Parallax (April 5th - 7th)


On another dimensional plane, exists a parallel universe often described as being a mirror of our own. In this Mirror Universe, alternate versions of many of us may exist, leading radically different lives. When every choice we make is a potential fork in the road, there's no telling how each of our lives may have turned out under a different set of circumstances. A harsh dictator might exist as a freedom fighter. An vocal pacifist might exist as a sociopathic murderer. It's also possible that some of us were never even born.

In the Mirror Universe, Earth is the center of the Terran Empire. The Imperial Starfleet is a ruthless organization, which condones torture and murder, that rules over a large portion of the galaxy with an iron fist. Non-Terrans are generally considered second-class citizens, at best. While some may be allowed to join Starfleet, very few ever manage any significant advancement.

The Terran Empire remains in a persistent state of war with the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance. Despite offering far more opportunities and freedoms to its 'alien' member races, the Alliance's treatment of Terrans (and those loyal to them) is little better than the Terrans themselves would show any other 'aliens'. While still a major power in the galaxy, the Alliance has lost a significant portion of its territory to the resurgence of the Terran Empire in recent years.

Little is known about the status of the Romulans, except that they control a sizeable portion of space, and remain fairly isolated from the rest of the galaxy. Their technology is rumored to be at least on par with the Terrans and the Alliance, but direct confrontations have been few and far between. Some believe the Romulans are a myth, long since died out. On the other hand, the more informed (and possibly, the more paranoid), seem convinced that the Romulans are still out there... just waiting for the right time to strike.

When: April 5 - April 7

Where: The Mirror Universe

What: A slight break from reality. (even if it is a fictional reality)

OOC point of contact: Any Staff

Beginning at the start of alpha shift on Friday, April 5th, the fleet holdings will be reserved for Mirror Universe RP. The event is not limited to the Terran Empire. Everyone is free to determine which faction, if any, their character is affiliated with (and it doesn't have to be the same as the prime universe!). The overall event will wrap up at the start of delta shift on Sun, April 7th.

The fleet starbase will be Battle Station Argo, headquarters of the Imperial 38th Battle Fleet. The embassy will be reserved for use by members of the Mirror Romulan faction. The ZP/KDF starbase will be available to Alliance characters, though members should feel free to set up Alliance-based RP in any other location accessible by their OOC faction (KDF starship bridge, anyone?!).

Please note: This entire event takes place in the Mirror Universe and is entirely separate from Argo's normal RP. There will be no crossovers, and our regular prime universe characters will remain completely unaware of anything that happens during this event. If you have any questions about this, please contact an admin or moderator for clarification.
Mirror Universe Characters

To help make the most of this event, this thread is being left open for anyone who wants to make a brief post of who their characters are in the mirror universe! Ideally, this'll be info that we can all use ICly, so we can dive right into the event with shortened introductions. I'll post my own characters below as an example to help get things started. Feel free to post about your characters, if you're interested, even if you/they won't be able to make the event!

Available Info:

For those of you who were present last year, this is the perfect opportunity to tell us what your character's been up to, since then.

Please note: Argo's usual Character and Story Policy is suspended for the duration of this event. The only restrictions are as follows:

  • You may not RP as your prime universe character in our mirror universe setting.
  • Be considerate of others. (ie. if more than one person wants the same position, talk it out and find a compromise.)
  • Resolve conflicts OOCly; avoid godmoding. (In a setting where things like assassinations and torture are commonplace, it's doubly important to make sure you're not forcing someone else's character in a direction that player doesn't want to go.)
  • Don't be a %*#&.

Have fun!
Name: Neema Perim
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Admiral
Available Info: Commander of the 38th Battle Fleet. She rose through the ranks very quickly, despite her Trill heritage. By all accounts, her attitudes and mannerisms are as close to Terran as an alien can hope for, and she's reported to be incredibly effective and utterly ruthless in the execution of her missions. Rumors about her meteoric rise to the admiralty range from the very common, "She's sleeping her way to the top", to the more outlandish, "She employs a secret order of telepathic aliens to stay one step ahead of her Terran competitors". Evidently most Terrans are unwilling to consider the possibility that an alien could simply be an exceptional officer.

