Lieutenant Commander's Log,

Stardate: 96302.8

For the past few days, ever since I made my request to take the command test.. He's--
He's everywhere. Commander Austin has made several attempts at inducing a state of panic in time of rest. Luckily for me, my species doesn't require sleep like other species do. The alarms are obnoxious at best, irritating at worst. I feel sorry for those who share the same hallway as I do- let alone the same deck. In terms of the physical aspects of the Commander's drills, I'm more than capable of exceeding his expectations, however he doesn't seem to recognize this fact. As I stated to Captain Alistair Nimitz the day prior, the technicalities and technological know-how was more my brother's area. Practicality is my strong suit, though I don't see it above the Commander to use these facts against me on the test. From my interactions, I believe Commander Austin will attempt to give me a no-win scenario- a technical no-win scenario, however i cannot be sure. Captain Nimitz has granted me insight into what the command tests may bring-- what the tests may be composed of. Through his accounts of his test, and prior publicized accounts, the test rarely consist to judge you morally, and only seek to figure out if an officer is capable of making the "hard decisions" and problem solving with the utmost efficiency, to which I will take advantage of. I will attempts to keep this updated.

Computer. End log.

Lieutenant Commander's Log,

Stardate: 96312.3

I've acquired some holodeck time, to which I've used to simulate command situations.
My hope is to become accustom to being in the center seat, and giving absolute orders, to a point where it comes natural to me. As it stands now, I have five days until my test, to which I must make sure I am ready. My plan for these five days is to partially try and have as much simulation time as I can get, along with rigorous studies of protocol and regulation. Though, I'm not sure how such things will tie into my test, I can only hope for the best. In the meanwhile, I've continued to make my rounds as security. The Starbase has remained as quiet and trouble-free as it was when I first arrived. The occasional trouble-making child has proved only to be a chore, and in my honest opinion, a waste of my capabilities. In any case I will continue to carry out my duty to Starfleet and to the 38th fleet.

Computer. End log.
The following is a transcript from communication between Lt. CMDR Ki'tet and Prioress Ki'tet

Stardate: 96363

[Lt. CMDR Ki'tet] "Mother."

[Prioress Ki'tet] "Djii'n, why do you not refer to me in our tongue?"

[Lt. CMDR Ki'tet] "...Vuii'n."

[Prioress Ki'tet] "I see you are distressed, why?"

[Lt. CMDR Ki'tet] "Please, I am not a book to be read."

[Prioress Ki'tet] "Then why do you contact me? Is it not because of your emerging Ishde?"

[Lt. CMDR Ki'tet] "...It is."

[Prioress Ki'tet] "My son, you know why this is, you are finally coming of age. Now if only you had remained on Daesil, we would be able to make a smooth transition for you, but you've gone off to that Star--"

[Lt. CMDR Ki'tet] "Mother.."

[Prioress Ki'tet] "Do not interrupt me, Djii'n. You know better."

[Lt. CMDR Ki'tet] "P-please, Vuii'n, what am I to do?"

[Prioress Ki'tet] "You are fine as is, you are only in the early stages of your new found maturity. Continue with you career in Starfleet, however, I implore you to return home~~"

[Lt. CMDR Ki'tet] "I understand, goodbye mother. Ishamara J'chil."

[Prioress Ki'tet] "Ishamara J'chil, Djii'n"

Lieute-- Commander Ki'tet, Personal Log.

Stardate: 96383.7

I find myself..questioning my motivation, prior to my transfer into Argo I was content with
being just another crewman, I had fulfilled my wish to see the stars. My time on the U.S.S. Armiger-C was-- well some might consider it mundane, boring.. uneventful, but that was how I wished to lived aboard that starship, day-to-day, carrying out the orders I was given. Now, I'm seeking command, I've become ambitious. What..changed? I'd say the unwarranted MURDER of my brother, by those filthy, godless Cardassians would be a fair start. My brother.. was a great man, he devoted himself to Daesil. A better man than I in ever capacity, I- I can only aspire to be like him. For now, I shall continue towards command.. in hope of being like my brother. --I miss you, Djii'Ferde
On..A.. less emotional note, I was taught a very unique lesson, from a red eyed, blue
skinned alien. A lesson about tactic, and warfare. Interestingly enough, It does not deal with the blade or firearms. This lesson was one of the mind, derivative of teachings that stated: 'To beat your enemy, you must know your enemy..' which I find..very fascinating. In order for me to fully subscribe to this notion, I have began collecting items that hold cultural significance, first of which was the Klingon Bat'leth, followed by the Mek'leth. I realize that.. simply owning these items will not give me any sort of tactical advantage..I need to gain understanding of a species through these items.. analyze the cultural significance, and connect them to the behavior of said species. To start, I can see the effects of the Klingon warrior nature in these weapons, though it is to be admitted that what I'm about to say is common knowledge.. either way; it is to be noted that Klingons place honor above everything else, to insult ones honor-- well, I guess we aren't so different..- I'd like to further finalize my observations before speaking on them.. if not.. then misinformation will be the death of me.

Computer, End Log.. I've spoken too much.

Commander Kitet, Personal Log.

Stardate: 96386.2

I realized something today, thanks to one Captain Sam Bishop. I've come to
realize..that..I've deified my brother I've regarded him in such regards as Ishii'n. I will work to correct this issue

Computer, End Log.

Commander Ki'tet, Personal Log.

Stardate: 96388.9

I've acquired a banner of the Star Empire, and already I can see the pride. Looking into
past accounts of the Romulan Star Empire, I've learned that paranoia is a staple of their culture.. pride and paranoia-- that makes a fair amount of sense. These two things alone can be used for my purposes. Admittedly not everything I want can be gained from art alone, so I've gone through the stratagems of the Star Empire and noticed the abundant use of cloaking technology-- I realize both Star and Klingon Empires use cloaking technology-- even the Daesilian Defense Fleet has its own variation of stealth technology..either way, my point being out of the major powers, the Romulans favor attacks from the shadow.. So it would be best to stop them before doing so. I don't see the Romulans as cowardly, an event where they flee may only occur when they are pushed to the edge of destruction.. further study of their technology may prove to aide me further. The next item I wish to collect would be a Vulcan Lirpa, and hopefully, the Ahn-woon.

Computer, End Log.