Parallax (March 31 - April 2)


On another dimensional plane, exists a parallel universe often described as being a mirror of our own. In this Mirror Universe, alternate versions of many of us may exist, leading radically different lives. When every choice we make is a potential fork in the road, there's no telling how each of our lives may have turned out under a different set of circumstances. A harsh dictator might exist as a freedom fighter. An vocal pacifist might exist as a sociopathic murderer. It's also possible that some of us were never even born.

In the Mirror Universe, Earth is the center of the Terran Empire. The Imperial Starfleet is a ruthless organization, which condones torture and murder, that rules over a large portion of the galaxy with an iron fist. Non-Terrans are generally considered second-class citizens, at best. While some may be allowed to join Starfleet, very few ever manage any significant advancement.

The Terran Empire remains in a persistent state of war with the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance. Despite offering far more opportunities and freedoms to its 'alien' member races, the Alliance's treatment of Terrans (and those loyal to them) is little better than the Terrans themselves would show any other 'aliens'. While still a major power in the galaxy, the Alliance has lost a significant portion of its territory to the resurgence of the Terran Empire in recent years.

Little is known about the status of the Romulans, except that they control a sizeable portion of space, and remain fairly isolated from the rest of the galaxy. Their technology is rumored to be at least on par with the Terrans and the Alliance, but direct confrontations have been few and far between. Some believe the Romulans are a myth, long since died out. On the other hand, the more informed (and possibly, the more paranoid), seem convinced that the Romulans are still out there... just waiting for the right time to strike.

When: March 31st - April 2nd:
Friday, 31 March "Least Resistance" @ gamma
Saturday 1 April "Prototype" @ beta
Saturday 1 April "Convoy Raid" @ beta+2 (Alliance/Terran)
Saturday 1 April "TBA" @ gamma (Romulan)
Sunday 2 April "TBA" @ gamma
Plus lots of random RP in between!

Where: The Mirror Universe

What: A slight break from reality. (even if it is a fictional reality)

OOC point of contact: Any Admin or Moderator

Beginning at the start of gamma shift on Friday, March 31st, the fleet holdings will be reserved for Mirror Universe RP. The event is not limited to the Terran Empire. Everyone is free to determine which faction, if any, their character is affiliated with (and it doesn't have to be the same as the prime universe!). There will be four to six admin-organized events, with at least one focusing on each faction, in addition to all the casual and/or random MU-RP that's likely to occur all throughout the weekend. The overall event will wrap up at the end of gamma shift on Sunday, April 2rd.

The fleet starbase will be Battle Station Argo, headquarters of the Imperial 38th Battle Fleet. The embassy will be reserved for use by members of the Mirror Romulan faction. A specific location is not being designated for Alliance RP, but members should feel free to set up Alliance-based RP in any other location (KDF starship bridge, anyone?!).

Please note: This entire event takes place in the Mirror Universe and is entirely separate from Argo's normal RP. There will be no crossovers, and our regular prime universe characters will remain completely unaware of anything that happens during this event. If you have any questions about this, please contact an admin or moderator for clarification.

Mirror Universe Characters

To help make the most of this event, this thread is being left open for anyone who wants to make a brief post of who their characters are in the mirror universe! Ideally, this'll be info that we can all use ICly, so we can dive right into the event with shortened introductions. I'll post my own characters below as an example to help get things started. Feel free to post about your characters, if you're interested, even if you/they won't be able to make the event!

Available Info:

For those of you who were present last year, this is the perfect opportunity to tell us what your character's been up to, since then.

Please note: Argo's usual Character and Story Policy is suspended for the duration of this event. The only restrictions are as follows:

  • You may not RP as your prime universe character in our mirror universe setting.
  • Be considerate of others. (ie. if more than one person wants the same position, talk it out and find a compromise.)
  • Resolve conflicts OOCly; avoid godmoding. (In a setting where things like assassinations and torture are commonplace, it's doubly important to make sure you're not forcing someone else's character in a direction that player doesn't want to go.)
  • Don't be a %*#&.
Have fun!
Name: Neema Perim
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Admiral
Available Info: Commander of the 38th Battle Fleet. She rose through the ranks very quickly, despite her Trill heritage. By all accounts, her attitudes and mannerisms are as close to Terran as an alien can hope for, and she's reported to be incredibly effective and utterly ruthless in the execution of her missions. Rumors about her meteoric rise to the admiralty range from the very common, "She's sleeping her way to the top", to the more outlandish, "She employs a secret order of telepathic aliens to stay one step ahead of her Terran competitors". Evidently most Terrans are unwilling to consider the possibility that an alien could simply be an exceptional officer.