Since the apparent death of Admiral Altais three years ago, Admiral Perim has dutifully stepped into the vacant role and led the fleet. Rather than keep an office at fleet headquarters, Perim prefers to lead from the front aboard her flaship, the ISS Betazed. A number of high-ranking officers initially objected to a Trill being allowed to keep such an important posting, but such dissent tended to 'mysteriously' cease after only a short period.

Name: James Kermit
Affiliation: Civilian
Rank: N/A
Available Info: Not every Terran was liberated when O'Brien began his revolution on Terok Nor. Kermit grew up in an Alliance labor camp on Qo'nos, and records of his life and activities until very recently are spotty at best.

Kermit's periodic visits to Battlestation Argo, trading interesting and valuable goods and services for Latinum, have even become something to look forward to, for many of those stationed aboard. At the very least, most seem to tolerate the distraction of his presence.

Name: Seres Avlin
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Lieutenant
Available Info: Lieutenant Seres is a relatively new addition to the security staff of Battle Station Argo. Despite decent performance reviews, her Bajoran heritage and an apparent lack of ruthlessness has effectively stalled her career.

Name: Kirina t'Nalah
Affiliation: Tal Shiar
Rank: Major
Available Info: A vocal proponent of Romulan isolationism, this Tal Shiar Major specializes in ensuring public loyalty. In addition to her 'hands-on' work, she often serves in advisory roles to politicians and high-ranking Naval Officers.
Name: 'Saul Williams'
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Captain
Available Info: Captain of the I.S.S. Akagi-B. After being cleared of several investigations by the Inquisitors of the Empire for having no part in the death of Admiral Desmone, Captain Williams has spent most of the last year carrying out hit and run attacks on major Alliance shipping lanes. He's also claimed responsibility for the destruction of two Klingon Regent Negh'vars and of a Cardassian shipyard. He has reportedly grown out of his meek shell he had when originally transferred into the Battlefleet.

Name: Rachael Young
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Commander
Available Info: Doctor Young is the Chief Medical Officer onboard the ISS Scharnhorst following the death of the previous Chief Medical Officer in an apparent heart attack.
Name: Laro Nazair
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Staff Sergeant
Available Info: Hailing from a colony world of hardy settlers, the Bajoran noncommissioned officer Laro Nazair is a tough and dependable member of Battlestation Argo's tactical response team. He has a long service record with just one remarkable feature: he has never once bitten the hand that feeds him.

Name: KLIN_ZHA_MASTER (alias)
Affiliation: Klingon-Cardassian Alliance
Rank: Unknown
Available Info: The identity of the Alliance propagandist who publishes under the pseudonym "KLIN_ZHA_MASTER" is a secret highly sought-after by Terran intelligence. While it has been proposed that the prolific output of this persona might be the work of a distributed network of writers, authorship analysis software continues to indicate that the body of work published under this name is, in fact, the work of a single individual. Often cited as inspiration by captured Alliance soldiers and agents, "KLIN_ZHA_MASTER" is considered a threat to the security of the Terran Empire and a priority target for identification and elimination.

Name: Sivath
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Slave
Available Info: DECEASED
name: Duncan McLean
affiliation: Terran Empire
rank: Captain
available info: Captain McLean has led a bloody and prolific military career. He commands the ISS Duart, a dreadnought class vessel that has earned a reputation for ruthless conquest. Captain McLean quickly rose to command after his previous commanding officers were judged to be too weak to carry out the Duart’s missions, and he has maintained his position, despite his young age, by allowing open challenges. One who believes that they are more fit to lead may challenge the Captain to single combat, armed with their choice of melee weapon. All challengers to this day have failed. His warship has been assigned to bolster the 38th battlefleet.

