Personal Log: Warner, Ruke

He stood alone in his room, staring at a list of names with pictures attached. A third of the text was red, as well as the title of the ship they served on… as well as the Captain. He took in a long breath, finally tearing himself away from the list of names. " Personal Log… Stardate 99463. This is one of the first times I’ve managed to actually… make a log. Between the headaches, training… and getting used to life on Starbase has been… something. " He sat on the edge of his bed, a hand resting on the back of his neck as he tried to keep his willpower up to complete something like this.

" The Captain here is impressive, the Starbase equally so… it’s me. It’s getting out of whatever rut that’s hampering me. My performance. I dream about the crew on the Retribution all the time. When I dream… it’s always the escape. The explosions. The crying. The people I wasn’t able to save. Arguing with the Captain to get him into an escape pod. I was dragged into one. " He was quiet again after that last bit, as if just mentioning them had taken some effort. Which it had. " Survivors guilt. Maybe. I don’t even know why I was stationed here. I assaulted a fellow officer during the hearings. I thought when I’d been dropped off in Juneau, that’d be a very long leave of absence. Yet… here I am. Security on a large base like this has been… interesting. "

He leaned down, grabbing the small rubber ball which had been on the ground by the bed… and threw it casually at the wall. It hit it, bounced back… hit the floor and landed in his open hand. This was repeated as he continued with the log. " People try to hide things in the most unfortunate places. But… good crew. They leave me with very little real work to do. It was a well oiled machine before I even got here. Admiral Vale contacted me again, checking up on me. She’d been close friends with my parents. If I had to guess… she’s probably the one who had me stationed here. A waste of talent, she’d say in that thick Texas accent. " He let out a mild chuckle, tossing the ball one last time before letting it roll where it may. He stood up… walked over to the table beside his bed where an un-touched shot of whiskey waited.

He picked it up, rolling the liquid around within the glass as he continued. " I went with a few others on a trip today. Got to ride in a Lexington, big space yacht. Very different then a Sovereign. Romulans have always impressed me, their passion for whatever they throw themselves into is second to none. I wish for the best outcome with all of this… these negotiations. A listening device was found at the meeting though, and I turned it over to the Commander. Good people. " He took the shot, setting it back on the table lightly. " If I… get used to the crew here. Enjoy it. Settle in. Does that mean I’ve betrayed the crew on the Retribution? The ones loss and still with us? "

He poured himself another glass of whiskey, which he immediately downed. He picked up the small model of the Retribution, a Sovereign class ship.

" End Log. "



" Computer… Begin Personal Log… Nine Nine Five Six Seven point three. I was… apprehensive about the enforced shoreleave for Argo and most of her personel… but I have to admit… it’s the best thing I’ve done in some time. "

" From being able to meet new people… get some fishing in… talking someone out of suicide… and managing to grow close to the Commander… I’d say it’s a win. I still find it difficult to maintain conversations sometimes… and it doesn’t help that I was never a big conversationlist to begin with… but the attempts are being made. "

" I’ve yet to express to the needed parties my interest in the Tactical position aboard the October… if it is even still open at all. I’m apprehensive. She is an impressive ship, with an impressive crew… but I still feel like I may have issues to work out before I burden others with those. "

" I know it will be more difficult for the Commander and I to see one another once shoreleave ends, but she has her responsibilties… as do I. Argo deserves the best version of me, so I will endeavor to not disappoint… wherever that leads me. As Head of Security… or flying around on one of the many ships in her fleet. I make it no secret that my heart soars out in the stars… but I will always do what is best for the fleet. Base or Ship. "

End Log.

Bonus Video Experiment

( Let me know what you guys think of the audio version. If people like it, whenever I do Audio Logs… I’ll do a text and audio version. It was a fun experiment. )

Audio Version


Stardate 100410.5

The audible hiss of the door sliding shut behind the man was the most common sound heard in that quarters of Warner, aside from the occasional sneeze or light snoring. He stood there after the barrier was put there between him and the crew … and finally dropped the tension in his shoulders … walking past a painting Nathes had given him months ago to plop down on the bed, hands covering his face … rubbing lightly. Then … the computer chimed in.

" Parcel ready for delivery, Commander. "

Glacier blue eyes peaked through fingers as he looked up into the darkness of the room … taking in a long breath.

" Computer … lights. Low. Teleport the parcel to my desk. "

The lights slowly illuminated the room as Ruke stood again, peeling off the Starfleet Uniform … walking over to his desk as a small letter appeared on top of it … beside another letter from the very same source. Nathes. Even then … beside those letters sat an unfinished one, physical … trying to return the favor by writing it instead of it being a video message. He’d been so busy on the Mariner … that he’d barely had the time to worry about anything. They both understood that could happen on Starships. They’d both accepted it.

" Still should have made time, though. " He said to himself … his voice low as he sat in the chair, carefully opening the letter from his wife to be… whilst pulling a bottle of Plum Whiskey from his desk and pouring it into a small glass … which he took. After finishing the letter … he of course … as he had with the other one many times … reread it. He could hear her voice through her writing, so very easily. Brows furrowed …and he poured himself another glass of whiskey, grabbing the very pen he’d neglected before … and a fresh set of draft papers … and went about writing. It wasn’t the most elegant hand writing, but it was easy to read … very steady, much like his voice when he spoke with people. Even.

