Pleasant Greetings

To: RADM Quint, E. (@Quint)
From: AMB Aravia
Subj: Pleasant Greetings

Rear Admiral Emery Quint,

I do not believe we have had the pleasure of meeting. My name is Aravia and I am the current occupant of an office not far from your own. While I tend to associate more with the Federation’s Diplomatic Corps, I cannot help but conclude that it may behoove both of our respective offices for us to not be strangers to one-another.

I do apologize for not writing to you sooner. I came to this sector with the expectation that most of my substantive meetings would be with career diplomats. Imagine my delightful surprise at Starfleet’s thorough necessity. Though one’s association with military officers may be an odd choice for endearing relations, I have grown to accept it as an eccentric novelty of the region.

I would also suggest that one not limit themselves to the venues of their personal offices or other work-related sites. With such a large station, I like to think that we can escape the trappings of dusty conference rooms. Personally, I have found a number of restaurants to be rather fascinating with the number of ways they try to present food.

Dominion Ambassador