday, 2 April @ gamma
Saturday, 2 April @ alpha
Sunday, 3 April @ lambda
Plus any random RP in between!

Where: The Mirror Universe

What: A slight break from reality. (even if it is a fictional reality)

OOC point of contact: Any Admin or Moderator

Beginning at the start of alpha shift on Friday, April 1st, the fleet holdings will be reserved for Mirror Universe RP. The event is not, limited to the Terran Empire. Everyone is free to determine which faction, if any, their character is affiliated with (and it doesn't have to be the same as the prime universe!). There will be four admin-organized events, with at least one focusing on each faction, in addition to all the casual and/or random MU-RP that's likely to occur all throughout the weekend. The overall event will wrap up at the end of lambda shift on Sunday, April 3rd.

The fleet starbase will be Battle Station Argo, headquarters of the Imperial 38th Battle Fleet. The embassy will be reserved for use by members of the Mirror Romulan faction. A specific location is not being designated for Alliance RP, but members should feel free to set up Alliance-based RP in any other location (KDF starship bridge, anyone?!).

Please note: This entire event takes place in the Mirror Universe and is entirely separate from Argo's normal RP. There will be no crossovers, and our regular prime universe characters will remain completely unaware of anything that happens during this event. If you have any questions about this, please contact an admin or moderator for clarification.

Mirror Universe Characters

To help make the most of this event, this thread is being left open for anyone who wants to make a brief post of who their characters are in the mirror universe! Ideally, this'll be info that we can all use ICly, so we can dive right into the event with shortened introductions. I'll post my own characters below as an example to help get things started. Feel free to post about your characters, if you're interested, even if you/they won't be able to make the event!

Available Info:

Please note: Argo's usual Character and Story Policy is suspended for the duration of this event. The only restrictions are as follows:

  • You may not RP as your prime universe character in our mirror universe setting.
  • Be considerate of others. (ie. if more than one person wants the same position, talk it out and find a compromise.)
  • Resolve conflicts OOCly; avoid godmoding. (In a setting where things like assassinations and torture are commonplace, it's doubly important to make sure you're not forcing someone else's character in a direction that player doesn't want to go.)
  • Don't be a %*#&.
Have fun!
Name: Neema Perim
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Vice Admiral
Available Info: Second-in-Command of the 38th Battle Fleet. She rose through the ranks very quickly, despite her Trill heritage. By all accounts, her attitudes and mannerisms are as close to Terran as an alien can hope for, and she's reported to be incredibly effective and utterly ruthless in the execution of her missions. Rumors about her meteoric rise to the admiralty range from the very common, "She's sleeping her way to the top", to the more outlandish, "She employs a secret order of telepathic aliens to stay one step ahead of her Terran competitors". Evidently most Terrans are unwilling to consider the possibility that an alien could simply be an exceptional officer.

Name: James Kermit
Affiliation: Civilian
Rank: N/A
Available Info: Not every Terran was liberated when O'Brien began his revolution on DS9. Kermit grew up in an Alliance labor camp on Qo'nos, and records of his life and activities until very recently are spotty at best.

Name: Kirina t'Nalah
Affiliation: Tal Shiar
Rank: Major
Available Info: A vocal proponent of Romulan isolationism, this Tal Shiar Major specializes in ensuring public loyalty. In addition to her 'hands-on' work, she often serves in advisory roles to politicians and high-ranking Naval Officers.

Name: S'Slaask
Affiliation: N/A
Rank: N/A
Available Info: S'Slaask was a victim of a Terran Empire massacre of Gorn civilians on Cestus III, carried out by then-Captain Perim.
Name: Eli Altais
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Admiral
Available Info: The man at the top, the big cheese. Admiral Eli Altais, known among the upper echelon of the empire as Altais the invincible. Little is known about the man before his appearance in the empire, those closer to him declare him to be a strict but fair commander, those that cross him are known to quickly disappear, those that disapoint him are often found dead in various public ways (most memorable the death of Admiral R'zo-vek). His most notable achievement was the destruction of the Perganon system, utilising a tri-lithium warhead fired into the star. He is known to previously used Neural servo's in his senior staff. He has survived 17 seperate assassination attempts.

