CnFqdRk.png LEGIA IX

//Legia IX, as seen from one it's many orbital stations//

Legia IX [Foundry ID: ST-HPDKNS928]- homeworld of the Olelian people - is a planet as steeped in history as it is rich in dilithium. According to local history; the planet was colonized by the ancient Olelian's (Said to have been native to Legia III at the time) when the Legia star expanded into a red giant - rendering the nearer planets uninhabitable.

Quite how this can be explained is still something of a mystery to this day, since the Olelian people have only become warp capable within the last decade. According to the dominant religion amongst the Olelian's - which is still commonplace - this transplantation was the doing of those referred to simply as 'The Nine'; who are said to have reached down from the heavens and lifted the ancient Olelian's to the stars before giving them a new home in paradise. Since the Olelian's initial application for Federation membership [stardate 91199.6], Starfleet historian's and archaeologists alike have frequented Legia IX in an ongoing study of this people's curious past. Team's have subsequently uncovered evidence which suggests 'The Nine' may have been a group of Iconians.

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The surface of Legia IX is illuminated during the day by a subtle purple hue from the abundant dilithium ore veins scattered across the face of the planet; even within the Sovereignty District of the Olelian's capital city where processing plants can be seen working day and night around the city outskirts to meet their exponentially growing requirement in support of their rapidly developing fleet.

//Map of the Sovereignty Distrct//

//Sovereignty District, as seen during shuttle approach//

The Sovereignty District itself has proven to be among the most desirable locations for visitors to the planet; boasting a large central market place, numerous social venues, a prestigious ambassadorial hotel, state of the art medical facilities and the Royal Palace which overlooks the dam to the south.

The southern dam has become something of a landmark, since the entire city was constructed upon a lake (which can still be seen today forming the various canal networks throughout the city) and a popular tourist activity has been for visitors to walk the length of the dam. Another noteworthy landmark for which the city has become famed is it's skybridge. Standing at approximately 8 storey's tall and spanning the width of the district; it is the both the longest and highest energy barrier structure on the planet; possibly beyond.