Personal Log: Dallas Burns


Captain Dallas Burns Log Files


Captain's Log, Stardate 92854.1:

Well, I released my Demon. I became open about Mary-Anne's death without me knowing a single thing about her. Was she a good person? Did she have Josie's personality? Hell, I'll never know. All that I know is that she's buried next to Mom, well her remains at least. <...> Anyway, our patrol went well and Steele is okay. Bill Steele, the young man strangely reminds me of a young me in the Academy. I was beside his bedside while he recovered today. Once he woke back up, I left him for the bar. Here I spelled out my demons to Captain Varley and some other Captain. I broke my promise again sweetie, I never knew you but I told you I quit drinking once I got back on my feet. I'll get it out some day.