Name: Ren'aal
Affiliation: Romulan Senate
Available Info: Known to favour a heavy reliance on defensive technologies this Senator is conected to several dark operations involving the Tal Shiar. He also enjoys collecting rare fauna.
Name: Rix Brot'la
Affiliation: Bolarus IX
Rank: Minister of Wrath
Available Info: Rix wasn't a simple man, during the fourth world war he was leading a small band of independent Bolians that actually welcomed the Terran Empire on their planet. Now the Galactic commonwealth holds both their nations, Rix is ready to fight for his people. No independent nations longer on Bolarus IX, now they were a unified hateful front. Their prime happiness mirrored to Hate. Rix, the chosen one to assist and guide the hate. The acceptance of anger is a central part of their culture, Rix is the driving example. He still talks a lot.

Name: Mrian i-Rateg t'Illiahlae
Affiliation: Romulan Republic
Rank: Riov
Available Info: Mrian wasn't so very lovingly nice as she is now. In the mirror universe she was never part of any research facility or group. She had not even a knack for science. Explosions however, those were her forté. The command over her vessel was mostly earned through the extensive work done during the restoration of the government and against the Tholian threat. Her eyes are cold, her explosions, rather warm.

Name: Elkin Cenom
Affiliation: Terran Empire - Medical
Rank: Ensign
Available Info: Deadly with a scalpel. Is that really what you want to be called as a surgeon? Elkin didn't care, he was Trill, he was bullied for it. He was part of a husk of it's former glory, but he loved the ruthlessness in their organisation. His laid back attitude was only guarded by his reputation. Elkin had three other cadets on his name before he graduated, he called them successful surgeries, in their right mind it was just him practicing his skills on some classmates.

Name: Eloise DuPont
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Operative
Available Info: Not all were growning up so easily. Eloise was a prime example of a human female, perfect for the Terran empire. After her stellar results in the Academy she was turned to Imperial Starfleet Intelligence. Her job mostly consists out of black site operations, so why is she on the station?

Name: Robin Kuiper
Affiliation: Civilian
Rank: Intergalatic Playboy
Available Info: Not everyone becomes what their Prime universe versions are. Some become a bit better than them. Just like Robin did. Straight out of college he inherited his fathers fortune, a father he didn't know he had. Since then he's been flying through the galaxy spending his money on the more pleasurable things, occasionally shooting a guy or two that annoys him. He'd call himself a smuggler, but that would be too simple. No. He's a playboy. Suit, Tie, Phaser and a coffer full of cash.
Name: Nalah t'Feiahn
Affiliation: Romulan Star Technocracy Navy
Rank: Subcommander
Available Info: A cold and shrewd woman. While her people tend to generally ignore the squabbles of the Terran Empire and the Alliance she likes to poke her head in to cause havoc for her own personal enjoyment. She took command of the RTW Aidoann after the ships former commander met with an accident (she was old anyway) and uses it to insert herself into the business of anyone she deems mildly interesting. An accomplished scientist with an interest of alien species, Nalah is known to experiment with DNA, even when the subjects are still awake. She is known to be rather rude in public as well and frowns a lot.