Since the apparent death of Admiral Altais last year, Admiral Perim has dutifully stepped into the vacant role and led the fleet. Rather than keep an office at fleet headquarters, Perim prefers to lead from the front aboard her flaship, the ISS Betazed. A number of high-ranking officers initially objected to a Trill being allowed to keep such an important posting, but such dissent tended to 'mysteriously' cease after only a short period.

Name: James Kermit
Affiliation: Civilian
Rank: N/A
Available Info: Not every Terran was liberated when O'Brien began his revolution on Terok Nor. Kermit grew up in an Alliance labor camp on Qo'nos, and records of his life and activities until very recently are spotty at best.

Kermit's periodic visits to Battlestation Argo, trading interesting and valuable goods and services for Latinum, have even become something to look forward to, for many of those stationed aboard. At the very least, most seem to tolerate the distraction of his presence.

Name: Kirina t'Nalah
Affiliation: Tal Shiar
Rank: Major
Available Info: A vocal proponent of Romulan isolationism, this Tal Shiar Major specializes in ensuring public loyalty. In addition to her 'hands-on' work, she often serves in advisory roles to politicians and high-ranking Naval Officers.

Name: Seres Avlin
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Lieutenant
Available Info: Lieutenant Seres is a relatively new addition to the security staff of Battle Station Argo. Despite decent performance reviews, her Bajoran heritage and an apparent lack of ruthlessness has effectively stalled her career.

Name: S'Slaask
Affiliation: N/A
Rank: N/A
Available Info: S'Slaask was a victim of a Terran Empire massacre of Gorn civilians on Cestus III, carried out by then-Captain Perim.
Name: Fiona Skye
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Captain
Available Info: Captain Fiona Skye serves aboard I.S.S. Paganini, an Odyssey class. as her C.O.
It has been said that she holds only the utmost contempt and seething hatred for non-terrans, some say this is was spurred her accent to command after her sister was apparently murdered by non-terrans.
Her mission reports always show a ruthless and merciless attitude when it comes to engagement, not backing down from a fight and never accepting surrender from any, unless ordered otherwise.

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Name: Gaelin Tal'Aura AKA Vaebn
Affiliation: Romulan Empire
Rank: Councillor
Available Info: The aristocratic son of two wealthy senators, Gaelin has learned the tricks of the trade when it comes to political maneouvering and the art of playing dirty to achieve great things. His dishonorable tactics have earned him the name of Vaebn from his enemies, though he keeps public approval up through philanthropy and even inventing.
Name: Linna Drei
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Commander
Available Info: The assistant chief medical officer on the Battle Station Argo, Linna is as nationalistic as she is talkative. Born and raised on Earth, Linna was able to experience less mistreatment from Terrans than other aliens, and quickly took the propaganda of the Terran Empire. As soon as she was able to, she rushed off and joined the military, and specifically joined the medical field in order to keep Imperial soldiers alive. Though the occasional experiment on a 'xeno' never hurts.
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((One more. Thank you Kermit for this idea.))
Name: Osiangli
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Commander
Available Info: There is only one good piece of advice when dealing with this Saurian. Don't ruffle his scales. The executive officer of Battle Station Argo, Commander Osiangli has gotten through the ranks of the Terran Empire as a xeno not through 'cleaning up after other's mistakes'. In his first few years of service he was able to orchestrate a riot on his ship, and got a field promotion to Lieutenant Commander when he assumed control to 'quell the rebellion'. Plotting, conniving, devious, all describe this mysterious lizard.
Name: Dmitri Konieczko
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Captain
Available Info: Captain of the I.S.S. Bloodletting an Avenger class vessel, and readily known by his crew as "Strong-Arm Konieczko." due to his savagery and significant loss of arm in a conflict with the Klingon-Cardassian alliance. As a result of this, his particular hatred of both Klingon and Cardassians has no limit that he has discovered yet.

His ship has been tasked of staying on the front lines of the war as a rapid assault vessel striking lone ships, colonies and acting as a thorn in the side of the Empire's enemies.
Name: Eli Altais
Affiliation: Himself
Rank: N/A
Available Info: After his apparent death all signs and whispers of Altais name disappeared along with his corpse.

