Personal Log: Aster, Nethali

“S-t-a..r.. da..te: in..y-o-apostro..where th' 'ell is it, oh there- r-e...dre-a-ms...”

“You don't have to sound it out, just talk, it's recording you. Denai rentim!”

“Aw, shuttup y' kasvak! I wasn't spoon fed this El cars since puddin' years.”

“You're a fighter pilot, not a dispatch callgirl. Talk at it. Get it over with so I can sleeeeeeep.”

“Got.. n-e..w... bi-r-d.. B-r-e-sh-tan-ti B oh-kay.”

“Lee, I swear by the Prophets I will write over your vays books with Ocampan love poetry if you don't settle.”

O-w-e one..where's th' numbers- there we go.. dri-n-k.”

“What about the one you owe Mjoll? And me, for that matter. And don't you have a running tab with Dave?”

“Chush' sobach'ya! Fine! I'm done! End log! End the yevin' log!”

Stardate: In you're dreams
Got nnew bird. Breshtanti B ok
Owe Cauboy 1 drink