Name: Alina Mandra
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Civilian Scientist
Available Info: The original Dr. Mandra died several years back on the I.S.S. Galahad after the ship was destroyed by an intruder from the alternate universe. That event also caused the loss of her greatest creation, in which she reanimated the mind of her fallen comrade Christine "Tina" April as a functioning computer intelligence. However the research was far enough ahead that Alina had set up a method to make a backup copy of her mind that saved her to a backup elsewhere upon Galahad's destruction. To avoid the psychosis Tina suffered due to being a human mind inside of a network with no body, Dr. Mandra set out to create facsimile constructs, synthetic bodies she could arbitrarily move her mind between. She now continues her work and makes periodic updates to her bodies now that she is a digital consciousness in them. The Terran Empire long since utilizing her usefulness despite her never having commissioned into the military. Word is she advocates that everyone should upgrade like her, and has at times gone to lengths to show people the path to perfection regardless of their interests.
Name: Elizabeth "Two of Five" Callahan
Affiliation: Terran Empire, Intelligence And Loyalty Division
Rank: Imperial Inquisitor
Available Info: Almost none of Callahan's files are publicly available. What is known is that she is half Terran, female, and appears to have been liberated from the Borg collective. As a Loyalty Officer her pervue is nearly limitless and her patience nonexistant. Aptitude records show consistently flawless marksmanship scores.

Name: "Daegnus"
Affiliation: ???
Rank: ???
Available Info: Reports tell of a vessel of unknown design attacking, at random and without warning, Terran emplacents and colonies. The ship has been described by what few survivors have been left as 'monsterous', and 'like a knife in space'. It often makes its escape before any proper Terran warships can arrive to save it's targets from destruction, but combat logs show it is more than capable of defending itself. It's name has been derived from its omenous transmission upon revealing itself to its target, a phrase in a language unknown to Imperial linguists.

Name: D'Kera Mandukar
Affiliation: Civilian, Romulan
Rank: Ships Captain
Available Info: Even in the midst of chaos some manage to lead a quiet existence. D'Kera, in the relative peace of the isolationist Romulan state, runs a small shipping business, ferrying people and products between worlds for a nominal fee. Some say she was married to a Naval man some years ago, and rumors persist about a son. All that is certain is the mark of a mourning tattoo, five long streaks of black in a sunburst around her right eye.
Name: Keth 5
Affiliation: Dominion
Rank: ???
Available Info: There is little known about the Dominion by the other factions, however there is word of a vicious psychopathic doctor, who's methods are unspeakable at best. She travels the galaxy searching for more research subjects. Subjects have been known to return disfigured, mutated, cancerous, scorched, mute, blind, amputated, or vivisected. More often than not multiple of these. She does her work at night, and undercover.
Name: Savior of Hala
Affiliation: Scorpius (liberation group)
Rank: Leader
Available Info: Some say he's a saint, some say he's a freedom fighter. He is the leader of the group known as Scorpius, raiding Terran and Klingon-Cardassian camps, and stealing their prisoners, liberating them. Everyone can immediately join his ranks without discrimination, and he is merciful to his enemies. He is a master strategist and intellect, able to to out maneuver and out think entire fleets of ships.
Name: T'Lot
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Captain
Available Info: Ruthlessly logical, T'Lot of Vulcan has risen through the ranks by using her cold, hard logic to keep her enemies in check, making sure they can never harm her, but she can harm them. She is in command of a warship, known to pillage places and civilizations unable to defend for themselves. Despite being a Vulcan, T'Lot has been able to reach a high rank through her quite effective skills.
Name: Taev tr'Velal
Affiliation: Terix II
Rank: Terix War Chieftain
Available Info: Making deals and alliances with multiple governments at a time, Taev tr'Velal is the leader of the military for a prosperous colony, making it's money by stealing enemy ships and scrapping them. He has no ethics or morals, and has no philosophy. All he cares about is being at the top. He tramples over his own people, and takes all for himself. Terix II is believed to be the only remaining patch of Romulan space by those that would otherwise believe Romulans to be extinct. He tells nobody of the Romulan people's true status, and doesn't inform others of his shadowy deals with multiple warring groups.
Name: Annabelle "Anne" Soong
Affiliation: Civilian
Rank: N/A
Available Info: Known smuggler and information broker, wanted for interrogation by the Terran Empire in connection with the abduction of prisoners from several Terran reeducation facilities. Suspected to be the mastermind behind the pirated subspace propaganda network Omicron. Theories of collusion with one or more enemies of the Terran Empire abound, yet most detailed records of Soong's activities are scarce.