(OOC, if anyone wants to be stationed aboard this ship they are more than welcome, just let me know :-))
Name: Kawamori Tadashi
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Rear Admiral UH
Available Info: Kawamori hails from the Terran Imperial Province World of Tsubasa II which is a predominantly Xeno-free colony prided on being built up and maintained without any xeno slave labor on the surface. Various Emperors and Empress' throughout Imperial history have labeled the city of Hayate Valley as a favorite vacation spot and as such the city is dominated by a classical palace intended for visits from the Imperial family. Notably both Empress Sato and Emperor Georgiou before their reigns ended built homes that are still around as tourist destinations. Tadashi grew up inspired to serve those families and quickly became an officer recognized for his enthusiasm by Admirals.. almost to the point where they ensured he was sent to successively difficult locations where Alliance forces may end up killing him.... and he kept coming back for more. Some Admirals are smart to be wary of him as they know eventually he'll get Imperial leadership attention, and their positions will be in danger. After briefly being involved in Battlestation 13 a year back, he went on in the past year to cut a swath through Klingon-Alliance and Romulan border spaces in the Beta Quadrant and is now a minor sector Admiral a few blocks from where BS13 resides.

Some think he'd like to have command of that sector too...

((Likely will be Sir-Not-Appearing-in-this-event, but he exists))

Name: Shinwa Rumiho
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Lieutenant
Available Info: The daughter of Captain Kawamori and a rather devious young woman. Her age is normally one for cadets of the Imperial Starfleet but she has used every resource, whether it is her father's success, her mother's notorious weapon designs, or her own insatiable knowledge to skip levels and commission faster than usual. Though some of her rank and position is classically derived by removing weaker officers formally holding those roles, advancing her own position, she also come by a lot of it naturally due to intelligence, skill, and cunning. In fact she has a rather atypically small amount of blood lust and is more well known for gaining favor without directly killing people (though some have certainly died by consequence of her actions later). Though it can be hard to determine at times which are the things to be more wary about. She constantly analyzes a situation and is a favorite of her superiors whom often expect ideas from her. She is a highly sought after officer for Captains to have on their crews as a Captain that can utilize such a rising star well could get good recognition themselves.. maybe even advantage over her own father...

Rumiho in the past year teamed up with an Imperial soldier who commanded a group of Terran Marines (equiv. to Prime MACOs) to gain the advantages of someone commanding highly trained soldiers. The two were married some months ago and serve on the same ship now. As much as Rumiho plays games with her influence, it seems the two of them really do act as a team in their machinations.

Name: Shinwa Tsurugi
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Major
Available Info: Terran marine unit commander. He leads of team of roughly 10 soldiers in a strike unit that has had a good record against Alliance held targets.. in space or on the ground. Encountered then Lt. Kawamori Rumiho after a recent command transfer and the two realized how beneficial a mutual relationship would go and teamed up to help steadily advance each other's goals. Ultimately they became more than just partners and were married recently. This also serves as an excuse to keep them in the same assignments. While officially Rumiho has no power of Tsurugi's soldiers... many aware of her assume she has significant pull with her husband's troops. He likewise benefits from her prestige and her connections to her family even though his wife uses his family name now.

His accomplishments in combat are owed more for his rank than removing weaker leaders.. but unlike his wife who prefers a subtler touch, Tsurugi won't hesitate to find new sheathes for his knife if the situation calls for it.

Name: Lothos & Alina Mandra
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Civilian
Available Info: She hasn't been seen in a while.. but the famed mad scientist supposedly had a falling out with her creation Lothos (a psychotic symbiont turned mind-uploaded sentient computer). Lothos may be in full control of her actions now, but it is impossible to be sure. He is slowly gathering influence somewhere unseen. The only thing that is sure is that when it comes to Alina, if Lothos truly has enslaved her... then the mighty have fallen, and fallen hard.

((Unlikely to make any major appearance unless I write her into an event))
Name: Victoria Callahan
Affiliation: Terran Empire, Imperial Starfleet Marine Corps
Rank: Master Sergeant
Available Info: Some people take being called a 'blunt instrument' as an insult. Victoria wears it as a badge of pride. So long as she is the blunt instrument hammering the enemies of the Empire into the dirt she will put up with a few less than kind words. Just be careful not to say them within arms reach...

