Picard is BACK BABY!

I'm sure everyone knows by now, but just in case. This is epically fantastic. I'm very hopeful that this will take place in the main timeline finally and end the run of prequel series we've gotten.

Well, that's epic. Just. Epic. I'm very curious about the entire project and eager to know more.
I wonder how many years after Nemesis it will be. Will we see Admiral Picard perhaps? Ambassador even? Plus hopefully we'll get some cameos from TNG or VOY.
I will say, given that Patrick Stewart was very adamant about not returning to the role of Picard after Nemesis, they must have pitched him one heck of a great story.
I can almost guarentee Picard will have never accepted a promotion to Admiral. It'd go against everything he had previously implied. Many sources do have him becoming an Ambassador so that is likely. Technically the Countdown comic that bridges the Prime Timeline to the Kelvin Timeline is pseudo-canon and in that he was an Ambassador to Vulcan in 2387. However we have to take that with a grain of salt even if it is linked to a movie (albeit one with no prime canon content beyond what happens to Spock and that Romulus got destroyed).
Fingers crossed for an anthology series hosted by retired Captain and famed archaeologist Jean-Luc Picard, delving into important moments in Star Trek history that heretofore we've only heard talk of! Would open the doors to show the Battle Of Axanar, WWIII, the Last Days Of Romulus... I mean it's probably not, but I can dream right?
Oh my god I never knew how much I wanted that until you said it, Davin.
Federation Masterpiece Theater.
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