Personal Log: Trellain De Drowvani

Stardate 92920.99

Trellain sat down in front of the camera, running a hand through her hair, as her antenna perked up attentively as she spoke. 'Today, Scharnhorst helped to escort a supply convoy to the Ch'Aehkla system, as part of relief promised to the colony. I had a vested interest in this, as I had spoken to several of the ambassadors at the conference. I even brought the Republic Senators requests to the Trill ambassadors attention, and offered our ships services if at all possible to help. After the poisoning of the Senator, I knew this would not be a simple supply run.", she explained, letting out a sigh, as she patted her lap, her pet Sehlat Asu, jumping up to sit on it.

She pet the cub behind it's ears, Asu, making a loud purring sound, as she continued her entry. 'We left DS13, with the Romulans taking the lead, and trailing positions, while Somek, and I positioned our ships on the convoys flanks. Things seemed fine until we were about halfway to the Ch'Aehkla system. We deteced something following us, not a sensor shadow, or fake signal, a cloaked ship of some kind. A few minutes later, we had unknown vessels on our flanks, and one of the freighters......the Herman, had dropped out of warp, and gone silent.', Trellain explained, as she continued slowly petting Asu, the Sehlat laying contentedly on her lap, purring away. 'I remember Quint telling me about one of his convoy missions, how something like this happened to him. Raiders had a plant on one of the ships, and sabotaged it to get it to drop out of the convoy. I had us drop out of warp, as I suspected this is what had happened, and ordered a security, and engineering detail to beam onto the Herman. They were ambushed as soon as they beamed aboard, and in the close quarters, we could not just beam them, or the attackers up unfortunately.", she added, a frown crossing her blue face, as she looked at the camera.

"I had the squad of MACO's mobilized, beaming them onto the freighter, to secure the bridge, and to assist in getting the ship under control. My Science officer Su'Vok, had the idea to modify our probes to emit a particle burst near the cloaked ships, instead of just useing the sensor array, so that our vessels would not be decloaked also. It worked, and we got a glimpse of an Imperial Romulan ship, which immediately warped away.", Trellain explained, her antenna drooping slightly towards Asu, as she ran her fingers through it's thick fur. "The other ships warped out as well, but not before stealing several cargo holds full of supplies, which we tried to fill from our own stores before arriving at the colony. My teams secured the Herman, capturing one of their attackers, before he could suicide, and only taking one serious injury thank goodness. I will put a note in the ships log, and report to command, recognizing their bravery, and skill under fire. We will turn over the prisoner for interrogation, as soon as possible......I am sure Republic, and Starfleet intelligence will want to question them at length.", Trellain added, leaning forward to grab a glass of ice water, before sitting back. She sipped her drink, smiling faintly, as she did, before continuing the log.

"Hopefully the supplies reach the people that need them on the colony, we made up most of what was stolen, especially the antigens needed. I had hoped to see the Hyperion on the list of ships assigned to this, but Alistair is getting a new command, and his old one is off to Earth, according to the reports. Scharnhorst will resupply at the nearest facility, and finish our patrol, before returning to base, maybe Alistair will be back by then.", she mused, picking up Asu, and hugging the Sehlat to her with one arm. "Come on you....lets get your walk in the holodeck done before bed.', Trellain said, as she headed away from the camera.

"Computer. End log.'