Name: Sii'Yasha Yira
Affiliation: Sh'Varan Slavers Guild
Rank: Apex
Available Info: There are two kinds of beings in the galaxy: predator and prey. Sii'Yasha Yira, Apex of the Sh'Varan slave ship Bastet, knows full well what she is, and it is her genuine pleasure to inform those around her just where they rank in the natural order. That she can turn a tidy profit doing so is a happy coincidence.

Name: Liraena T'Ecuni
Affiliation: Herself
Rank: 'Privateer'
Available Info: Years ago Liraena was a capricious youth, ready to follow her mother into an honorable career in service to the Star Empire. But then her mother was lost, her house collapsed, and Liraena learned the hard way that anything given can be taken away. With an acquired distaste for empires and heroes Liraena fights for the only cause that matters: herself.

Name: Kaeni D'Kyron
Affiliation: Romulan Star Empire
Rank: Senator
Available Info: Calling for intervention in the unchallenged onslaught of the Terran war machine, Kaeni finds herself often at odds with the Romulan establishment. As the head of House Kyron Kaeni spends her days gathering allies and searching for those who, like her, see the threat that Terra presents.

Name: D'Kera Mandukar
Affiliation: Romulan Star Empire
Rank: Civilian
Available Info: D’Kera and her husband Siras run a small flower shop on the colony world of Brea III.
Name: Steven DePoe
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Lieutenant
Available Info: Having been disgraced during a botched operation where he was partly at fault, partly the fall man, Lieutenant DePoe was demoted from Major and transferred to a penal battalion. He now serves the Empire in a sort of cannon-fodder capacity, though he's managed to survive thus far...

Name: Sirena Djaniss
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Captain
Available Info: Still commanding the ISS Wounded Knee, Captain Djaniss is currently operating in another sector and no longer under direct 38th Battle Fleet authority.
(Probably won't be seen in person).

Name: T'Pemi Carter
Affiliation: Mercenary
Rank: Mercenary
Available Info: Current status unknown
(Probably won't be seen in person unless something changes).

Name: Ashley Leeig
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Captain (Marines)
Available Info: Joined to a symbiont just the year previously, Ashley Leeig (formerly, Terik) is a captain in the Imperial Marines, and the XO to Shinwa Tsurugi. She achieved this feat, despite barely being outside cadet age herself by proving she could match the ability and ferocity of her past life, thus allowing her rapid promotion from a 2nd lt. straight out of OCS to that of Captain. Of course not all are happy with this appointment (there are rumors she may have threatened, slept, or intimidated some to allow the promotion to go through). Because of this, the ambitious young woman is constantly on the lookout for attempts to topple her before she becomes a threat, and like many officers, is always seeking advancement.
Name: Beylara Ailes
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Inquisitor
Available Info: Currently an Inquisitor of the Empire, seeking out and eliminating disloyal officer (or anyone, really). It is rumored that she has alliances, and that her lust for bloody entertainment makes her voracious in her search for those unworthy of their positions. After the rather dramatic death of a slave suspected of having part in the death of a high-ranking officer a year ago, Ailes departed Battlestation Argo aboard an unusual vessel that has traveled a unique route over the last year. Her stops have often resulted in either a lack of the Inquisitor's presence altogether, or an investigation often ending in blood.

There was never a doubt, not even in rumor, that she would return, once more, to Battlestation Argo. So much disloyalty, an Inquisitor could spend years there and never grow bored.

Name: Cyrene Mavil
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade
Available Info: A quiet, shy Trill to outsiders, she has procured individual quarters for herself, a feat surprising to those who knew her. It was thought it was to store her animal collection, but while chirps and whistles are often heard from inside the walls, sometimes sounds that come from humanoids escape the room.

Her ability to heal is exceptional, but unknown, thus far. She is newly arrived to Battlestation Argo, and has no friends, allies or help. Experimentation leads to success, but her questionable methods leave her open to criticism.

Name: Niya
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Slave
Available Info: Originally a slave aboard the I.S.S. Templar, Niya's unusual species and looks bring often unwanted attention. Now that she has been given status and position as a bodyguard on the Templar, she is more willing to defend herself from such attention.

