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No wonder they got J.J. Abrams.
Biggest criticism i hear about Kirk is that everything focused on him and a few other characters,
and this is true. Star Trek was about Captain Kirk firstly, and his bridge officers(Spock, McCoy, Scotty, Chekov, Sulu and Uhura).
But it was about more than that. It was about loyalty. A strength and loyalty that no other crew
can match. A friendship and bond that can't be differed from.

It portrayed a message, and that was this: The good of the one outweighs the good of the many.
One for all and all for one.

Captain Kirk was truly loyal and dedicated to Starfleet. There is no denying that.
But that wasn't as important as his friends.

Back in the days of old ships on sea, a crew that was truly loyal to their Captain
would willingly die for him, and for each other, and the bonds of comradeship
in a way beyond the rules and regulations of Starfleet.

When Kirk learned that there was even the slightest chance of Spock still
being alive, he had no doubt in his mind what he had to do, and neither
did his crew. Kirk warned them that they did not have to partake in what
he was doing. But the loyalty and dedication burning in their hearts said
No, we have to fight for our friend.

You might say that it was reckless and irresponsible of him to do this.
But I say it's perfect. I would have it no other way. There are some things
of far greater value than a bunch of old men in chairs with fancy badges
making decisions.

The Heart is more important.

Captain Kirk always knew to think outside the "rules". He was the only
one with the ingenuity to defeat the Kobeyashi Maru, and for breaking
the rules he received a commendation for original thinking.

Whether you like how he did things or not. Captain Kirk is the Greatest Hero of Starfleet, and the
Enterprise belongs to no one more than it does to Captain James T. Kirk.

Except, you know, for Star Trek V.
Do you even need to ask who I voted for? xD
^ Of course not.

I was kinda hoping someone would come up with a tribute-paragraph to Picard or something though. Or in your case Sisko. >_>

Johnathan Archer gets no love. :(

*clears throat*

Picard is the embodiment of chivalry.

Also the only bald man I could ever love.
If I don't see a proper tribute-post to Picard by tomorrow, I will make one myself.
This I have to see.
I shall work on a Sisko post and get bac
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No one was giving any love to Archer, and I figured, what the hell, Archer made your captains jobs possible! He saved the federation from not even existing, and had time for a beagle.

Top achievements of each IMO

Kirk, died saving ENT-B.
Picard, was best buds with a omnipotent lifeform.
Sisko, punched said omnipotent lifeform.
Janeway, got coffee from that nebula.
Each of the five captains, and the series they lead, represents an aspect of humanity that carries them through their dark times.

I was going to write a big long thing about this, but I'm so tired I lost track partway through.

Kirk is the war hero.
Picard is the diplomat.
Sisko is the indomitable.
Janeway is the survivor.
Archer is the explorer.

They each face tough problems that sometimes don't even seem to have solutions, and each of them has their own way of approaching things to get them through it in their own way.
Kirk fights his way out of most problems, and he does it well.
Picard thinks problems through, preferring to compromise and find graceful solutions before resorting to hostilities.
Sisko is a man who just can't be caught off guard, it doesn't matter how far out of his element you think he is, he just improvises, adapts, and overcomes.
Janeway is the wild animal backed into a corner, cut off and alone, she makes cutthroat decisions that need to be made, willing to make personal sacrifices to just get by for one more day.
Archer flies by the seat of his pants, charging into the unkown, only able to count on grit, guile, and guts to get him through the rough spots.

Each of them, the same way that the alien species are like cross-sections of humanity taken to extremes, is an extreme example of the things that make humanity so spectacular, at their best.

That being said, Sisko is the man. He doesn't let anyone push him around, he values his personal duty above all else, and he was ready to call the values of Starfleet into question when they started to get in the way of doing what's right.
Most of the characters are good captains, or good heroes, but Sisko was a good man.
I always felt Picard must have pissed someone somewheres off. To be in command of the flag ship and only be a captain... and his age and still not promoted. He did come across as the most intelligent though. Sisko got shafted and handed a base not a ship until later and even then the ship didn't do much until the war. He does come in 2nd for me though. Janeway was just dumb and got lucky along the way. Archer was great for his period but a bit too stubborn and to slow to learn. Kirk kicked ass banged hot alien chicks and got promoted (worked it the way picard should have and we had Adm. Kirk and Cpt. Spock on the Ent).

Kirked learned the most. He matured through the years. The guy use to drop kick badguys then he was reduced to having to kick an alien in the knee... or nuts. He also gave the best speaches and motivated his crew better than anyone.

Would say more but on phone.
shoopdanwoop wrote:

Janeway, got coffee from that nebula.

Ha ha ha! I'm going to use that for my sig on the STO forums.
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Picard is the shining example of what a Starfleet Captain ought to be

There is no better example of competence and quick-snap decision-making
than this man. He expects his crew to be loyal and through that he commands
respect. They see he is a leader and they follow without question.

There is also no one else who could have defeated the Borg(Although i still would've just beamed a bunch of armed Photon-bombs into that Cube, i'll never get passed that flaw)

There are also few people with the constitution to survive Borg assmilation and come out of it
with full sanity, let alone maintain the ability to command a Starship without any extensive
therapy or assistance.

.....and who else could deal with Q without going absolutely nuts? Picard is a badass.

He has....the eye of the Tiger.