Personal Logs - Seral Val S'Nat - Historical Data Recovery Project

This storage module is being opened to securely store the corrupted data files that are the Personal Logs of Seral Val S'Nat, Lieutenant Starfleet.
These historical files are lowest priority processing, and will likely be retrieved out of order and with gaps. It is however for a sense of personal sentimentality and self reflection that I queue them for processing.

On a personal note, I somewhat regret encrypting the module they were originally stored upon, requiring this expenditure of Starfleet resources to recover.
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{File Recovered}
Historical Ship NX-05 Reference Data.

The NX-05 was under construction by November 2155 at the Proxima Shipyard, and launched in late February, 2156, christened the SS Atlantis.

Her first mission, along with the Starfleet's other NX-class starships, was to test the warp detection grids provided by the Vulcans for Coalition worlds. At one point, Atlantis accompanied the newly-refitted Columbia-class S.S. Enterprise (NX-01) on a days-long standoff with a squadron of four Romulan birds-of-prey. The Romulans shot first and hit Atlantis. The Earth forces damaged one bird-of-prey and dispersed the others.

After being summoned back to Earth for defense of Sol along with Enterprise and Columbia a short time later... the crew of the Atlantis was called to defend the City of Amber on the world of Tau Ceti IV. The battle went against the Starfleet crews, and the NX-05 was severely damaged and boarded by the Romulans. The ill fated Atlantis was scuttled on June 20, 2156 over Tau Ceti IV during the Romulan invasion. Many of her crew succeeded in getting into the escape pods, and were picked up some days later. The overall battle was lost, as was the remains of the scuttled ship. The city of Amber was destroyed by the Romulans, and no records existed to tell what happened after Starfleet crews escaped the system.

The NX-08 (unnamed) was scheduled for launch 2159, but delayed till early 2160. The spaceframe was re-designated before launch to NCC-05 and named S.S. Atlantis, in honor of the ship that defended the doomed city of Amber on Tau Ceti IV. Her Registry Entry was later updated to U.S.S. Atlantis on Federation day, 2161.

During a long class break in 2363, a group of Starfleet Academy seniors followed up on information from a wildcatting trader who claimed to have found the NX-05 intact. Later it was found that much of the frame, and part of the hull of the NX-05 was buried but largely intact, having crashed into a moon in the Tau Ceti system. Escorted by members of the V'Shar of Vulcan, the students surveyed the moon for the remains. The pylons and spars, nacelles and warp systems as well as the engine room were a loss. Most of the computer core was destroyed, but some data blocks of the primary computer core, and many personal items from crew quarters were still salvageable within the main hull. It should be noted, that every circuit of the ship was burned, with the exception of sick bay and the bridge. Sadly, nothing was left behind of the captain's quarters or the armory systems.

For a few weeks during official breaks, nearly every year for 13 years (though with a pause during the Dominion war), groups of engineering and historical study students from SFA and volunteers returned to that moon to work on the site. In 2378, the Vulcan Science Academy and Starfleet Academy co-sponsored an effort. A full salvage team was assembled, and returned the NX-05's salvaged remains to the San Francisco Fleet Yards, for study, and entry into the Starfleet Museum alongside the pieces already collected by students over the years. Engineering students (and volunteers) from SFA worked part time for 17 years rebuilding and restoring the NX-05 to museum quality. The effort was a teaching experience and was done almost entirely with period tools and replica equipment. Reproducing the warp five engine faithfully was incredibly difficult, so much so the engineering students failed. Certain portions needed to be upgraded for safety of students and visitors, to more modern metallurgical standards as well as power distribution network safety. The result was a power plant capable of a top speed of warp 6.1, an order of magnitude greater than the original design. The engineering students subsequently upgraded the hull to be able to withstand the stress, and produced a museum craft capable of sustained cruising speed of warp 5.05.

The NX-05 Atlantis is a museum piece, lovingly rebuilt and owned by Starfleet Academy. 9 months out of the year, she is kept in Spacedock and serves as a living museum and classroom. 3 months out of the year, she is taken out by academy engineering and history post grads on tour. Many of whom are students continuing their education, and others postponing their first assignments to take a cruise through history. The commander and crew live as the early men and women of Starfleet did, in the days just before the United Federation of Planets was founded.
{EoF Recovered}
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