Personal Log: Captain William Levesley

<<Personal Log Entry: Stardate 92795.3>>

Captain Levesley appears on screen, wearing his read undershirt. He sits back in the chair contemplating for a moment.

So I finally met Captain Buchanan last night. I had hoped it would be a good constructive meeting an opportunity for the two of us to get acquainted. He doesn't know me and I don't know him.

Captain Levesley sighs

Well that didn't exactly happen, first he pry's into that whole Taxeila issue from earlier this year. Sure if it was relevant but he brought Nimitz up and I have no doubt that he and Commander Thiessen have probably passed along their feelings on how things went down. Here I am a career officer of over 30 years not one blemish on my record. And this Buchanan decides to talk to me...ME! about cowboy Captaincy.

Given the impression Fleet Captain...though it is Admiral Perim now, gave me of the man I found his lecture rather hypocritical to say the least. Not the best way to start things with the new boss.

Levesley gets up and begins to pace the room speaking and gesticulating as he walks.

Perhaps it was to be expected, I think I've come to expect it. Here I am a much older officer serving under sometimes children, perhaps it is a defensive reaction. They feel they have to assert their authority make sure they have a handle on the old man. Just because I've chosen a career path less glamorous, less full of glory and more about serving the Federation and Starfleet at no matter what the personal loss.

He pauses mid stride

I could be an Admiral by now, there are plenty younger than me and less experienced who are. Perhaps I should have chosen a desk job instead, stayed at Starfleet Intelligence. But there is no active place for a Captain like me there, they'd have be behind a desk analysing a computer screen. Not like in the 11th Fleet, in the expanse. There I could do something....make a difference, make the hard decisions.

...and what do I get in return. Cowboy....

Well the Camelot has just about finished its diagnostics perhaps it's time to get out there and do something. That may help clear my head of this unfortunate interaction.