To My Love…

I apologize for the delay between our letters … I’ve waited too long to respond to your first one, let alone your second. You’ve been in my thoughts … as always. Your presence is sorely missed, and I look forward the next time we meet. I’ve slowly grown accustomed to my work on Mariner … but would you find it odd that I miss the October? I wonder if I’ve been spoiled by the ships I’ve served on since my first posting. It’s a fine ship … and a fine crew. I couldn’t ask for any others better to serve with … so I think I lean towards the spoiled side. It’s easy … I think, to fuss over things like that. To take things for granted … I remind myself whom it was that pulled me out of my own way, that set my on that path to serve on the October. It was you.

Your words of encouragement pulled me out of … an odd rut I’d been in, and we barely knew one another. But … you made me better with friendship. Which eventually changed into … the rings on our fingers. Love. It’s interesting how such brief … seemingly inconsequential interactions can change things. People. Just like I know you change everyone around you, for the better. Always for the better. Your drive … your honor … that brilliant and amazingly … dangerously … beautiful Romulan passion of yours. You are the ripple in the pond, my love. Your presence affecting those all around … enemy and friend alike.

I feel as though your dream reflects my own that I have at times… though mine are more stuck between the anvil of my past … and the hammer of the future. Dreams of former crew lost … war … lost family. Then I open my eyes, and I remember your fathers home. The time we spent there together … repairing things. Spending time in the village … of that simple peace we all strive for. The connections. You. I always end up dreaming of you.

sa’ hwi diamn

  • Warner

(PS, I’m sure I murdered the last bit … but you get the idea. Love ya.)


Personal Log : Stardate 100441.9

Ruke Warner

" Personal Log, 100441.9. The Mariner remains on it’s assigned patrol in and around the Hobus sector. While nothing of note has really occurred, I’ve been … blessed or cursed with free time. I’ve spent a good chunk of it assisting Serris with troubleshooting the flaw we’ve found during the … Battle of Cero. We’ve already given it a damned name. "

He paused… looking down as he rubbed the back of his neck. The computer made a polite chime to remind him it was still recording, and he went about pouring himself another glass of whiskey.

" I was in command of the Mariner for her first scrap, and the first thing I did in a ship of science and exploration was order the assault of another vessel, which lead to it’s destruction. " He took a long drink from the glass, hissing through his teeth as he plopped down in a large cushioned chair. Another gentle chime. " The ship and crew performed admirably, I couldn’t ask for anyone better to serve with. That includes the battle group. After we assisted with picking up escape pods, and transferring them to the relief ships that arrived later … we were assigned a scouting mission. Which is ongoing. I also managed to speak with Nathes, during the pause in action. " Yet another pregnant pause was given as he refilled his whiskey, those glacier hues of his going over to the painting that sat in his room. Her gift to him.

" … she wants to get married after the war. I would like to as well … but I worry about the ferocity of the fighting that is happening in her stationed area. I wish … the Mariner was closer, so we could help. But … we all have our parts to play. We both knew what we were getting into when this relationship started. Still … I worry for her. " He took another sip. " … I met Mr. Vaas when I was getting dinner. He’s performed above my expectations so far … and I look forward to seeing him progress. I’ve also noticed Serris flirting with him. I’ve never had any issues with crew interacting with each other that way, I just hope it doesn’t get in the way of responsibilities. Not that Serris has given me any reason to believe that will happen… and now I have two people pestering about my damned eating habits … Pause Log. "

Warner stopped a moment, looking to the side … as if speaking to the computer. " Computer … what were the last six things I ordered from the food replicator for dinner? Minus the Stardates. " There was a pause, the computer chiming gently.

" Meal One … Water, Medium Rare Steak, Steak Sauce, Mashed Potatoes, Salt, Green Beans. "
" Meal Two … Water, Medium Rare Steak, Steak Sauce, Mashed Potatoes, Salt, Green Beans. "
" Meal Three … Water, Medium Rare Steak, Steak Sauce, Mashed Potatoes, Salt, Green Beans. "
" Meal Four … Water, Fried Red Salmon, Hush Puppies, Mashed Potatoes, Salt, Green Beans. "
" Meal Five … Water, Medium Rare Steak, Steak Sauce, Mashed Potatoes, Salt, Green Beans. "
" Meal Six … No Dinner ordered for meal six. A log of a simple ham sandwich was ordered mid-day. "

He stared at the wall as silence followed, and sighed … rubbing his temples. " Damnit. Resume Log. " He cleared his throat, shifting in his chair as he rubbed the back of his neck again. " At any rate … I find myself getting a little … worried about getting comfortable. I had grown comfortable on the October … and she got shipped away. I wonder if I do the same with the Mariner, something else would happen … though I’m not sure what else they could do with me … aside give me my own ship. End Log. "