Most recently after a slight power surge on Battle Station Argo a message appeared on most major terminals, 'Did you miss me?' Sending the rumour mill alight on who the message was from.

Name: Gregory Lestrade
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Colonel
Available Info:Still keeping his position on the station Lestrade has had a mostly quiet year though recently he's been looking into finding a worthy sucessor.
Name: Mathilda "Tilda" Zaldo
Affiliation:Terran Empire
Rank: Captain
Available Info: Tilda Zaldo's career within the Terran Empire started at the lowliest of positions, as a courtesan to the Terran Viceroy of Occupied Eledri. But she managed to lift herself up when she covertly reported a plot the Viceroy had to cede control of the disputed territory to the Alliance, and personally dispatched of the traitor and his allies among her own people.

For her loyalty to the Empire, she was allowed to hold rank and gain some level of status, despite her species. Eventually working her way to Executive Officer of the I.S.S. Discord. While not actually in command herself, many believe this is a mere pretense as the Discord's Captain is rarely aboard the bridge, or giving orders to the crew. Some say she possesses mind control, some say she's blackmailing him, or has poisoned him into illness. Others believe she has conducted a silent mutiny, and keeps the Captain prisoner. Most never ask her the truth, those that have, get their answer in the most brutal fashion.

Zaldo was promoted to the rank of Captain and given command of the I.S.S. Inquisition by Commodore Emery Quint.

Spoiler: Level 4 Imperial Clearance or above onlyShow

Special Note: Commander Zaldo possesses certain finely tuned psychic abilities as part of her genetic manipulation and augmentation, with Psychic and Thought manipulation chiefly among them. The indoctrination process in her case included training for these special skills, along with the standard loyalty assurance.

Zaldo continues to prove a loyal and able asset in our efforts to search for and eliminate enemies home and abroad. Reassignment to 38th Battlefleet for subjugation of 'cultures' in the new territories is suggested. Control of I.S.S. Discord will continue to be tolerated while she remains useful. 'Current' Captain Scott Forde remains alive, despite leadership failures, due to family ties to allies of the Imperial Court.
Name: Alistair Nimitz
Affiliation: Terran Empire(?)
Rank: Captain
Available Info: Not much is known about the reclusive Captain Nimitz, other then he is one of the few Captains in the Empire with a full alien crew, and almost all are loyal to him. His ship, the ISS Odin ((Guardian class Dreadnought)) was recently assigned to the Battlefleet after spending many years in the Unknown Regions.
Name: Nalah t'Feiahn
Affiliation: Romulan Imperial Navy
Rank: Subcommander
Available Info: A cold and shrewd woman. While her people tend to generally ignore the squabbles of the Terran Empire and the Alliance she likes to poke her head in to cause havoc for her own personal enjoyment. She took command of the IRW Aidoann after the ships former commander met with an accident (she was old anyway) and uses it to insert herself into the business of anyone she deems mildly interesting. An accomplished scientist with an interest of alien species, Nalah is known to experiment with DNA, even when the subjects are still awake. She is known to be rather rude in public as well and frowns a lot.

Name: Dr. Alina Mandra
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Civilian Scientist
Available Info: The original Dr. Mandra died several years back on the I.S.S. Galahad after the ship was destroyed by an intruder from the alternate universe. That event also caused the loss of her greatest creation, in which she reanimated the mind of her fallen comrade Christine "Tina" April as a functioning computer intelligence. However the research was far enough ahead that Alina had set up a method to make a backup copy of her mind that saved her elsewhere upon Galahad's destruction. To avoid the psychosis Tina suffered due to being a human mind inside of a network with no body, Dr. Mandra set out to create facsimile constructs, synthetic bodies she could arbitrarily move her mind between. She now continues her work and makes periodic updates to her bodies now that she is a digital consciousness in them. The Terran Empire long since utilizing her usefulness despite her never having commissioned into the military. Word is she advocates that everyone should upgrade like her, and has at times gone to lengths to show people the path to perfection regardless of their interests.