As time has passed, now Quint has requested she utilize her ability to stir others into particular views into outright propaganda on his behalf...

Name: Mittens
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: N/A
Available Info: Deceased
Name: Minabi Rose Derix
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Captain
Available Info: Known to be a pleasant and almost mild-mannered woman who treats her close associates well she nevertheless has a reputation for going off the rails occasionally in spectacular fashion which helped earn her the command and kept her in "good" standing for so long. Known to have non-Terran associates and treat those with respect, too, one of the reasons she is mistrusted and has been sent on various supposed kamikaze missions. She has survived all of them, much to the dismay of some of the higher ranking officers in the Empire.

Known to have three bodyguards, that alternate shifts around her which are said to be a large factor of her survivability. They are three diminutive, androgynous beings who almost perfectly blend into the background on any given occasion. They are almost identical to each other, making it hard to distinguish between them and take shifts guarding the Captain. Not much is publicly known about them, including their origins or why they stay with Derix. They are ruthless and efficient in dealing with threats to Captain Derix and even the suggestion of bribes has resulted in some rather unpleasant action taken against the offending individuals.

They appear about just under 5 feet tall, diminutive in stature, wearing a black Uniform variant covering the entire body. Their skin is a midnight blue color, with their hair being raven black.
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Name: Dmitri 'Strong-arm' Konieczko

Affiliation: Terran Empire

Rank: Captain

Available Info: Captain of Battlestation Argo. Having assumed control on the orders of then Commodore Desimone after Captain Nimitz was removed from power, Captain Konieczko has been ruling commanding with an iron-fist. Literally so. Following an incident on the front-lines while he was in command of the I.S.S. Bloodletting the Captain was unfortunate enough to lose an arm and had a metallic prosthetic grafted on. It has since been upgraded to include an array of explosives and a deadman's switch to ward off any would be assassins.

Following the purge of labor in 2417, Captain Konieczko has been working to rebuild a new, loyal working force on his battle station. Frequently rotating out the unskilled or 'trouble' while keeping those that are either too valuable to lose or 'truly broken'. He has continued the extended R&D for a new super weapon to deploy to the Terran front lines.

He has made a point to not replace the fish in the promenade fish tank.
Name: Soalina zh'Lindresko
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Commander
Available Info: Despite being a competent physician, following the apparent death of Admiral Altais, zh'Lindresko was usurped from her position as Chief Medical Officer of Battle Station Argo due to her hybrid status. Skilled with a scalpel and excelling in investigatory torture alongside her career in medical science, she often finds herself nearing the wrong end of an agony phaser following numerous attempts at unauthorized experimentation on living test subjects; often those with residence aboard the Battle Station. She's known for her cynically positive attitude and eerie sense of humour.

Name: Coby Morton
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Commodore
Available Info: Deceased?
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Name: Dactylus Jekk
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Commander
Available Info: The mysterious Saurian inquisitor of Battle Station Argo. Loyalty to the empire is paramount. Dissension is forbidden. Years ago rumors spread that he was only loyal to Admiral Altais, after his apparent death, the Saurian became reclusive. Despite this, those who whisper of betraying the empire still vanish the same day.
Name: Gregory Lestrade
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Colonel
Available Info:This MACO protects the station with an iron fist from internal, and external threats. He is rarely seen out of his armor.
Name: Sarah Jackson
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Fleet Captain
Available Info: Once Captain to Admiral Altais Flagship the ISS Janus leading the Eclipse battle-group before it was disbanded. She now serves in the 38th Battle fleet still in command of the Janus.
Name: Eli Altais
Affiliation: Himself
Rank: N/A
Available Info: The haunting of Deck 12
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Name: Mi'shune sh'Sonora
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: None (Bounty Hunter)
Available Info: After the incident at Starbase Argo, Mi'shune sh'Sonora quit her contract with Admiral Perim and went out on her own. She barely got by on minor bounties for both sides of the conflict, keeping mere steps ahead of disgruntled officers from the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance and the Terran Empire alike. Now with payments running behind on her Stalker Fighter and bill collectors on her ass, she returns in search of more gainful employment.

