Personal Message for Admiral Quint

To: RADM Quint, E.
From: CAPT Varley, L.
Subj: The Gartan II Situation

Admiral Quint,

I know you’re a busy bee these days, but with what I’ve learned about the Gartan mission I thought I’d reach out and offer my services. As a friend. My hunch is you could use an ear, possibly an opinion, likely a cup of that Ecuadorian coffee I import?

I won’t be overly offended if you decline. But maybe a little.

Captain Lauren Varley
Commanding Officer, Deep Space 13
38th Fleet ‘Argo’


To: CAPT Varley, L.
From: RADM Quint
Subj: Re: The Gartan II Situation

As usual you show well timed insight. I can agree on the cup of coffee for sure. The rest, well, what I can I might bounce off your mind. That said, I should have some open hours the coming week. Lets see about getting some time set up for such.

Admiral Emery Quin
Fleet Commanding Officer
38’th Fleet Argo