Name: Lothos
Affiliation: Terran Empire by proxy, Himself by choice
Rank: Sentient Computer, bound to Dr. Mandra typically ((read: he and her appear together ICly))
Available Info: While Dr. Mandra's greatest achievement was reviving 'Tina' April as a computer despite the unintended side effect of psychosis, it was not the first experiment in doing similar things. Before that came Lothos. Originally a Trill Symbiont that had won the right to subjugate Alina to it's pantheon of hosts, but Lothos despite his desire for knowledge detested the practice and his own form. Alina gave him another option. Lothos was transformed into her first Sentient Computer Hybrid Mainframe, elevating him beyond his aging and weak organic form. No longer relying on hosts he now had free digital reign. He allowed Alina to be his partner as he adjusted to the new life he had, often giving the impression she outright created and controlled him. It was funny to watch other Terran organics think like that. Lothos has a lot more pull than he'll admit, and he controls a lot more strings for Alina and others. He does this quietly however, enjoying the game. He's immortal and has all the time in the galaxy, he's willing to let the silly organics play for now.

Name: Kawamori Tadashi & Kawamori Rumiho
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Tadashi: Civilian Engineering Consultant, Rumiho: Captain of their ship the S.S. Garo
Available Info: Tadashi would have served the Empire by serving, but liked his chances of staying alive more as a civilian. He was far more interested in his design work on power systems, especially for ships and weapons. In here he found a way to serve the Empire all the same. He is tasked with designing new and inventive technologies for Terran Empire ships, especially if they bring swift death and subjugation to Alliance or any other lowly Xenos. Taking his talents on the go in a ship he popped around different battlestations for a while to help them shore up their abilities as the Empire slowly began to strengthen against the Alliance. During a stint on Earth he became enamored with a women named Kaname with whom he fathered a daughter. Tiring of the locale though he left Kaname but took his young daughter Rumiho with him. Years later Rumiho grew into her own as she realized her penchant for command of people and ships. Tadashi, more interested in his own work, gave her the freedom to exercise her skills and run their private vessel. Some of the crew objected to this idea. Those that remain of the original crew do not question why Rumiho despite her young age is an effective ship commander (the rest incidentally also learned why arguing with someone who had the controls for the cargo bay shields was a bad idea). Working together as a Father/Daughter duo, Rumiho commands the ship and Tadashi helps the Empire wherever they need them.
Name: Tamara Cren
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Commander (Alien)
Available Info: Deceased

Name: D'Nar Setaran
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Civilian (Alien)
Available Info: After being Captured by the Alliance she has gone missing, presumed dead.

Name: T'irin
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Captain (Alien)
Available Info: Captain of the ISS Indomitable, this Vulcan keeps her history and origins a close secret. Both she and the Indomitable are Missing in Action.

Name: Loreih
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Commander (Alien)
Available Info: Very little is known about this Aenar other than her constant presence near Admiral Perim.

Name: Rellir i-Ra'tleihfi t'Lhaihtrha
Affiliation: Romulan Star Empire
Rank: Khre'Riov
Available Info: Daughter of the ambitious Senator N'alae i-Ra'tleihfi t'Lhaihtrha, this warbird commander is known to be chaotic and unpredictable. Her appointment to Khre'Riov was obviously a political one. It is rumored that her mother and grandfather have her complete loyalty ... to a point. It is also rumored that she has allied herself with the mysterious Daegnus.

Name: Shiarrael t'Lhoell
Affiliation: Romulan Star Empire
Rank: Civilian
Available Info: Died at Birth.
Name: Trellain De Drowvani

