Personal Log: Vaas, Halur "Hal"

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LTJG Vaas, Halur "Hal"

The log begins with gentle ambience, oceans and birds singing in the background to a simple melody hanging in the air. Hal is sitting on his bed, still in uniform save for his bare legs and feet crossed beneath him, surrounded by a ring of PADDs. His gaze switches from one to the next as he tries to find exactly what he’s looking for.

Chief of Security personal log. …That’s so weird to say. I wonder how many of these logs I’ll make before the imposter syndrome sensation wears off. Guess we’ll see. …So, today was my first official day as Chief of Security above the Mariner. There wasn’t much that needed doing in my department, save for the usual duty scheduling, rotations, and staff evaluations that had been backed up due to the vacancy. Granted, I haven’t had time to build a rapport with my own people so I’m mostly signing off on evaluations done by the rest of the senior staff. Still, each one I’ve read so far describe nothing but exemplary work by these fine security officers. Now I just have to hope that I prove myself worthy to lead them.

Hal brings his feet in front of him on the bed, pressing his soles together before reaching out for his ankles, feeling his lower back pop. The log is silent for about 20 seconds, save for a bit of deep breathing from the Orion.

I met up with Serris at Cafe Estrella after my shift ended. CMD Warner joined us at the table, gave me a wicked surprise and I almost choked to death on a piece of steak. Not intentionally, of course. I was just imagining that my first time meeting him outside of the bridge might be a bit more… dignified. Instead, I’ll probably be remembered as the Security Chief who was almost done in by an already dead animal.

The Orion slid off the bed, now doing squat lunges across the length of his quarters.

Still, it wasn’t all in vain. I learned a good deal about the XO, thanks to Serris and Warner himself. He’s engaged, seemingly to a Romulan fiancé- oh computer, remind me at 2100 tomorrow to research traditional Romulan wedding gifts… if that’s a thing. Chirp! …Anyways, engaged. What else… oh, apparently a bit of a picky eater? I suggested different foods to him for increased physical and mental performance. That, uh, didn’t go over very well. Still, I’m committed! If a better balanced diet is gonna ensure our XO’s in top shape then I’m gonna see this through! …Also I made a bet with Serris and I’ll be damned if I let him win it.

Hal again changed things up, now doing a few dozen incline push-ups using the edge of his couch.

Computer, increase gravity to 250%. Chirp! …Also learned that he’s a quarter Vulcan, which… couple things kinda clicking now. Definitely the lone wolf type from the brief time I’ve observed him. I’ve heard some whispers among the crew about WHY he might be that way. I could probably look into it if I wanted, but what would be the point? If he wanted people to know then they’d know. I’d just have a piece of intel about him to satisfy my own curiosity, and that’s just not right. …Anyway, I should be focusing on not being a total moron in this position. The most ineffectual Chief of Security is one that can’t be trusted. I need to carve out some time to meet with the other department heads so they can put a face to my name and vice-versa. I should also get some feedback on where and how they feel Security can best serve them, maybe see if any of the original Mariner crew have opinions on what could be done better the second go-around. But first… Computer, pull up the duty roster. Let’s see when we can squeeze in a quick drill within the next week. End log.