Personal Logs - CENT Roris

DS-13 - Entry I (audio only)

Open entry.

The current assignment falls within expected parameters.

The Federation model of operation leaves a lot to be desired, and while their current functionality certainly improved, especially when compared to our somewhat obsolete data, it still leaves much to be desired. Especially from security and counter-intelligence angle. The most obvious possible breaches and somewhat lax approach to security, with parallel authority through the chain of command, and allowance of possible liabilities to receive crucial and damaging information. The Dominion representatives being the most obvious candidates.

After all, how much loyalty to a current alliance of recent foes can one expect from a descendants of genetically modified rodents who believe that amorphous blobs are their Gods? Add to that Klingon-aligned elements and minor powers and convenient groundwork for sabotage and infiltration.

The rank and file seem adequate at the job, In my estimate slightly above the average we experience in the Republic forces but then again we do have a number of individuals among our personnel with irregular backgrounds. While this does decrease our efficiency in comparison, it offers us increased flexibility. A benefit we shouldn’t discard in the future.

In conclusion, I will conduct my own queries into a certain incident that happened recently at DS-13. It might come to nothing but I do sense a potential opportunity, for better or for worse.

Close entry.


RRW Imperix - Entry II (audio only)

Open entry.

The situation with the art theft proved to be a dead-end. With the benefit of a hindsight it was to be expected, still it’s a lost opportunity and not something I intend to make a habit of. This required the change of approach, while the posting with starbase intelligence could prove beneficial in the long run I prefer something a bit more… Hmm, dynamic? Laying in wait patiently is something Romulans excel at, however I’d prefer not to retire as the oldest Centurion in the recorded history while waiting for developments.

The family connections proved useful in receiving the transfer to an independent command, naturally that means I owe a few favours to the people I’d prefer not to but that can’t be helped. RRW Imperix is an adequate ship for my plans - small, stealthy and with oversized firepower. Uncle wasn’t pleased, as expected, then again I never asked for a favour before. Still, he made certain to warn me not overuse it in the future as sister racked up a considerable debt of honour. Knowing her… Eh… Shell we say proclivities? I can’t say I’m surprised. The last verifiable information I have is her involvement with Orions on Nimbus III. Naturally there are other rumors involving slavery, murder, and a few other equally problematic ventures I’d prefer not to know about. I’ll find out soon enough.

The Starfleet personnel in and around the starbase keep behaving in expected parameters. The base’s adjutant is a Vulcan, displaying all the natural charms of a frozen emergency ration, but to her credit at least she doesn’t seem in favor of the whole unification idiocy. There are also a few of domesticated types that might prove useful in the future, and expandable by the nature of their allegiance. The few bright spots include a full-grade captain, with whom I’m socializing, and a junior officer attached to the starbase operations department. The former is more valuable while the later is more… Let’s go with entertaining.

Another point of interest is a Ferengi doctor, aside from having the medical degree and serving in a Starfleet he seems to fit into the profile of his specie well. Appealing to his instincts should prove both amusing and possibly profitable. While greed can be a reliable tool, he should still be treated with care.

This Federation fleet is autonomous and apparently the crew of the starbase and attached vessels are taking rotations vacationing on Risa. My misgivings aside it’ll probably prove useful to participate. The Starfleet personnel are in general overly too trusting and I suspect vacationing will even further get their guards down. We’ll see how the things develop, my report to the command is due in a few days.

Close entry.