Personal Log: Na'Toth

Personal Log, stardate 98242.2,

It has been a few weeks since the Ajilon departed on his mission of exploration into the Alpha-7190 Sector and so I figured I would start a new series of logs. After many days secluded into the stellar cartography, my science teams have pinned down a candidate for our first stop, a trinary star system. In all my many decades in Starfleet, I’ve never seen one so this should be fun. I must admit, I am excited at the prospect of find many strange new things in this largely uncharted part of space.

Also it is my hope to find data of use to Starfleet and the 38th Fleet, to justify my future requests for exploration. Hopefully we’ll find new mineral deposits or odd phenomena or fauna.

Only way to find out is to sail these uncharted seas into the unknown. This reminds me of a bit of history on old earth, 14th and 15 century earth where merchants and other sailors would go beyond known waters and so they would label the edge of the maps where the dangerous and unknown is with “here ye be dragons.”

Time to find some dragons.