Name: Soalina zh'Lindresko
Affiliation: Terran Empire - Medical
Rank: Commander
Available Info: Little is known of the Commanders initial life, rumors have her as an experiment in genetics gone awry, while others state she must have suffered serious trauma as either a child or in the heat of battle. The half-Andorian serves loyally to the empire, regardless of her unfortunate gene's - or lack there of, and with her recent "promotion" to Chief Medical Officer of the 38th's Battle Station, she's more ferocious than ever. Regardless of how far her orders seem to take her, she'll never break form. With her skills as a physician and a frighteningly accurate near-eidetic memory, she's often feared more by her peers than the enemy. Some say it's her warming smile and bedside manner.

Name: Coby Morton
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Commodore
Available Info: Short 'n sweet. He's the station's CO.
Name: Emery Quint
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Captain
Available Information: Captain of the I.S.S. Templar and often referred to as the Empire's Zealot, Captain Quint's career is well known. Inspiring a fanatic like frenzy in his crew and support ships on the eve of a battle, he has lead the 'cleansing' of multiple alien worlds. Typically giving non-aligned worlds a single chance to capitulate to the Empire, any resistance as lead to massacres on a scale bordering on genocide. While many superiors watch him closely due to the fanatic loyalty of his crew, the Emperor largely approves of his approach, especially the fact that even the non-Terrans on his crew are inspired to the same zeal for the Empire.
Name: Kero of House Elan
Affiliation: Alliance
Rank: General
Available Information: After denouncing her human side by publicly executing her Terran mother due to suspicions of espionage, Kero became a symbol for many Klingons of unwavering warrior pride and rised up the ranks through summary executions of superiors who, apparently, weren't so superior. Anyone who dares even mention her half-human heritage is met by swift execution, albeit swift doesn't necessarily equal painless. Her attitude towards her heritage causes her to be feared by some, but her roots also cause her to be disdained by others. Thus, despite her rise to General, she is forced to keep looking out for those who decide it's time for them to get promoted and will stab her in the back.
Name: S'Hauen Jarok
Affiliation: Distruptah Records
Rank: None
Available Info: Rap mogul S'Hauen Jarok, AKA Da RoK, AKA Ja'reezy, tours Romulan space in style, fast shuttles, beautiful women and enough double Latnium albums to eclipse the achievements of any current, past or future rap stars.

Name: T'Rhiu Jarok
Affiliation: Romulan Government
Rank: Governor of Rateg
Available Info: After marrying into a wealthy family, T'Rhiu aided her husband in his ruthless rise through politics. After an unknown assailant killed her husband, T'Rhiu sized power for herself and eliminated her rivals. Despite the thoroughness of her campaign to eliminate her political rivals, the killer of her husband has never been caught.

Name: Korpur
Affiliation: Treasury Guard
Rank: GuiMon in Chief
Available Info: Now deceased, Korpur was part of the resistance on Ferenginar which resisted the Terran's conquering of the planet. It is said that the Ferengi fought valiantly to defend their home world.
Name: Tamara Cren
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Commander (Alien)
Available Info: Deceased

Name: D'Nar Setaran
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Civilian (Alien)
Available Info: After being Captured by the Alliance she has gone missing, presumed dead.

Name: T'irin
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Captain (Alien)
Available Info: Captain of the ISS Indomitable, this Vulcan keeps her history and origins a close secret.

Name: Loreih
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Commander (Alien)
Available Info: Very little is known about this Aenar other than her constant presence near Fleet Captain Perim.

