Personal Log - Commander Vololes

=/\= Starfleet Personnel Recording =/\=
The Commander is sat at her desk on the Zefram Cochrane, looking through a PADD"Computer begin recording. I have been assigned as Executive Officer of the Odyssey Class U.S.S. Zefram Cochrane. While I am grateful for this posting, her current assignment fills me with...trepidation. Once again I will be in close contact with Cad-Captain Boyson. I do not know how he will react on seeing me. I doubt that he will happy, considering how we parted. But...I could not give him what he wanted. I was his instructor. I can only hope he has come to understand that.

Captain Simmons, on the other hand, has begun to worry me. Her headaches have got worse, and she is often prone to anger. I will consult with the ships Chief Medical Officer and the Task Force's Psychologist in order to determine what is wrong with her. The captain is a good friend of mine. I...I will be upset if something happens to her.

Computer, end record and encode.

=/\= Starfleet Personnel Recording ends =/\=
=/\= Personnel Recording: Device 67731
Debris litters the Commander's personnel quarters, thrown about in a rage."God I hate humans! Why am I even bloody here! Because bloody John Shepard asked me. I mean Jesus Christ! This is the last time I help some one.

Probably best I explain huh? Ok, I've always been fascinated by the Federation Class Dreadnought. A beautiful ship, built solely for combat, and can take one hell of a beating. I should know, I worked on the Star Empire under Vice Admiral Rittenhouse. But anyway. Captain Morton is interested in one in particular, the Original October. Truth be told, I'm interested. 'September has long gone'? I mean come on. I could take the Eistein and go find out, but last time I did that, Romulans and Humans started shooting each other. Scratches her ear.How do bloody Vulcan's deal with the points? Anyway, I offered Captain Morton the use of the Excalibur and her original data banks. I wanted to see if he was smart to see, not was there, but what wasn't. But no. Stupid human. I called John, man owes me a favour, got me some S31 codes, which I then gave to Morton to look for what was and wasn't there. I told him to look for the Enterprise-E. NO-ONE can know what I had to do to save the Federation. But he didn't seem to answer except to breathe deeply, so I assumed he had looked. So I pulled my rifle, I didn't even point it at him, it was pointed above his shoulder. Stupid jumpy Human...anyway he goes storming off and in my anger I let slip about the recovery operation of the Enterprise-E in REDACTED. I tell him all about how he, Commander Sierra, myself and about REDACTED.

Seriously, the urge just to go back and destroy the Enterprise in the Bassen Rift and let Shinzon vaporise the bloody humans. Why did I let Kirk talk us into settling peacefully?

If I see Coby again, I'm not sure if I'm gonna deck him or kick him in the balls.

Both I think.

Dammit, the Captain's coming. Time to be cold and logical.
If only the captain was interested...she's sexy as hell.
The video records the door ping and a demale voice ask permission to enter, before the power cuts.