Name: V'lol
Affiliation: Klingon-Cardassian Alliance
Rank: None (Civil Rights Activist)
Available Info: V'lol narrowly escaped death during the incident at Starbase Argo. Now as a dissenter, she is wanted throughout the Terran Empire. She faces torture and execution if she is found and captured, but she makes incursions into the Terran Empire to encourage others to participate in rebellion. Usually travels in disguise, with well made falsified identification marking her as a Vulcan trader.

Name: Taev i'Luruth tr'Khellian
Affiliation: Romulan Empire
Rank: Subcommander
Available Info: A marine in the Romulan Imperial Navy and embassy guard. Known for two things; drinking and brawling, both which is does extremely well.

Name: Heras of Hfifar
Affiliation: Romulan Empire
Rank: None (Slave)
Available Info: A psychic thrall in the service of the Romulans. Little more than a slave, but yearns to be free.
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Name: Red Hornet
Affiliation: Pirate working for the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance
Rank: Captain
Available Info: Little is known of Red Hornet's history before she took command of Raven's Claw, a ship that was part of the pirate fleet operating in the no-man land between the Terran Empire and Klingon-Cardassian Alliance in the Donatu Sector. After the fleet was finally crushed by the Terran Empire forces from their base in the Aldebaran Sector, Red Hornet has gathered the survivors and pledged her services to the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance. From her hidden base in the Briar Patch, Red Hornet has started launching raids on Terran shipping and outposts in the Orion, Risa and Aldebaran sectors.

Name: Sadia Cynis
Affiliation: Merchant for Cynis Caju
Rank: Magren
Available Info: While not operating as a certain pirate, Sadia uses her official cover as a businesswoman for the orion Caju (family business/corporation) to gather information and undermine Terran influence in whatever subtle ways are available. Professional and unassuming, Sadia plies her merchant trade wherever she's allowed within Terran space and beyond, building her network of business partners, acquaintances and spies.
Name: T'irin
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Captain (Alien)
Available Info: Captain of the ISS Indomitable, this Vulcan keeps her history and origins a close secret. Both she and the Indomitable are Missing in Action.

Name: Loreih
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Commander (Alien)
Available Info: Very little is known about this Aenar other than her constant presence near Admiral Perim.

Name: Rellir i-Ra'tleihfi t'Lhaihtrha
Affiliation: Romulan Star Empire
Rank: Khre'Riov
Available Info: Daughter of the ambitious Senator N'alae i-Ra'tleihfi t'Lhaihtrha, this warbird commander is known to be chaotic and unpredictable. Her appointment to Khre'Riov was obviously a political one. It is rumored that her mother and grandfather have her complete loyalty. It is also rumored that she has allied herself with the mysterious Daegnus.
Name: Aev i'Rhynne
Affiliation: Tal'Shiar
Rank: Unknown
Available Info: Aev's parents and several of his older siblings were highly active in the underground Artaleirhin Independence Movement. In 2406 elements of the Imperial Garrison on Artaleirh attempted a coup. The attempt was nearly successful, but was ultimately defeated when Imperial reinforcements arrived before the orbital facilities could be secured. Aev's father and older brother, mid level officers, were arrested and executed by the Tal'Shiar in the aftermath. Aev, then 10, was taken into Tal'Shiar custody.

Further records are not widely available, but what little there is suggests Aev underwent training at an unspecified Tal'Shiar facility. Those with proper access would be aware the boy was trained to infiltrate similar movements on other Romulan colonies. His efforts have led to the arrest of several high level traitors over the past decade. Rumors within the Tal'Shiar says he's fiercely loyal to the Tal'Shiar officer that trained him.

Aev was on assignment when he was alerted to Captain Konieczko's upcoming purge in 2417. After a period of hasty preparation with several other assets and his own command a plan to rescue as many of the purge victims as possible was implemented, and his original mission was delayed. After a successful extraction Aev moved onto an assignment deep in Imperial Space while the status of his cover identity was assessed. A second chance at his original mission is forthcoming.