Name: Rellir i-Ra'tleihfi t'Lhaihtrha
Affiliation: Romulan Star Empire
Rank: Khre'Riov
Available Info: Daughter of the ambitious Senator N'alae i-Ra'tleihfi t'Lhaihtrha, this warbird commander is known to be chaotic and unpredictable. Her appointment to Khre'Riov was obviously a political one. It is rumored that her mother has her complete loyalty ... to a point
Name: Caspius Augustus
Affiliation: Romulan Star Empire
Rank: Diplomat (Officially: Military Advisor to the Romulan Ambassador)
Available Info: The son of the famed Romulan Defence Minister, Eustasius Augustus, and his wife, a Vulcan concubine named Velarra, Caspius has followed dutifully in his father's footsteps, and now serves as a high-ranking military advisor to the Romulan Ambassador. He has been involved in the development of weapon upgrades and significant military technological advancements, including weapon systems that could have the potential to target through cloaks and other distortion effects. These accomplishments, along with his own determined ambition, are responsible for his attaining some considerable political and military authority, in despite of his youth.
Name: Aurelia t'Veras
Affiliation: Romulan Underground
Rank: Demagogue
Available Info: Aurelia t'Veras was once an effective shadow agent in the Tal Shiar, snaring disloyal traitors and bringing them to justice, before an assignment to infiltrate and take down an underground religious movement affected her so deeply it caused her to change sides. Aurelia is now one of the foremost theologians, thinkers and assassins in the underground movement, and uses her Tal Shiar skills to disguise herself, travel to disparate Romulan worlds, evade capture, and build a network of disaffected plebeians and ambitious middle-class Houses to advance the cause of logic, inquiry and what she sees as the true destiny of all Romulans.

Name: Ahnar tr'Veras
Affiliation: Romulan Star Empire
Rank: Deceased
Available Info: Ahnar tr'Veras was a minor officer on a minor warbird, mostly due to his destitute House and lack of decent status. None of that protected him when his sister Aurelia left the Tal Shiar to become a prophet, and he was arrested along with the rest of House s'Veras and died in a re-education camp.

Name: Julia Helstone
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Captain, ISS Greyheart
Available Info: When Captain Julia Helstone's husband and baby daughter, Mollie, were killed by the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance, Helstone was inspired to become one of the 38th Battle Fleet's most effective closers, sporting a very nice record of ambitious and near-perfect victories against the Alliance -- as well as dozens of lovers of either gender left in her bloody wake. Word has it that she's said she'll find a way to live until every last Klingon is dead... and her visits to the medical and cybernetics labs support that theory.
Name: Noah Pailes
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Captain, ISS Tisiphone
Available Info: Son of Admiral Jason Pailes and Captain Jade Pailes, two skilled officers in the Empire who ascended through the ranks due to their ruthlessness and skill in engineering and sciences. It seems that the abilities are genetic, as their son is one of the most tact, skillful and ruthless officers in the 38th Battle Fleet with extremely good engineering abilities that he puts to use quite often. He is known for combining technologies scavenged from other vessels and types of weaponry to create more efficient and deadly weaponry for his ship. He puts anyone who dares to defy him in their place and has escaped assassination several times. Word has it that he has tried to augment himself several times to increase his mental capacity for out matching other officers, although none of these attempts have succeeded.
Name: Alicia Andersson
Affiliation: Herself
Rank: N/A
Available Info: Not being afforded the privileges of status that the Alicia we know has had, mirror Alicia never had an implant installed. As such she has no correction for her Nystagmus and terrible vision. Having spent most of her life fending for herself she has become adept at utilising what she does have - her rare Albino colouring - becoming an object (or, more accurately, 'paid companion' or 'escort') of interest to a discerning and rich few persons. These days she is to be found looking generally elegant, if perhaps overly-made-up and in her spare time trains hard to make sure she has the perfect body and is well practiced in Judo, should someone attempt to lay an unwelcome hand upon her.
Name: Sirena Djaniss
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Captain
Available Info: Serving in the Empire for years, Sirena assisted a shipmate in a mutiny aboard the ISS Wounded Knee, overthrowing their captain. Sirena's Shipmate, Marida Harper, took over as captain and made Sirena the 1st officer. After serving in many engagements, Marida was promoted by Imperial Command, acquiring her own small task force in the process. Sirena as a reward to her loyalty, was given the command of the Wounded Knee and assigned a place within the Task Force, having proven herself despite her alien heritage of being a Xindi.

