Personal Logs: Greene, R.

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Personal Log

It’s certainly been a spell since last time… where to start, where to start…

Well the ship’s finished with the last of her checks and inspections and is all clear to set out to do… whatever it is that we’ll end up doin'.

I’ve got the, admittedly, daunting task of not only getting to grips with my new position of authority, but also wrangling a department that’s not ‘ad a head for a decent while now. That’s along with the additional preparations that the current um… shall we say ‘political climate’ has prompted.

I’ve given myself quite the checklist, but it’s doable. I’ll see to that.

Connor has been a big help. More than that, he’s been my bedrock in all honesty. I’m glad we got to spend a few days together before the real work began. Hell, I wouldn’t have even put myself forward for the position if he hadn't ‘ave talked me into it!

Still… leaving was hard. But that’s jus’ the way of things, ain’t it? He’s got his own ship to Captain just as I’ve got me ‘ands full ‘ere.

Whiskey’s adjusted. No shock there. The ole ragdoll is ‘appy as long as his belly’s full an’ there’s a warm spot to curl up. …Won’t be too ‘appy with my next decision though. I’ve been thinkin’ of taking up the drums again. Once I’ve got work down pat anyway. Maybe I should pop my head round engineering and see about a bit ‘o extra sound proofing? I mean sure, the holodeck is fine enough, but nothin’ beats the real thing. I ‘adn’t even considered gettin back into it the last couple years but… well, it’ll be good to ‘ave somethin’ to channel my worry into. Don’t need any ‘o that bleedin’ into the professional mask.

Now, let's see… No. I think that’s everything since last time.

Damn it, I never know how to end these things…

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Personal Log

Hell of a first mission…

War ‘adn’t even been declared for a full seventy two hours and we were not only sent out to the border on some recon op but also ended up takin’ a trip right into enemy territory.
But I know you gotta count your blessings. No casualties. Not on our end at least. For that I’m glad.

Guess things ‘adn’t really hit me until then… Meetings and makin’ plans for hypothetical scenarios are one thing but this made it real.

Another bloody conflict…
Let’s hope this one is resolved swiftly.

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Personal Log

Tomorrow is the day.

I can’t say I’m lookin’ forward to it.
You’d think I’d ‘ave more thoughts on everythin’ but I just… don’t.
I think right now I’m just focusing on work. Makin’ sure we’re as prepared as possible for whatever may come.

Oh! I let Connor know what’s been goin’ on.
We didn’t get much time to talk but just ‘earing his voice for as long as we had was welcome.
…we never got to have that picnic on Bajor, did we? Y’know what? I think I’ll start plannin’ something for next time. Get us a good bottle of scotch and plan out a nice meal…
That sounds like bliss.

Huh, guess makin’ this log wasn’t a total waste.

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Personal Log

Rhea sits cross-legged in an armchair. One hand stroking a scruffy, rust coloured tabby that sits in her lap, while the other holds a large mug.

“He was right.” She smiles, shaking her head.

“He always is with this kind of thing. Told me that once I found my rhythm, I’d have things under control. I think I’m finally at that point.

I’ll keep things short and sweet today, the mission the other night was thankfully uneventful. Well on my end at least. I heard somethin’ over breakfast about us gettin’ some intel.”

“More importantly, I finally sent off that backlog of letters I’d written up.”

She lets out a sigh. Closing her eyes as she takes a long, slow sip of her drink.

“…Still can’t think of what to write to Mam though. Or Grandad for that matter.

No sense in worryin’ them, though my silence might end up doin’ the same thing. That call back in February on Mam’s birthday was the last time we spoke.

I’ll figure somethin’ out.”

Letter #1
Stardate 100417.9

Heya love,

I’m absolutely knackered. After the recon run I told you about the last time, everyone started forming plans. The one they picked involved stretching the Star Empires forces thin. An attack on multiple fronts so the Republic could take back their colonies.
Our ship took a wee bit of the brunt but only one ship in the task force was lost.

We ended up helping out in taking in a number of the escape pods. Pulled a double shift but eventually we saw to everyone.

I’ve not slept yet. Needed to get some thoughts out.

Hope to see you soon!


Letter #2
Stardate 100433.8


Not had the chance to send off my last letter yet. Things have been nonstop.
After the attack the other night we’ve maintained a presence in the system. Ground forces have been trying to take the colony in the Cero system but the Imperial forces, while losing the space battles, have managed to dig in on the planet’s surface.

Toda- Yesterday? Not sure. But this time it was my turn to go down to the colony. This wasn’t part of the plan. They’ve been sending personnel from DS13 to help pad out our numbers but medical, at least, is still far too understaffed. Especially if things here stretch out.

The other Doctor I was working with, Doctor zh’Lindresko, got hit by a sniper soon after we had started setting up the tirage tents and dealing with the first group of wounded. Nothing fatal, but it left me as both the sole remaining Doctor and the ranking officer.

Even so, things went better than expected. We only lost a few.
I feel sorry for that poor Security officer I roped into playing nurse… bet he didn’t think he’d be preventing a Vulcan with a missing leg from bleeding out.

Just finished the first draft of my report. I’m going to conk out for a few hours while I have the chance.

Sweet dreams.

Letter #3
Stardate 100440.4

Me again.

I promise I’ll actually get round to sending these out.
I know how much you worry, so I get the feeling you’ll be pleased that back to recon missions it is.

It’s got a higher risk factor, what with us going deeper into their territory without backup, but I’m not going to miss pulling shifts on the colony.
You know how many Imperial soldiers we treated only for them to be sniped by their own? Too many.
Oh! but our stealth systems are state of the art. Or so I’m told. I’ll be honest most of the technical explanations I’ve been given went in one ear and out the other.

I’ve been all doom and gloom lately. Sorry Dear. You’re just the only one I can really share all those thoughts with. Mam and Grandad would have a bloody heart attack if I told them half of this and it would be downright inappropriate to air so many doubts around the crew.
Anyway, I’m committed to ending this letter on a positive note! I should have mentioned last time about the brunch we threw on the Mariner after our initial attack.
Did I mention the renovations Commander Zital got permission to do before our shakedown?
Turned one of the messes into a functional kitchen and restaurant (and yes, I’ll take you there next time we’re in the area). It wasn’t anything too fancy, just a little do for the taskforce to keep up morale. It was a needed reprieve, even if the shadow of everything was hanging over it.

How have things been on your end? Better than here I hope.
I sincerely, genuinely look forward to hearing about every little detail!
Oh and how are the boys doing? Whiskey is his usual self. A full belly and a warm spot to curl up and he’s content.

In my thoughts, always,