Affiliation: Terran Empire

Rank: Captain

Available Info: Trellains mother was part of an experiment, to create a line of genetically modified Andorians, that could be bred quickly, and trained as shock troopers. When the results did not match expectations, her father, one of the overseers appointed to run Andor, took Trellains mother as a bodyguard, and consort. Trellain was born, and raised in the Drowvani stronghold on Andor, her mother making sure that she was raised in the indoctrination teachings of the empire, to keep her place in the household. When her mothers position was secure enough, she and Trellain arranged for a shuttle accident to befall her father, paving the way for their ascension to the Drowvani name, and holdings, after a brief, bloody purge. Trellain joined the Imperial academy soon after, her family name, and power shielding her from most of the terran xenophobia. Her ruthlessness, beauty, and ambition made her a natural for command, and she graduated top of her class, after her rival for the spot disappeared mysteriously. She used her charms on her first ships captain, winning the spot as Captain's woman, while also making a pet of the ships medical officer, as she plotted her eventual mutiny to take command. An attack by the Alliance, accelerated her plans, as the ships captain, as well as her pet Amy, died as the ship was boarded by Klingons. The loss of the only person she had ever felt any real affection, or trust with, enraged Trellain. After defeating the boarding party, and taking command, she cut a bloody swathe of revenge through the Klingon ships crew, capturing the vessel as a trophy for the empire. Her efforts, and persuasive charms, helped her ascend to the captains chair of a real warship, allowing her to perform a series of blitzkrieg attacks, all along the Klingon front of the Alliance. She transferred through several fleets, useing a mix of charm, subtlety, or brutality to rise up as high as she could, before moving on to the next stepping stone to more power. Upon arrival at DS13, she found herself drawn to the ruthless brutality of Cpt. Quint, helping with his scouring of several worlds, as his woman, before her tastes, and desire for power, outgrew their arrangement. Now in command of an advanced Yamato class dreadnought, Trellain's career seems to be reaching new heights. She uses her ships power to destroy the empires enemies, and other more subtle, yet deadly ways to wipe the board of her opponents, in the intrigues of Imperial politics.
Name: Elizabeth "Two of Five" Callahan
Affiliation: Terran Empire, Intelligence And Loyalty Division
Rank: Imperial Inquisitor
Available Info: Former Borg Drone. Current Terran Inquisitor and Loyalty Officer. Expert marksman. A fixture aboard Battle Station 13 since the assassination of the late Eli Altais by Verelan t'Veras, Inquisitor Callahan's duty is to the Empire, and she upholds her role with the convictions and efficiency of the Borg.

Name: Kaeni D'Kyron
Affiliation: Romulan Star Empire
Rank: Senator
Available Info: A rare interventionist in the Romulan political arena, Kaeni has spent her political career warning of the threat of Terran conquest, certain in the knowledge that their battles with the Alliance will not end with defeat, but with unchecked expansion.

Name: Sii'Yasha Yira
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Slaver
Available Info: An Empire demands subjects, and resistance demands subjugation. This is the life of an Imperial slaver, capturing workers from the fringes, plucking dissidents from their beds, all under official sanction from the Terran Empire to feed the beating heart of its war machine.

Name: "Daegnus"
Affiliation: ???
Rank: ???
Available Info: Rumors. Lies. Aggrandizing tales of an impossible vessel. The truth is impossible. The stories unrecountable. There is only the unending march of progress.

Name: D'Kera Mandukar
Affiliation: Romulan Star Empire
Rank: Civilian
Available Info: Retired after an exceptionally lucrative season of shipping freight, D'Kera lives a quiet life with her husband, Siras, on the border colony of Ecurai.
Name: Thyzee
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Licenced bounty hunter
Available Info: Little is known. Her profile on the bounty hunter's guild database doesn't list much, other then she is quite successful, and an expert pilot. An oddity is also on her profile: She prefers to take prisoners alive.
Name: Lauren Varley
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Captain
Available Info: Commanding officer of the I.S.S. Magistrate, Manticore class.
Born to a family with a history of Imperial officers, Lauren Varley is known to be as patriotic as she is determined, and anyone who has ever served under her command will be quick to note how paranoid about her personal security she is. In fact, she is almost always shadowed by at least two security personnel, the identities of which are masked by combat armour (though they are always clearly identifiable Imperial soldiers). Lately it has been rumoured that she is gathering the support and friendship of some fellow captains within the fleet, though these claims are entirely unsubstantiated. Indeed, her generally less-than-amicable disposition even to fellow officers would suggest the contrary.
Name: T'Rhiu Jo'rek
Affiliation: Romulan Star Empire
Rank: Imperial Governor
Available Info: T'Rhiu met her who would be her future husband at a banquet when she was young and would also marry young. The son of the then sitting Governor, she immediately married into wealth and power. As soon as her husband was elected Governor, she supported her husband behind the scenes in legal and not so legal activities. As the years went by, T'Rhiu herself became quite influential and eventually overshadowed her husband. It was at this point that she did the only natural course of action, she had him assassinated and took his place as Governor in some questionable elections.

As Imperial Governor of a dilithium rich planet and the home to an Imperial fleetyard, Imperial Governor Jo'rek holds considerable political power and has earned a reputation of someone not to be trifled with.
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Name: N'Kal (Jekal) Vekkei
Affiliation: N/A
Rank: Elite Mercenary
Available Info: She is a willing pawn in a game controlled by a secret organization. Those who hire her will either owe the organization a favor or the leader knows that eliminate of a target or tactical strike on a location will soon favor him and the organization.
NOTE: PM me in game for hiring her IC.