Name: Ulrich Stern
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Ensign
Available Info: Ulrich, following his older brother's path, entered the Imperial Academy as soon as he was able. His time at the Academy has been largely uneventful, and he's known as a rather quiet person who's motivations are difficult to pin down. He social circle is entirely human, and he's been known to have an outright hostile attitude towards any aliens.

A fresh ensign, Stern is a member of the battlestation's communications staff. The young officer has yet to make any kind of name for himself.

Name: Esca Aloran
Affiliation: Alliance
Rank: Commander
Available Info: Following the orbital bombardment of Tesr by Imperial Forces Esca joined the Alliance. Serving a role in the Alliance similar to that of a Terran Inquisitor, Esca is known for his utter ruthlessness and complete lack of mercy with anyone even remotely associated with the Terran Empire. Rumors are the man is on a quest for the Terran Commander responsible for the bombardment that killed his spouse.

Name: Dandin Strand
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Commander
Available Info: Dandin has spent his entire career in various close protection details. He's built up a reputation around his ability to keep those he protects safe from the myriad of attempts common in the Empire.

Commander Strand was transferred to Sol after a successful tour of duty on Battlestation Argo.
Name:Emery Quint
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Rear Admiral
Available Info: Quint is a well and widely known 'Zealot' of the Empire, he has a talent for raising the masses into a fanatic frenzy, even non humans. Having personally overseen the destruction of enemy strongholds and worlds. Conquest was the order of his early career, often eradicating millions if a world failed to yield to the expanding Terran Empire. After a point he became bored at the fact that the arrival of the ISS Templar in orbit, along with its battle group, was often enough to secure a target.

As a Rear Admiral Quint has become a more widely spoken of officer. His views on the Empire and discipline are spoken of often, while strange no one can argue the results. Any officer in the Templar's batle group can be seen in very pristine looking uniforms and each seems to wear a personal agonizer. There are even non humans in the ranks of these officers, all fanatically loyal, at least in appearance.

Recently the Emperor himself ordered Quint to destroy a would be rival plotting their own ascension to the Throne. The battle was rumored to be short lived, and ended with Quint and this would be Emperor fighting in a duel on the bridge of the Templar. The fools head was gifted to the Emperor personally, and Quint now possess all the ships that had rallied to the fool's cause. Curiously none of them were damaged, but none of their crews survived.
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Name: Jung 'Eunha' Eunbi
Affiliation: Alpha Imperium
Rank: N/A
Available Info: To those who know her, Eunha is a cold hearted, ruthless and cocky intelligence officer working under the command of the Alpha Imperium, or simply the Imperium as it's citizens say. She works directly under the two 'princesses' as she calls them, it is believed by those in the Imperium that she was sent to Argo to scout out the Terran Empire, learn of any weaknesses and strengths and Look for essential targets. However no one on board of Argo knows this, too them she is just a simple civilian 'trader' passing through the station trying to sell some of her goods. [/table][/td]

Name: Rose Hanson
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Commander
Available Info: The Chief of Operations rules her department with an iron fist. She keeps order everywhere, ensuring chaos does not ensue. Any who try to oppose her don't tend to have the best of luck. She remains loyal to the empire and ensures all that work under her do too.

Name: Henry Jarnefelt
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Ensign
Available Info: Unlike his Sister Charlotte Henry has always followed the empire. He was apart of the group of security officers that apprehended Charlotte Jarnefelt and executed her and her little resistance cell. Henry felt no remorse for her and has actually been heard several times that he enjoyed killing his sister because of her disgusting treacherous activites.

Name: Elora Galanodel
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Available Info: She is completely insane in every way. When she was just four years old she watched as her parents were killed by explosive devices. She laughed watching them die and this is where she found her love for all things explosive. After many years she slowly became more and more crazy but her expertise with explosives is second to none and thus she was kept on as a tactical officer aboard the ISS Legacy under Captain Se'Lai - And she can't wait to host a tea party for everyone!!!!