Personal Log - Relay-0142

Personal log - Lieutenant Junior grade Doctor Relay - 0142.

I have arrived aboard federation starbase Deep Space 13 in order to complete my rehabilitatory leave of absence. One that it is complete, I shall re-assert myself and be initiated into the chain of command here, at whatever position is deemed appropriate.

Within the last few days I have made a point of completing a number of tasks in person that could have been done via computer terminal.
Commander Todd would have referred to this as "wetting the ground" or "Wearing out shoe leather."

My intent was to make myself a regular fixture in the lives of the members of Deep Space Thirteen, so that when I return to active duty it will not be such a jarring transition. Presumably, very few of them will have served with an android. It is possible that I will be placed in a position of authority, in which case I would hope that my subordinates will have been briefed on my.. Unique methods of communication.

During the course of "wetting the ground" I spoke to the chief medical officer aboard the station, Doctor Pohl. He requested that I put my anthropological acumen to work immediately, and write up an interaction guide for some of the senior staff. Though I have not witnessed it personally, his request implies that there is some species-related friction between some of the department heads.

Though I do not wish to offend him, I must reserve my judgement in this matter until I have witnessed this friction in action. If I were to, before even being granted a full post, attempt to affect the command staff of Task Force Argo, it would likely be interpreted as an upstart action.

I will continue to record my thoughts in this matter.

End log.