Sirena now serves in the 38th Battle fleet, having been transferred during standard fleet shuffling, though some parts whisper she still remains loyal to her former captain, as they both continue to plot means of advancement in the Imperial Hierarchy.

Name: T'Pemi Carter
Affiliation: None (mercenary currently in the employ of the Romulans)
Rank: N/A
Available Info: Having been born of a lowly Terran officer and a Vulcan woman, T'Pemi was rejected her whole life by Terran society as a dirty half-breed. After abandonment by her father, T'Pemi and her mother tried surviving on Vulcan and succeed for a few years before her mother tragically passed away due to illness. Taken in by one of rare sympathetic Terran families, T'Pemi continued to be an outsider in her community until at the age of 16 she ran away.

Having spent some time roaming the Alpha Quadrant- running afoul of both criminals and the authorities alike- T'Pemi soon fell in with the crew of the pirate ship Aurora, who quickly recognized her value and trained her on how to survive. By age 19 T'Pemi was a ruthless pirate like her crewmates. As part of her initiation she had to duel a fellow initiate to the death, a fight made easier by her natural strength and endurance bonuses provided to her by her Vulcan heritage. T'Pemi won, killing her opponent and becoming a full member of the crew.

T'Pemi is still on the Aurora, serving as weapons specialist. The Aurora and its crew are one of a handful of outsider ships employed by the Romulans in order to help maintain its isolation, preying on any ships that may stray too close to their territory.

Name: Steven DePoe
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Major
Available Info: The commander of Marine units on the ISS Wounded Knee, Major DePoe is a ruthless if a somewhat inefficient commander. Having avoided fault in several inquiries of incompetence, the Major has somehow managed to become the commander of a Marine unit despite many saying he shouldn't even command a garbage collection detail. Rumors of him bribing, threatening, and even sleeping his way to the top circulate quietly through the ranks of his men, despite the Major's effort to squash such dissent through torture and even executions. However the Major seems to have the full confidence of Captain Djaniss (who some claim is having an affair with the Major) so for now it seems the Major's position is under no threat of being overturned.
Name: Atherton Calthorpe
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Admiral (posthumous dishonorable discharge).
Available Info: Deceased.

Name: Vance
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Civilian (Alien)
Available Info: Missing, presumed dead. Last seen in the custody of the Alliance.

Name: Knight
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Not listed
Available Info: Where Loreih goes, so too is her shadow. Knight reports only to the Fleet Captain.

Name: S'Tev i-Ra'tleihfi t'Lhaihtrha
Affiliation: Romulan Star Empire
Available Info: Father of the ambitious Senator N'alae i-Ra'tleihfi t'Lhaihtrha. Utterly loyal to the Romulan people and rumored to be utterly ruthless in the execution of any operation he sees beneficial to his House.
Name: Lauren Varley
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Captain
Available Info: Commanding officer of the I.S.S. Magistrate, Manticore class.
Born to a family with a history of Imperial officers, Lauren Varley is known to be as patriotic as she is determined, and anyone who has ever served under her command will be quick to note how paranoid about her personal security she is. In fact, she is almost always shadowed by at least two security personnel, the identities of which are masked by combat armour (though they are always clearly identifiable Imperial soldiers). Her obvious paranoia has resulted in a perhaps slow but absolutely steady rise through the ranks of the Empire over the twenty five years of her service. In some cases, when the Magistrate receives new crew, ambitious young officers mistake her paranoia for foolishness. Lauren likes things this way, as it provides her with a constant supply of examples to remind her crew why she is in charge.