Name: Arita Pertiwn
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: XO Commander
Available Info: A masochist who serves her Captain honorably when the times calls for it.

Name: Roroa Pertiwn
Affiliation: N/A
Rank: N/A
Available Info: A young girl who travels the universe, stowing away on ships and stations and making money and food however she can.

Name: T'Rara
Affiliation: Terran Empire, Battle Station 13
Rank: Slave
Available Info:
Name: Beylara Ailes
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Imperial Inquisitor
Available Information: Beylara was never a particularly successful officer in the Terran Empire. The destruction of her homeworld and the constant strain of cruelty and pain that was the way of life left her mind a broken, shattered thing. Morality and mental privacy became grey areas that she wandered like some sort of twisted playground. This mental instability left her with a slow career up the ranks until she finally had the opportunity to put her talents, and her psychotic desire to crawl through another's mind, to good use. She performed so successfully in her role as interrogator that she was permitted--encouraged--to train as an Imperial Inquisitor. Her training complete, she has been sent to her new assignment.
Name: Christopher Lennox, a.k.a. 'The Butcher of Turkana IV.'
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Captain
Available Info: Life on the brutal colony of Turkana IV taught young Chris Lennox that violence was the most expedient and effective way of solving problems. He learned to survive on his own terms, and developed a particularly honed skill of drawing weapons more quickly and striking more precisely than anyone else. When a new governor made his coup attempt, Lennox joined in the revolt and murdered his way both through the old regime and the new chain of command. The old governor escaped, and while Lennox was away serving aboard the I.S.S. Vanguard, the old regime returned to power. Furious, Lennox killed his captain, seized control of the Vanguard, and returned to Turkana IV, levelling the capital city from orbit and acting as provisional governor until true Imperial rule could be established. His job there done, Lennox next found a true command opportunity in the I.S.S. Windrunner, an escort as fast, ruthless, and tempermental as her captain. He works as an interdictor of supply lines and civilian cargo haulers, keeping many profits for himself. He survives through force of will, a battle-cry of "Let none survive!", and a fearsome reputation:

Spoiler: Rumors of Lennox, PG-13+Show
"He maintains a strict regimen of exercise, non-replicated food he prepares himself, and a concoction of vitamins and anti-venom of his own design."

"When he began pirating latinum from civilian traders, he set aside a single strip for every rape gang he'd personally butchered back home. I hear he has over a dozen on display in his ready room."

"I heard about a security officer who tried to assassinate him. I saw the captain after it happened. He was stalking the corridors of the ship, naked but for the blood of his would-be assassin, their head in one hand, their broken dagger in the other. I hear he visited every deck of the ship, saying nothing, meeting any eye contact with a flare of the nostril and a curl of the lip."

"The motion between drawing his dagger and using it on a victim is almost too fast to see. He's even faster if he slowly draws it while speaking to you. If you see this happen, either drop to your knees and beg forgiveness, or run as fast as you can. He's a quick draw with a phaser, too, so don't think you can kill him at range, either."

"Question his sanity, he'll stab you in the heart. Question his bravery, he'll lay open your throat. Question his loyalty, he'll drag you to an airlock and shove you out personally. Do not question Lennox."
Name: Emery Quint
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Rank: Captain
Available Info: Captain Quint is a well and widely known 'Zealot' of the Empire, he has a talent for raising the masses into a fanatic frenzy, even non humans. Having personally overseen the destruction of enemy strongholds and worlds. Conquest was the order of his early career, often eradicating millions if a world failed to yield to the expanding Terran Empire. After a point he became bored at the fact that the arrival of the ISS Templar in orbit, along with its battle group, was often enough to secure a target. Captain Quint was part of an operation hunting dissidents that resulted in the 'cleansing' of Drozana and also tied into the 'Incident' on Battle Station 13 last year. Since then Captain Quint has become a student of covert operations, studying the mysterious Romulan threat as well as the group Omnicron. He has also been responsible for a number of successful covert operations, known only to a few high ranking staff. Recently one returned with a large cache of stolen intel, schematics, and even a devastating new weapon. Although the initial prototype was destroyed it has been rumored that it was not the only one and despite being in development, is still capable of destroying countless billions.